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December 2011

Hangover 10k - Entry on the day available!

30/12/2011 21:12:07

Pre-entry for the Hangover 10km on January 1st 2012 is now closed but you can still enter on the day. It would be helpful if you could complete an entry form in advance and bring a cheque with you for £7 (or £9 if unaffiliated) made payable to Weston AC (or cash if you would prefer). So, if you were unlucky enough not to get into the Cracker, or simply want to start the year as you mean to carry on, why not give this a go?

A link to the Hangover 10k webpage is below where you will also find links to the paper entry form.

If you don't feel up to running, can you spare a few hours to help out? Jim Wotton is after a few more volunteers so if you can help please email Jim using the link below.
[ Hangover 10k web page | Email Jim to volunteer ]

New member

30/12/2011 20:25:32

Please extend a warm welcome to David Elliott who has just joined the club.

2011 Club Championship

28/12/2011 12:24:03

Congratulations to all the WAC runners who have participated in club championship races in 2011. All available race results in the championship have now been entered into the website so Malcolm will soon be getting out his slide rule to work out who finished where.

The web team do their best to ensure all results are entered but occasionally some are missed, especially in marathon races and if the club name is not included against a runner in race results.

To that end, can I urge ALL runners to check that their race results have been uploaded and report any omissions using the link below.
[ E-mail 2011 Championship Result Query | WAC 2011 Best Marathon Times |
2011 Club Champiosnhip Page ]

Clevedon Boxing Day Race

28/12/2011 12:11:17

Congratulations to all the WAC finishers of the Clevedon Boxing Day Race on Monday 26th December. The full results are now available using the link below. There were 757 finishers.

Men :
1st - Adrian Noble - 25m 03s - 68th overall
2nd - Paul 'on fire' Dwyer - 25m 46s - 87th overall
3rd - Tobias Hinchliffe - 26m 05s - 99th overall

Ladies :
1st - Lisa Tucker - 27m 48s - 164th overall
2nd - Geraldine Hope - 30m 56s - 312th overall
3rd - Nicola Fulstow - 31m 09s - 318th overall
[ Results | WAC Times ]

Weston to Clevedon Cycle Route

26/12/2011 12:49:57

There are plans afoot to create a cycle route from Weston to Clevedon. There's a small snag in that a bridge over the River Yeo is required. Please add your support to this vision by signing the online petition via the link below.
[ Cycle route e-petition ]

Prom Team Results

26/12/2011 12:23:58

The updated Prom Team Results are now available on the Prom page.

2012 Club Championship Races

23/12/2011 21:48:35

Message from Malcolm:

Here are the first 3 months of our Championship race list for 2012.

Important Notes:

1. We want to include as many of the Somerset Race series as possible.
2. We have substituted Exeter Half (which is NOT the Great West Run) for Blackmore Vale half marathon.
3. No date yet for Butleigh (that I could find).
4. The Yeovil Half (March 25th) replaces Forest of Dean half.

These will be inputted as events into the Events Calendar in the coming weeks.
[ 2012 Jan - Mar Championship Races ]

Wellington Monument Race

23/12/2011 21:39:40

Congratulations to Jim Wotton who completed the Wellington Monument Race on Sunday 18th December in a time of 48m 01s and was 47th out of 113 finishers.
[ Results | WAC Times ]

Merry Christmas! Ho Ho Ho!

21/12/2011 12:39:09

On behalf of the webmaster, and the club committee, we would like to wish everyone at Weston AC, helpers/marshals and the runners who take part in our races, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Message from Jamie

20/12/2011 21:48:24

Due to popular demand there will be a Saturday session this Christmas Eve. The meeting point will be the Tropicana at 8:45am.See you there.

Although there is no official training session on Tuesday (27th Dec) I will be at the Prom (Trop) from 7:15pm to take an efforts session if anyone is interested.

Message from Victor

17/12/2011 14:14:19

The Massive have organised a Xmas night run for next Thursday at the White Hart, Cross. A shambolic frolic hopefully led by the lame one. If I dont make it Jim and Rog will lead. Five (ish) country miles with some altitude gain.

Street 5k

16/12/2011 13:15:43

Congratulations to all the WAC finishers of the Street 5k on Wednesday 14th December. The full results are now available using the link below. There were 66 finishers.

Men :
1st - Garrad Bailey - 19m 38s - 18th overall
2nd - Chris Gough - 19m 40s - 19th overall
3rd - Dave Cowell - 20m 04s - 22nd overall

Ladies :
1st - Nicola Fulstow - 23m 23s - 48th overall
[ Results | WAC Times ]

December Prom Race Series

16/12/2011 11:38:28

Congratulations to all the finishers of the November Prom Run. A link to the provisional results is below. If you have any queries about these results please send an email using the link below. There were 200 finishers.

