Sunday 29 December 2019

John H E-mail John H

Posted : 22:56

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Hi Sheryl
I am not on Face book but will be up for awards night times 2

Friday 27 December 2019

Sam Buzza E-mail Sam Buzza

Posted : 09:28

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Hello! Please can you amend my result for Clevedon Boxing Day Race? You've put my time as 51mins and my official result was 31:51 (although I think their results are off too!) Thanks.

Friday 20 December 2019

Malcolm & Jim [Weston AC]

Posted : 08:13
Congratulations to all the runners who competed in our prom races last night. Thanks as always to those members and friends who came out to marshaland support the race. Your support is very much appreciated.

Monday 16 December 2019

stephanie shute and Special K [WAC] E-mail stephanie shute and Special K

Posted : 21:36
please can you add us to the lvm draw. I'll bring both our reject cover letters to intervals tomorrow night.
We've both ran before

Jim Wotton [WAC] E-mail Jim Wotton

Posted : 16:58
London Marathon ballot entries (not in order)
Not run London before: Shane Connolly, Charlotte Oliver, James Wotton, Bex Vaughan, Luke Fielder, Steve Burton, Bobbie Swift, Sue Dyer, Michelle Lynam, Andy Hogg, Kie Booth, Shan McCarthy, John Cunningham, Toby Norman, Bill Green, Mike Smith, Rob Stokes, Pete Watkins, Jon Brock, James Davies, Kate Wilson, Lisa Acton, Mark Bowskill, Vanessa Hudson, Pete Stacey, Julie Monaghan, Carol Howell, Julie Bailiss, Kathy Lucas, Sheryl Selway, Jason Wyatt, Kelly Harris, Rachael Vincent, Gen Drinkwater.
Run London before. Jim Wotton, Amy Badman, Kate Rossiter, Paul Cousins, Michelle Miles, Shaleen Summers, Nick Cook, Sam Buzza, Ben Groom, Lesley Bowskill, Paul Hudson, Emma Chesney, Rob Osment, Rachel Hedges,

If you have been missed please let me know by 12:00 am tomorrow

Monday 09 December 2019

Malcolm [Weston AC]

Posted : 13:59
Lesley. Your vet category has now been amended. Will let you know if the Buff turns up.


Cracker E-mail Cracker

Posted : 09:05

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Big thanks to all the Marshalls yesterday. We have had a message from a competitor and I wonder if anyone can help:

"At the end of the first loop I passed my jacket to a marshal but couldn’t find it at the end. If someone hands it in or reports it I’d be very grateful! It’s a karrimor blue wind lightweight jacket with orange zips and had half a packet of haribo and a berocca energy packet in the pocket."

Phil [Congresbury]

Posted : 07:32
Just wanted to say thanks to the organisers and all the helpers for an almost perfect Cracker yesterday. Now if you could just turn the wind down a bit next year ...
Merr Christmas to all. Phil

Sunday 08 December 2019

Lesley Cottle No. 2467 [Almost Athletes ] E-mail Lesley Cottle   No. 2467

Posted : 18:34
Hi. I very much enjoyed the run today. Lovely, friendly marshals and the bad weather held off until the afternoon. Thank you to everyone involved in providing the event.
I have a couple of points:
1. My age category is shown as V40 but I should be V60 - the female is correct. Please can this be corrected?
2. Near Uphill, I lost my black buff, black with a multi coloured pattern. I wonder if it has been handed in?

Many thanks

Malcolm [Weston AC]

Posted : 17:30
Congratulations to all the runners who braved the strong cold winds to compete in our Christmas Cracker races today.

A big thank you to everyone who came and helped make the race happen. A huge team of marshals both inside race HQ and outside on the course did an amazing job in challenging conditions. For those out on the course it was a very cold job and must have been really difficult. I have received many positive comments and thanks from runners to you all.

No matter how small or large the role you played it was all very important in making it a safe and enjoyable race for the 2000+ runners.

A job very well done. Thank you.

Friday 06 December 2019

Clash City Rocker [Weston AC] E-mail Clash City Rocker

Posted : 13:46
OI OI Wacers. If you wish to take part in my annual prediction competition. Bring me £2 for your chance to have first pick. I will be at Not Cracker tomorrow & by the Pier on Sunday, or message me. Who wil take Helen D's coveted title for 2020? PBx

Saturday 23 November 2019

Dave Jones

Posted : 11:46
CLUB KIT HAS LANDED-------- could Yvie Bones, Lesley Bowskill, Dawn Mellish, Emily Eades, Yvonne Rogers and Victoria Wilkins (?) please collect their orders, I'm happy if you wish to collect from my home at your convenience. 93,Spring Hill, Worle BS22 9BB. 07895035437
Cheers DAVE.

Friday 22 November 2019

Malcolm & Jim [Weston AC]

Posted : 06:05
Congratulations to all the runners who competed in our races last night. A wet and cold evening made it unpleasant for all our marshals who did a great job as usual. Without their help we would not have a race. Good to see all the juniors back and running in our newly formatted races. Thanks to the team who made it all happen.

