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November 2008

Cracker Volunteers - Message from Lesley Cowell

29/11/2008 16:12:17

The below link is a full list of volunteer roles for the Christmas Cracker on 14th December. Please have a look at the whole document as you may have more than one role on the day. Meeting times and places are also listed.
- If you are reporting to the College you need to see Liz Green.
- If you are issuing chips you need to see Jim Hayward outside at the rear of the college.
- If you are reporting to the caravan outside Waves, you need to see Lesley Cowell.
On the day, we will be chip timing for the first time. Runners will be collecting their Chip on the day from the rear of the college (the area where the mince pies and t-shirts are handed out). Please could you make sure you know in advance where this area is so that you can direct runners.
I have managed to speak to most volunteers about their role. If I haven't managed to see you and you have any questions or would like your role explaining further, please feel free to contact Malcolm Gammon or myself.
If anybody is a bit shy and would still like to volunteer, please contact me as we still have slots to be filled.
Thank you very much for your support. This is a great day and it is made easier with the number of volunteers we have.

[ Volunteer List & Tasks | Send email to Lesley ]

Flora London Marathon 2009 - Weston AC Places

28/11/2008 10:17:54

We have 2 club places for the 2009 marathon. To qualify for the draw you will need:
1. To have been rejected in the 2009 ballot.
2. To be a Weston A/C member for at least 12 months and individually registered to UK athletics (when renewing membership you paid the extra £5 for UKA individual registration as this is what governs how many places we are allocated).
If you want to be in the draw and meet these 2 qualifying requirements please send an email to Malcolm Gammon or write your details on the form posted on the club noticeboard. The draw takes place at the "Christmas Special" training night in December.
[ Send email to Malcolm ]

Weston Prom Run

27/11/2008 16:45:32

Well done to all those who took part in the Prom Run on Thursday 20th November. The provisional results are now available. Please see link below.

We have a couple of queries to report. There were two runners who did not race with numbers attached (finish positions 126 & 233). If you could be one of these runners please send an email using the link below. May we remind competitors that in future runners MUST have a race number otherwise otherwise they may face disqualification and removal from the race.

Would David Hollier also please contact us to confirm which position you finished in as we have seem to have you crossing the line twice! Many thanks.
[ Prov Results | Send email to Prom Run Team]

Thursday Night Training Groups

26/11/2008 15:05:33

We have redesigned the training groups for Thursday night to improve the session for all members.

The group you are allocated to will now be dependent on your recent prom times as follows:

Group A; runners sub 33 minutes
Group B; runners between 33 - 36;
Group C; runners between 36 - 40;
Group D; runners slower than 40.

Anyone who has not run a prom will need to discuss this with Ian or Malcolm before training. Clearly if you have a reason to drop back a group then this is not a problem but please discuss with Ian or Malcolm. We will be looking to allocate 2 group leaders in each section.

This will hopefully avoid having wide variations in group ability and make the groups more evenly sized which will therefore improve the quality of training for everyone concerned.

Any questions or concerns please contact Ian or Malcolm.

For your safety please remember to wear your Hi Viz WAC running bib. If you do not have one please see Malcolm at any training session.

Wellington Monument Race - 21st December

24/11/2008 14:14:27

Please be advised that the Wellington Monument race is on December 21st and NOT December 1st as mentioned in the Calendar. There is a slight glitch in the events database....sorry for any inconvenience.
[Entry Form ]


17/11/2008 14:22:45

Weston Atheltic Club is looking for existing club members who are interested in supporting the club by becoming a qualified coach. Opportunities will be open to develop coaches at levels 1, 2 and 3.

The aim of this is to improve the support we offer to our club members. As the club grows and develops it is important that we have the ability to support members running development in a safe and structured way for everyone. Our intention is to have a coaching structure within the club where several members hold coaching qualifications and share these responsibilities.

This will be a part funded programme by the club and UK athletics so no cost other than their time will be required by those who put their names forward.

Interested???? see club notice board for more details or speak to Ian Carpenter, Tim Pollard, Malcolm or Dave before 19th December.