Men :
1st - Matt Ellis - Westbury Harriers - 25m 58s
2nd - Matthew Dickinson - Wells City Harriers - 26m 54s
3rd - Ian Smith - Clevedon AC - 27m 08s

Ladies :
1st - Vicky Tester - Westbury Harriers - 30m 37s
2nd - Sophie Voller - Westbury Harriers - 31m 24s
3rd - Liz Wiggins - Weston AC - 31m 30s (PB)

Please also find below links to the 2011-12 Prom Series paper and online entry forms.

[ Provisional Results | E-mail race results queries | WAC Times | 2011-12 Paper Entry Form |
2011-12 Online Entry

December 5k Handicap Results

14/12/2011 22:39:09

Well done to all the members who turned up to run the December 5k handicap run. Links to the December results and the January 2012 handicap times are below.
[ 5k Course | All Previous Results Handicap Results (Excel Format) | Handicap Positions for January 2012 | E-mail Kira ]

New member

14/12/2011 22:23:35

Please extend a warm welcome to Martin Johnson who has just joined the club.

Message from Jamie

14/12/2011 09:50:52

This week's meet (17th Dec) will be an endurance based speed session. The meeting place will be the Tropicana at 8:45am. All members are very welcome to come along. See you there.

Provisional Cracker Results

11/12/2011 15:52:22

We do hope all participants in the Cracker had a great time. The rain held off (mostly) and some very fast times were set including what we believe to be a new course record. Provisional results are below:

1st - Kevin Heywood - Bideford AAC - 31m 31s.
2nd - Shaun Antell - Bristol & West
3rd - Luke Jacobs - Bristol & West

1st - Annabel Granger - Bristol & West - 37m 17s
2nd - Maria Powell - Clevedon AC
3rd - Nikki Linfield - U/A

Please keep in view that these results are provsional at this stage. A link to the results is below. There were a lot of number swaps, lost numbers and number changes on the day so please bear with us whilst these are processed by our chip timing people.

If you have a query with the results please use the email link below.

Photographs from the event are now available to view online via the link below.
[ Provisional Results | E-mail Cracker Results Query | Event Photos ]

New member

10/12/2011 16:50:20

Please extend a warm welcome to Charlie Hurcum who has just joined the club.

Final Cracker Volunteer Task List

10/12/2011 14:40:09

Below is a link to the FINAL Cracker Volunteer List. Please could you check the list thoroughly as it is likely that your name may appear more than once. The list is divided into 3 columns: Before, During and After the race.

If your name does not appear and you are available, please could you let me know 07540 823017. All the little question marks are positions to be filled.

I would like to thank everyone who has come forward so far, you have certainly made this task a lot easier for me.

If you are not listed in the task list but can spare a few hours on Sunday December 11th then drop Lesley a call/email and volunteer your services.

Lesley x
[ Cracker Volunteers | E-mail Lesley ]

Full Montycute

10/12/2011 08:56:55

Congratulations to all the WAC participants of the Full Montycute 10 mile race on Sunday 4th December. There were 237 finishers.

1st - Jim Wotton - 1h 39m 03s - 86th overall
2nd - Pete Bartlett - 2h 15m 50s - 225th overall

1st - Liz Wiggins - 1h 29m 20s - 32nd overall
2nd - Rachael Vincent - 1h 47m 27s - 139th overall
3rd - Nicola Fulstow - 1h 55m 22s - 178th overall.
[ Results ]

Message from Jamie

09/12/2011 08:54:48

Due to the annual 'Not Cracker' run this Saturday there will be no Saturday Training Group. The next session will be the 17th December. The details of which will be posted mid-week as usual. Have a good 'Not Cracker' and breakfast.

Another new member

05/12/2011 21:09:03

Please extend a warm welcome to Charlotte Cockle who has just joined the club.

Endurancelife - Dorset

05/12/2011 10:22:15

Congratulations to all the WAC finishers of the Endurancelife Dorset Marathon and Ultra. Results are below.

1st - Tobias Hinchliffe - 6h 42m 11s - 16th overall

1st - Jim White - 6h 37m 48s - 114th overall
2nd - Ruth White - 6h 38m 02s - 115th overall

[ Provisional Results | WAC 2011 Best Marathon Times ]

5k Handicap

02/12/2011 20:16:23

The 5K Handicap will be held this coming Tuesday (6th Dec), one week early, because of the early December Prom Race.