Thursday 21 November 2019

Ian Fraser [unaffiliated] E-mail Ian Fraser

Posted : 11:49
Hi Everyone, missed the Christmas Cracker deadline and was just planning making my christmas tree outfit lol
anyone got a transfer(reimbursed of course) possible? ty

Saturday 16 November 2019


Posted : 12:39

1. Started first run, 1983 December with 25 runners at .30 pence entrance fee and one lap of complete Promenade 4.2 miles ( Tropicana start to Sanatorium out to lifeboat shop and back to Trop Finish).

1985 November 67 entrants at a increase fee of .50 pence entrance, with some WAC names you may know, Steve Baxter, Tony Roper, Ian Carpenter, Ken Clarke, Pete Bartlett & Shaun Callaghan (Athletico), Barry Collins, Paul James, Dave Maloy, Andy Salter, J&D. Millikin, S. Ratcliffe, Sally Williams, Linda Bailey, K. Johnston, I. Davies, Bob Morris, Vince ?, Neil Hood, Roger Hart, Phil Hemming, R. Stone, N. Yorkas, R O. Fisher and Paul & Martin Davies. Over a third (25) of Weston AC runners made up the race. But--------- by

3. 1998 February with numbers falling to 29 entries, although with this time the whole family of 'Old's' attending Gord, Steve & Chris racing, while Jude was helping along with some fresh names to the run Andrew Norville, Stuart Hancock, David Hack, M. Matthews and Liam Prowright supporting the usual (9) Club members.

As organiser it was getting to the stage whether to continue with the monthly runs but with full support from all the runners and Tropicana staff at the time (no fees) we moved forward.
Came across these self entry forms while having a sort out, note, no Wyvern RR. in those days.

Wednesday 13 November 2019

Sandra Cadwallader [Unaffiliated ] E-mail Sandra Cadwallader

Posted : 18:41
Hi If anyone has a place in the cracker run and you can’t make it I would be happy to buy it from you. Please contact Sandra Cadwallader 0n 07855693387 . Kr Sandra

Thursday 07 November 2019

Dave Jones

Posted : 15:09
1st December 2019


This annual event has been cancelled for this year only, due simply to safety reasons, currently both Janet and I are hobbling around, one with a fractured ankle (me) and the other (Janet) awaiting a hip replacement. For example a minor slip in a crowded kitchen with very hot dishes etc could lead to a serious outcome. Therefor I'm confident you will understand my concerns, but I can assure you with my band of regular volunteers we can all look forward to a social run and full English breakfast around this time next year, as we will be back.

President DAVE.

Rachael E-mail Rachael

Posted : 10:20
I have two entries available for the Christmas Cracker this year as myself and my partner are now unable to make it. Please let me know if you would like one or both!

Monday 04 November 2019

Dave Jones

Posted : 16:32
I'm getting a order up together, if your want anything ( Hoodie, Zoodie, Jacket, Cap or Sports Bag )now is the time, especially as Christmas is close. Remember it's money up front,
and should you wish to pay direct.
Our bank details ; HSBC , A/c 61100432, Sort Code 40-46-18,

Please include your name and also drop me a note with size.
Cheers DAVE.

Wednesday 30 October 2019

kate bradford [Wick st lawrence] E-mail kate bradford

Posted : 23:32
Hi there. Would anyone like a plake in the Sodbury Slog this year? Due to injury, I am unable to run it.
Many thanks.

Friday 25 October 2019

Malcolm [Weston AC]

Posted : 06:08
Congratulations to all the athletes who competed in our prom races last night. As always a big thank you to all those members and friends who turned out to help make it happen. Special thanks to all the team who have worked hard to allow us to bring the junior race back to life. A great job!

Sunday 13 October 2019


Posted : 22:51

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MENDIP MUDDLE - thank you to everyone who made today’s race such a success. It was great muddy fun running it and great to have so much encouragement from our excellent marshals all the way round. Not sure my trainers will be dry in time for the Stagger mind.

Saturday 12 October 2019

INEOS 1:59 Fan

Posted : 07:25
All eyes on the attempt to break 2 hours in the marathon this morning 7.15-9.15 - RED button!!

Wednesday 09 October 2019


Posted : 07:05

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Hello, when will the points for September's prom run be added to the Championship results? Thanks.