Roger's Himalayan Adventure (Nov 3rd - 7th)

16/11/2008 19:42:27

Roger has now returned from his leisure break in the Himalayas. Whilst sunbathing he also found time to run 100 miles up and down some gentle hills which he came across. The highlight of this was a marathon distance course on Nov 5th which Roger completed in 6h 30m (13th out of 68 competitors). Over the whole 100 mile course, Roger came 20th out of 62 competitors which is a remarkable achievement, especially coming down with Delhi Belly during his time there. Well done Sir!
[ Marathon Results | 100 Mile Run & Trek Results ]

New Member

15/11/2008 11:57:06

Please extend a warm welcome to our new member - Simon Williams.

Street 5K Results

12/11/2008 21:23:54

Well done to the 9 Weston Athletic Club runners who attended the Street 5K on Wednesday 12 November. The First Weston A.C. runner home was Jamie Hayward (4th Jnr Male) in a time of 19:37, while Teresa King was the first Weston A.C. lady home in the time of 21:29 (3rd FV35).
Congratulations also to Rich Ford (6th MV40) and Lesley Cowell (6th LV35).

[ WAC Times | Full Results ]

Costal Trail Series - Dorset - 8th Nov

11/11/2008 11:51:43

Congratulations to Jim and Ruth White who ran the marathon distance in the Dorset leg of the Endurance Life Coastal Trail Series. Jim was the 1st MV55.
67th - Jim White - 5h 21m 45s
68th - Ruth White - 5h 21m 48s
[ Full Results ]

Burnham 5k Series

11/11/2008 11:32:28

There are a number of runners from Weston AC regularly competing in the Burnham 5k series. The most recent race being on Nov 6th. WAC finishers below:

5th - Pete Clark - 18:10
6th - Adrian Noble - 18:40
7th - Neale Jarrett - 18:41
14th - Rich Ford - 20:02
22nd - Dave Baxter - 21:15
24th - Matt Washburn - 21:18
25th - Dave Broadbent - 21:19
42nd - Dean Bird - 23:07

18th - Fran Bird - 20:34
23rd - Naomi Eaton - 21:17
35th - Geraldine Hope - 22:34

Also, a special mention to Rich Ford's son, Tom, who came 16th in a time of 20:19. Well done all. 62 finishers in total.
[ Race Info and Results ]

Cheddar Half Results

10/11/2008 13:54:41

Congratulations to all the finishers in the Cheddar Half on Saturday 8th November. Kevin Minty was the first WAC male home. There were no WAC females competing in this race.
[ WAC Times | Full Results ]

Sodbury Slog

09/11/2008 19:52:30

Congratulations to all the finishers in the Sodbury Slog on Sunday 9th November. Malcolm Gammon was the first WAC male home (and also the first MV50)and Claudine Mercer was the first WAC lady home.
[ WAC Times | Full Results ]

Congratulations Roger Hart

08/11/2008 08:38:31

Congratulations to Roger Hart in completing the Himalayan 100 Mile run in a staggering time of 22 Hours and 50 mins.

New Members

07/11/2008 21:22:38

Please extend a warm welcome to our new member - Ian Hughes.

2009 Club Championship Races - January to March

05/11/2008 13:56:41

The following races have been added to the calendar as Club Championship Races for Jan to March 2009. Links to websites/entry forms are against those calendar entries where available:
Jan 2009
15th - Prom Run
18th - Riverbank Rollick
25th - Slaughterford 9
Feb 2009
8th - Longleat 10k
8th - Dursley Dozen
19th - Prom Run
22nd - Tough Ten
Mar 2009
1st - Bideford Half Marathon
1st - Ironwood Challenge
8th - Gloucester 20
8th - Grizzly
19th - Prom Run
22nd - Hogweed Hilly Half

Exmoor Stagger & Stumble Results

03/11/2008 15:59:15

The Exmoor Stagger and Stumble results are now availble.
Congratulations to all the runners who particapated in both events

[Full Results: Stagger|Stumble ] [ WAC Times: Stagger|Stumble ]

Ilminster Lions 10K

02/11/2008 20:29:39

Congratulations to all the finishers in the Ilminster Lions 10K on Sunday 2 November. Shaun Callaghan was first WAC male home and Naomi Eaton was the first WAC lady home.
[ WAC Times ]