Sunday 06 October 2019

World Marathon Viewer

Posted : 08:06
If you did not watch the marathon last night you missed a gutsy run from Callum Hawkins. Incredibly closing stages from the scottish athlete. He so deserved a medal

Friday 04 October 2019

John E-mail John

Posted : 01:06

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I have now updated all results that I had to hand
If any one has been missed out
Please get back to Me
Email as above

Wednesday 25 September 2019

Vanessa E-mail Vanessa

Posted : 07:36

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Message from our friends at the hospice

It’s the hospice’s 30th anniversary year in 2019, and one of the events we have planned is a birthday celebration night on October 19. This is a little different from most of our events in that it’s not designed as a fundraiser; rather, it is a celebration of the hospice’s 30 years to which we’re inviting staff, volunteers, and supporters.
We’re acutely aware of the magnificent support which WAC gives to the hospice each year, through the Christmas Cracker and support and participation in our own events. If anyone from the club is keen to attend, we’d love to see them there.  
For background info, although this is a ticketed event at Cadbury House, the tickets are priced to cover costs, rather than to make a profit; we want the event to be as accessible as possible for those who would like to come, and so it’s first and foremost a celebration rather than a fundraiser.
The cost per ticket is just £30, which includes a glass of fizz on arrival, a three-course dinner and coffee, live music from the Lipinski Band, and then a DJ to ensure the party continues until late. It promises to be a really special occasion and a lot of fun. I’m sure your members would enjoy the evening, whether they came along in small numbers or opted to organise a bigger group.
Prior to now, tickets have been offered to staff and volunteers, but we do plan to share info about the event with the public shortly. However, we were keen to give WAC an advance heads-up, as tickets will be allocated on a first come, first served basis – so do please let me know if you or any of your members are keen, as we’d love to see you there.

Saturday 21 September 2019

World Athletics Fan

Posted : 19:52
World Athletics Championships timetable:

Friday 20 September 2019

Jim Wotton [WAC] E-mail Jim Wotton

Posted : 15:29
Congratulations to everyone who ran the first of the 19/20 series prom runs last night. Thank you to everybody who came down to help and put on a successful first race of the series esp. with the added complications of the filming going on from the Trop, Handing out 300ish series numbers (our 3 degrees) and the expensive looking convoy of fast cars leaving the pier during the race.

Wednesday 18 September 2019

Rob Osment [Weston AC] E-mail Rob Osment

Posted : 22:18
Due to ongoing ill health, I am not able to take up my places at a number of events over the coming months. If anybody is interested in taking my place at the following events let me know and I will get a transfer arranged.

29th Sept- Forest of Dean Half Marathon
13th Oct - Mendip Muddle
20th Oct - Exmoor Stagger
26th Oct - Bristol Epic 10k Tough Runner
24th Nov - Brent Knoll Race

Sunday 15 September 2019

Shaleen [Weston ac] E-mail Shaleen

Posted : 18:51
I've been missed off the Bristol half results, I was definitely there and am definitely still a Weston ac member, promise. For some reason I've not been put down as Weston on the results. Please can I have some points!

Friday 13 September 2019

Martin E-mail Martin

Posted : 09:41

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Mendip Muddle - marshals and helpers still needed.

We are still on the look out for marshals and helpers for this year's Muddle (13 October). Please contact me if you are able to help on the day. There will also be two groups helping with course set up on the afternoon of the 12th - all are welcome, so drop me a line if you'd like to help out with this too.

The race is also open to WAC members if you are considering running it.

Monday 09 September 2019

Jim Wotton [WAC] E-mail Jim Wotton

Posted : 17:01
Tuesday Training - 10th Sept 2019
Please note from this Tuesday (10/9) all groups will now meet on the seafront at the shelter between the Trop and Sealife at 6:50 for 7:00. There will be at least 2 groups one led by me and one this week by Carol. We are planning to introduce a rota this winter involving other coaches and leaders more to follow shortly.

Saturday 31 August 2019

Niki F [Weston AC] E-mail Niki F

Posted : 14:11
Men's Weston AC club vest, size XL, brand new, never worn, free to good home!


Posted : 10:53
Hope some of you are following the build up to Eluid Kipchoge's 2nd attempt to break 2 hours. INEOS 1:59 Vienna between 12- 20 October 2019. Good coverage on Twitter - All about getting to know Eluid as a person and not just a Kenyan winning yet another marathon

Sunday 25 August 2019

Jo E-mail Jo

Posted : 12:43
Does anyone have an Oldbury place they no longer want please?

Monday 19 August 2019

Ness [WAC]

Posted : 19:54
Following on from Roger’s message, the Somerset County Council roadworks website says the road closure is only in place until Tues 20 Aug so should be gone before the Cake Race. Best to check Weds am though and allow extra time to get to Cross if you have to go round the long way.


Posted : 09:20

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Wednesday 21st August
A few of us older members will be helping out at the Crook Peak race, anybody wishing to race it please remember that the bridge over the motorway at Loxton, Webbington is CLOSED best to go via Rooksbridge and back up the A38 to Cross also Banwell can be very busy that time of day.

Sunday 18 August 2019

Carol Brent [Weston Athletic Club] E-mail Carol Brent

Posted : 14:39
To all triathletes, we have set up a new email address so you can contact me about any events you have participated in.

It is:

Please include the following details in your email:

Link to the results, your gender position and your date of birth (for the age grading)

Many thanks


Sunday 11 August 2019

Peter Vowles [Weston Athletic Club] E-mail Peter Vowles

Posted : 21:44
To Rob Osment.
Hi Rob,
I'm interested in your Oldbury 10 race place if it is still available? Could you let me know.
Cheers Pete

Saturday 10 August 2019

Darren stacey [Weston ac ] E-mail Darren stacey

Posted : 21:25
I thought I’d better mention that I’ve been missed out from purdown pursuit results.. I’m not bothered myself but i wouldn’t want it to have any bearing on any results.

Friday 02 August 2019

Robert Osment E-mail Robert Osment

Posted : 15:59

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I have a place for Oldbury 10 Miler going spare as I am now doing the Conquest of Avalon Ultra the day before. Message me if you would like my place.

Thursday 18 July 2019

Stuart [WAC] E-mail Stuart

Posted : 11:12
Anyone fancy taking my Seaview 17 place?incl. coach transfer to the start
Let me know & I'll speak to the Race Director to organise transfer

Friday 12 July 2019


Posted : 13:21
Intervals tomorrow at Drove Road will be 9x3 minutes with reducing recovery - all welcome

Thursday 04 July 2019

Rob Osment [Weston AC] E-mail Rob Osment

Posted : 19:05
I have a place for Thornbury 10k next Thursday (11th July) available for transfer as I can't make it now.

Let me know if you would like the place as I will get it transferred over - transfers have to be completed by Sunday 7th July so let me know soon. Thanks.

Thursday 27 June 2019

Jim Wotton [WAC] E-mail Jim Wotton

Posted : 08:41
Just a reminder that there are no groups meeting at Hutton Moor tonight.
All groups will be led from Uphill boatyard.
See my mail or fb for more detail.

Jim Wotton [WAC] E-mail Jim Wotton

Posted : 08:39
Hi Robert as last year there is not a separate section for cross country. The cc races will count in the short off road section. I will try to get the race shown as a short off road.

Wednesday 26 June 2019

Rob Osment E-mail Rob Osment

Posted : 23:20

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Do we know what the other cross country races will be for the Off Road Club Championship? I can only see Crooks Peak Cake Race at the moment

Tuesday 25 June 2019

Antony Green [weston Athletic club] E-mail Antony Green

Posted : 22:58
I would like to thank the club for letting us hold a raffle at the recent Beacon Batch race and to all those people that purchased tickets. We managed to raise £252.60 pence which will be donated to the Great Western Air Ambulance Charity,6 weeks ago this great self funding service saved the life of my life long friend Steve Hale following an accident he had at his work. Many thanks as well to Adrian Noble who helped organise the raffle.

Wednesday 19 June 2019

Beacon Batch E-mail Beacon Batch

Posted : 22:41
A very big thank you to all the marshalls and other helpers on the Beacon Batch last night. All you did is very much appreciated.
Well done to all team yellow runners. It was great to see you take away a bunch of the prizes. Good stuff.

Wilf E-mail Wilf

Posted : 10:08
Calling all male runners. I will be teaching mens yoga at weston cricket club on Tuesday evenings 8-9pm. A great chance to stretch properly and build some strength to compliment running. £8 per class or £30 for the 5 week course. All levels welcome begins 25th June.

Thursday 13 June 2019

John E-mail John

Posted : 00:45

208 messages | 335 events entered.
I have a place for Seaview 17 if any one would like it get in touch
John H
Email as above

Wednesday 12 June 2019

Jim Wotton [WAC] E-mail Jim Wotton

Posted : 22:14
Oct to Dec Championship races
For info here is the list of races that will complete this years championship. Exmoor Stagger has just been confirmed but 2 races still to decide date. Full Monty is now open and will fill quickly as limited to 250 so enter soon if you wish to do it.
OCT 3rd Burnham 5k
6th Burnham half marathon
20th Exmoor Stagger long offrdGrand Prix
24th Weston Prom
27th Dartmoor Vale half TBC 28/10 in 19
Nov 3rd Bideford 10 mile - road
7th Burnham 5k
21st Weston Prom
24th Brent Knoll short off rd Grand Prix
Dec 1st Full Monty long off rd
5th Burnham 5k Grand Prix
15th Wellington 10k TBC 16/12 in 2019
19th Weston Prom Grand Prix
26th Clevedon Misc Grand Prix

Friday 07 June 2019

Dave Jones E-mail Dave Jones

Posted : 16:21
Weston AC ----Stock Clearance.

Marathon Tees; Long Sleeves , M (2), L (1).
Short Sleeves, S (1), M (2), L (2).

All at £2.00 each.

All BLUE Training Tees; L/Sleeve Mens – S (2), M (1), L (7).
S/sleeve, S (3), M (1), L (3).

L/Sleeve Ladies X-S (1), S (1), M 93), L (3).

All at £3.00 each.

Hoodie; 1 Large & 1 X-Large £15.00 each.
Club Jackets; 1 Med, Ladies Black & 1 Mens Black.
1 Med, Black/Red & 2 Small, Navy/Blue. £28.50.

Email DAVE

Thursday 06 June 2019

A Wag [WAC]

Posted : 07:39
Kie - I believe Guy Bradford is doing Giants Head, he might share petrol costs if you can lend him a booster seat.

Wednesday 05 June 2019

Kie E-mail Kie

Posted : 15:06

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Lift or Car Share
I’m taking part in the Giant Head Marathon at the end of the month and wondered who else from the club might be doing it, I’m wondering if I could grab a lift/car share with someone.

Saturday 01 June 2019

Roger Hart [WAC] E-mail Roger Hart

Posted : 12:09
I would like to congratulate everyone who achieved personal bests in the recent rounds of Spring Marathons.The improvement over the last few years have been very noticeable and encouraging.
However I do feel we may be forgetting the exploits of previous generations.
When the current web site was introduced it was not technically possible to add or change historical times and it is now left up to those of us that were around at the time to convey what went on. These are a few of them..........Perry Somers, Tony Pettit, Mike Jacob, sub 2.30 or 2.31. Jim Dixon at over 55 won his category in London in a time of 2.31, plus Brian Pople achieved remarkable time of 2.23 and there are others with noteworthy performances. Hopefully when the new web site is up and running maybe it can include these achievements.

Friday 31 May 2019


Posted : 17:33
A must listen - Hayley Carruthers being interviewed on Marathon Talk podcast about what exactly did happen and why at this years VLM. (She's only been running just over two years and has gone form a 3:22 to a 2:33) - A real insight into what happens when you get the pacing wrong and why the marathon should be treated with respect! - (interview starts 1hour 3mins in)

Saturday 25 May 2019

Susan Francis [Compton Harriers] E-mail Susan Francis

Posted : 17:22
Members of Compton Harriers Running Club made the 180-mile round trip to run last Thursday’s Prom Race. A few of us ran the event about 15 times in the mid-1990s. In the 1993/94 series we were regulars: Dick Kearn (then aged 42) and I (then aged 24) both got series prizes in our respective categories. Having not run the race since 2004, we decided to make a nostalgic trip last week, along with a fellow C. Harrier and his daughter, and were pleased to find the race is as good as ever. A few things have changed in the last 15 years (online entry, revamped Tropicana, a Ferris wheel, can’t run as fast as we used to...), but some things haven’t changed – the friendly atmosphere, slick organisation, sea breeze, and the longing for that faraway turning point to come into sight!
About 1.5 miles into Thursday’s race, I was ‘adopted’ by a Weston AC runner who kindly invited me to use him as a wind shield. I’m not sure that worked too well, as the wind seemed to be against us from every direction, but we did get into a nice running rhythm and ran the last 3.5 miles of the race together at a good pace, which made for an enjoyable race for me. He even alerted me each time he spotted one of my Compton team-mates running in the opposite direction, so I could wave to them! I didn’t have the chance to thank him properly at the end, but (from the results) I presume he was Paul Baker – please pass on my thanks. I finished in 34:28 as 1st FV40, Dick was pleased to break 41 minutes, Pete and Hana enjoyed their first Prom Run. Hopefully we won’t leave it 15 years before our next visit!

Thursday 23 May 2019

Jim Wotton E-mail Jim Wotton

Posted : 22:33
Congratulations to everyone who ran tonight shame that the wind got up more than forecast. Well done to those people winning tonights and series category prizes and to the WAC mixed team for coming 1st.

Jim Wotton [WAC]

Posted : 22:29
Thank you to everyone who came down to help with the 'last night of the proms'. Hopefully you did not get to cold whilst marshalling and you managed to get some chips if you wanted them. It really makes life so much easier for me when so many people turn up to help and I am sure that the runners really appreciate the support all the way along the prom.

Thursday 09 May 2019


Posted : 18:56

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Just to be clear, Darren S’P’acey is not of my doing. The Mercury have a new sports reporter who is rewriting my weekly reports. I can also spell Weston-super-Mare. Harrumph.

Monday 06 May 2019

Niki F [Weston AC] E-mail Niki F

Posted : 15:46
Chew Valley 10k, Sun 9 Jun.
I’m unable to run this event so if anyone would like my place (at no cost) the organisers have approved official transfer. Entries are still available if you need further places.
It’s a brilliant event, extremely well organised, music, ice-cream, cake, it’s a perfect day out.
Drop me a line if interested.

Thursday 02 May 2019

Kira Thorpe [Weston-super-mare] E-mail Kira Thorpe

Posted : 10:35
If anyone fancies helping out at Weston-super-Mare parkrun on Sunday please get in touch via its webpage.... they are very short as alot of regulars are running Bristol 10K - Thank you

Tuesday 30 April 2019

Marathon Talk Geek

Posted : 20:04
Brilliant blog (Running With Wolves) by Hayley Carreuthers training partner re: her efforts in crawling over the finish line on Sunday at VLM and how (in her words) along with over 40,000 others she went to work the next day!
If you want to get an insight into a few elite runners (past and present) and what makes them tick then listen to some of the Marathon Talk archives.

Sunday 28 April 2019


Posted : 14:01

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Great run Chris Macmillan
I make time 2nd best Marathon in club Results
John H

Thursday 25 April 2019

Jim Wotton [WAC]

Posted : 22:38
Thank you to everybody who came down tonight to help put on another successful prom run - number 8 of the series


Posted : 20:32
Don't know who is doing the VLM on Sunday now I'm not on social media so good luck to whoever is running. Hope you have your mental toolkit ready if you end up in the Hurt Locker!
Looking forward to seeing the top guys once more; GOAT, Callum, Mo, Keitany & Lilly Partridge to name a few.

Monday 22 April 2019

Sheryl Selway [Weston AC] E-mail Sheryl Selway

Posted : 18:53
Clevedon 10k training group

Starting this weekend – Saturday 27th April, Jason Wyatt is going to be offering Sat am and Mon pm coaching sessions in the lead up to the Clevedon 10k for anyone who wants to better their time and focus on achieving a PB. As the plan is to offer a mix of led runs and intervals the time requirement is for people that are aiming to get somewhere between 45 and 55 minutes. Obviously, the numbers will be limited as the group can’t be too big, especially with the group runs. If you are interested in achieving a PB of between 45 and 55 minutes at Clevedon in June please send a message to Sheryl Selway who will add you to the message group. It will be on a first come first served basis so hurry.

Tuesday 16 April 2019

Jim Wotton [WAC] E-mail Jim Wotton

Posted : 14:39
Training tonight is on the field at Hutton Moor

Saturday 13 April 2019

Niki F (Membership Meister) [Weston AC] E-mail Niki F (Membership Meister)

Posted : 18:43
Hi Sara, I've sent you an email with details of what to do, it's no problem!

Sara E-mail Sara

Posted : 15:56

6 messages | 12 events entered.
Thanks Jim
If I promise not to let the other half near it again could you send me club account details so that I can transfer the £15 in. Huge thanks

Jim Wotton [WAC] E-mail Jim Wotton

Posted : 13:51
Sara, once you have renewed you cannot add/renew EA via the system. You will need to send Gerry £15 to the WAC account (put SB EA payment in ref) and then write to Niki who can update your record. Gerry will add you to the list sent to EA at the end of each month.

Thursday 11 April 2019

John E-mail John

Posted : 23:40

208 messages | 335 events entered.
Any one going down to Shapwick could give a lift
I would be grateful email as above

Sara butcher E-mail Sara butcher

Posted : 22:35

6 messages | 12 events entered.
Hi really sorry the other half paid my renewal but didn’t put EA membership on . How do I add it on? Thanks x

Wednesday 10 April 2019

Clash City Rocker [Weston AC] E-mail Clash City Rocker

Posted : 08:26
Does any WACer want my Charmouth Challenge place? July 6th. I have spoken to the race director, and says its fine to transfer etc.

Tuesday 09 April 2019

Noel Flynn E-mail Noel Flynn

Posted : 14:38

1 messages | 17 events entered.
I have been missed off the Taunton Half Marathon results 1:42:13

Sunday 07 April 2019

Niki F (Membership Secretary) [Weston AC] E-mail Niki F (Membership Secretary)

Posted : 16:54
Hi Janet, I've sent you an email with details.
Best wishes, Niki

Janet Riddiford E-mail Janet Riddiford

Posted : 15:47

4 messages | 4 events entered.
Hi,can I add the payment for affiliation if I didn't do it at the time of renewal?

Tuesday 02 April 2019

Julia E-mail Julia

Posted : 18:20

24 messages | 3 events entered.
Bristol 10k: if you are considering entering this race could you contact Julia Withers to arrange to pay the entry fee asap? We currently have just 9 paid for entries and we would need at least 20 in order to obtain the group discount.

Saturday 16 March 2019

Woots [Weston Athletic Club ] E-mail Woots

Posted : 23:27
Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Ian Purnell, Sarah Rideout, Michelle and Naomi for putting on a fantastic self navigational half marathon for the club today. The level of effort and detail made it an amazing event! Fun was had by all.

Malcolm Gammon [Weston AC]

Posted : 12:21
Congratulations and thank you to all the runners who competed in our two events on Thursday evening. Unfortunately we have received feedback from a number of runners who recorded the main race course as being slightly short of the 5 mile measured distance. On investigation it has transpired that one of our turn cones was incorrectly positioned. This oversite was due to a last minute change to the 3 lap course following excavation works on the promenade preventing us using our normal 2 lap course. When the alternative 3 lap course is used the turn point at the harbour end of the course has to be positioned slightly differently to the normal 2 lap course turn point and this was where the discrepancy occurred.

Please accept my apologies for this mistake and be assured we are taking steps to ensure that when we use the 3 lap course in future we will position the turn points correctly. In recognition of this mistake we will allow anyone who entered for the single race of March to run free of charge for the April race. Please simply speak to our team on the registration desk when handing in your entry form on April race night. This offer is not available for on line entries.

Malcolm Gammon Weston AC Prom Race Director.

Thursday 14 March 2019

Jim Wotton [WAC]

Posted : 22:23
Congratulations to everybody who ran tonight in blowy conditions on the revised course. Big thank you to everybody who came to help in whatever capacity esp. to Sheryl who helped me organise all the marshals and course repairs tonight and has offered to do the same for the April and May races. We were very lucky with the break in the weather by 9:00 it was pretty miserable again. Congratulations to any new pb holders achieved in what was certainly not ideal weather for it.


Posted : 21:10
Mondays session is intervals run by Baz Hall.
• Session Name - ‘Running up that hill’
• Date - Monday 18th March
• Session Type - Intervals Session
• Session duration - 60 minutes
• Meeting Point - Ashcombe Park Cafe
• Meeting Time - 6:50pm
• Things to bring - Trail shoes, Drink bottle, Head-torch, appropriate clothing, Billy kit all
• Pub - The Bristol House
*note you can park on the road at the top. Plenty of parking available*

Tuesday 12 March 2019

Posted : 16:07
Burnahm 5K Results:
Maria Powelll 2nd overall: 20:53
Michelle Fryer 3rd overall: 21:02

Sunday 10 March 2019

Running FAST website Fan

Posted : 18:46
For those of you who follow the top runners in the country the FAST Running Website Is second to none.
Brilliant report on the Armagh 5K where 113 men went sub 15 minutes and 49 women went sub 10 for 3K.
Any nerds out there ...ENJOY!

Tuesday 26 February 2019


Posted : 22:16
Self Navigation Half Marathon
Sat 16 March (10:00 start)
Meeting Point
BS40 6DD (about 1.5 km away from it) , OSGB: ST550513 Forestry commission car park, see map.

If you are a member of Weston Athletic, come along and navigate yourself around a "just for fun" self navigation Half Marathon. We will provide the route / check point locations before you start, and then off you go. There are 10 check points, all bar one will be marked on the map.

Things to bring:
• Map case or plastic bag (and map if you have one)
• pencil
• Compass
• Whistle (we may ask to see this at the start)
• Enough clothing to stand around with an injured person (a foil blanket can be useful)
• Food and water for the trip (there are no water stations)
• A mobile phone (it may not work everywhere)
• Off road shoes
• A time piece (sundials, marked candles and such are out)

There is no minimum time as long as we have time to collect the check points before dark, and you can participate in pairs.

Please click going or drop me a message if you are coming so I can make sure I have enough printed instructions/medals

Jim Wotton [WAC]

Posted : 09:15
Please see note below from Dave Jones about the Gwent League CC at Blaise castle on Saturday.
I have been informed Jan & I are not required for this Saturday's Gwent meetings, so we aren't going. I understand some members hope to go so I suggest they can either register as individuals or find out whose going & fill out an entry form as Weston AC. Then pay on block, mens / vets, ladies /vets. Times of races now on the website as is the course and distances for each cat. Registration is in Westbury Harriers club house near the car park, also parking is a problem so be warned it may take a while to get to the race field.
Cheers Dave.

Wednesday 20 February 2019


Posted : 22:07

Session name: ‘LEAD THE LEADERS’ up the Swan 🦢

It’s social run time, and the clue is in the name.... you TWACers get to be human Sat Nav’s and lead your leader! (All in the name of fun) You can make the route up as you go along or guide them to the trig or if you’re after points to the NT signs.
There’s also a twist for the leaders

Type: Social, group lead run
Distance: dependent on if you get lost
Meeting Place: The Swan, Rowberrow,
BS25 1QL
Meeting time: 6:50pm
Things to bring: Head torch, Whistle, Trail Shoes, Drink, Billy Kit, Cider tokens

Wednesday 13 February 2019


Posted : 13:19
Session type: Intervals.
Time: 18:50 for 19:00
Date: Monday 18th Feb
Location: Urchinwood Manor, Wrington Road,
Congresbury, BS49 5AP
Pub: The Plough in Congresbury
You will need: Head torch, off road shoes, Cloths suitable to the weather, Whistle, Silly Kit, water wings, and a sense of humour

Thursday 07 February 2019


Posted : 13:06
Next week's session (11th Feb) is a fell race and will take place at Sand bay. Parking at the NT car park .
Details: 2nd fell race of the year with 5k and 10k options.
Things to bring:
- trail shoes
- appropriate clothing including windproof top/jacket as it's quite exposed.
- drink
- Billy kit and cider tokens for afters
- sense of humour
Pub will be the Commodore Meet at the car park at at 6:50 for a 7pm start.
Any questions, just shout.

stuart [WAC] E-mail stuart

Posted : 12:20
Careful, don't wont a repeat of your shower incident!! Adrian please use the mens

Wednesday 06 February 2019

adrian [wac] E-mail adrian

Posted : 22:50
Michelle you`re more than welcome to come we me. Talk to yo at the dinner.

Michelle Fryer [Weston] E-mail Michelle Fryer

Posted : 09:31
Hello you lovely bunch,

I was just wondering who is doing dursley dozen this Sunday? I would like to lift share with someone please if possible???
I will contribute towards fuel etc.

Thanks in advance.

Saturday 02 February 2019

Jim Wotton [WAC] E-mail Jim Wotton

Posted : 20:58
Important message for existing and new Hutton Moor Leisure Centre members:

I am pleased to confirm that Hutton Moor will now be offering Weston Athletic Club members discounted membership.

The price for a Weston AC membership will be: 18-59 year old - £33.15 per month by direct debit or £358.02 by single payment for annual membership.

The price for a Weston AC membership will be: 60+ - £27.70 per month by direct debit or £293.76 by single payment for annual membership.

With the direct debit membership type once your first direct debit has been paid you can leave HM by giving just 2 months notice.

This reduced monthly/annual rate will apply both to any new and all existing members. As HM will not currently know that you are members of Weston Athletic Club all that you need to do prior to your next DD being taken from your account is to visit the membership desk with proof that you are a member of Weston AC. This proof could be your membership card or copy of your most recent renewal letter (on your phone). I believe that HM will need to get you to complete a new DD (contract) for the revised amount.

Any problems at all please contact me or refer HM staff to Kylie Taylor - North Somerset Sales Manager, Legacy Leisure.


Jim Wotton

Kira [UA]

Posted : 12:48
Due to huge numbers currently running at parkrun I am happy to liftshare with others......

If regulars are interested perhaps we can chat at parkrun (Burnham) soon

Wednesday 30 January 2019


Posted : 09:55
Session Name - "Who Lives in a House Like This??"
• Session type - social + some navigation probably 😂😂
• Distance - 10k+ depending on your leader and how lost you get
• Meeting Point - Nailsea - Clevedon Road Car Park BS48 1WA
• Parking - lots and it's free
• Meeting time - 6:55pm
• Things to bring - Head Torch, BRIGHT CLOTHES OR FLUORESCENT BIB, Whistle, Trail shoes, drink, Billy Kit and cider tokens
• Pub - Coates House

Sunday 27 January 2019

Chris McMillan

Posted : 20:00

1 messages | 3 events entered.
So the FullOnSport results system can't determine AC and Athletic Club are the same?

If that's the case, there would issues with every set of results published as many clubs use AC and Athletic Club.


Posted : 14:36

208 messages | 335 events entered.
Hi just a note
When entering on Fullonsport
Please put the full Weston Athletic Club and
not just Weston AC
As Chris was Listed as Weston AC
He was not listed in the team that on paper came 3rd and would have been 2nd

Saturday 26 January 2019

Vanessa Hudson E-mail Vanessa Hudson

Posted : 17:26

2 messages | 4 events entered.
Is anyone thinking of doing the spring Forest of Dean half marathon? Its on the same day as the Weston super half. Just seeing if there is any possibility of car sharing?

Friday 18 January 2019

Malcolm & Jim [Weston AC]

Posted : 08:53
Congratulations to all those runners who competed in our two prom races last night. A special thanks to all those members and friends who turned out in the cold to help with both races. Hopefully you have all thawed out now! Your help is always much appreciated.

Wednesday 16 January 2019


Posted : 21:41
Session Name - .....Don’t Peak too soon

* Session Type - Hill intervals

* Date - Monday 21st January 2019

* Session duration - Be back at cars for 8:15pm

* Meeting Point - Webbington Rd car park

* Meeting Time - 6:50pm with a 7pm start. If late you will easily find us.

* Things to bring - Head torch, bottle of drink to carry so you can leave at half way point before we start, Billy Kit

* Pub - The New Inn for TWAC Fell Race 2018 Awards Presentation

Tuesday 08 January 2019


Posted : 21:32
TWAC 14th Jan 2019

Session: 1st fell race of the year
Meeting point: car park at the top of burringdon combe (see map below). Please car share where you can.
Details: choice of either 5(ish)K or 10(ish)K route. 10k will be 2 loops of the course.
Afters: The Crown in Churchill
To bring: head torch, trail shoes, drink, appropriate clothing and a sense of humour. CIder tokens and Billy kit for afters.

As usual meeting around 6:50 for a 7pm start.

Monday 07 January 2019


Posted : 07:06
Hi Sara W, please can you do your annual magic with the diary page. Thank you.

Sunday 06 January 2019


Posted : 21:01
Martin H:
Brilliant article on FAST RUNNING website entitled 'Do i really need the race t-shirt' after the discussions we had about giving out medals last week at the Hangover 10K

Saturday 05 January 2019

Jim Wotton E-mail Jim Wotton

Posted : 21:42
January Handicap next Tuesday (8/1/19)

December results and January start times now under Handicap Races tab

Wednesday 02 January 2019


Posted : 15:59
HAPPY NEW YEAR to all, Full Zipped HOODIES ----------- Please note the DEADLINE for COLLECTING YOUR ORDERS is 10th JANUARY 2019
or not until MARCH.

I am Happy for you to collect from home (93 Spring Hill, Worle, WsM BS22 9BB.) or Thursday training nights at HM. 6.45----7.15pm.
Or it could be a cold winter without your Zoodies!!!!
Cheers DAVE