Wednesday 26 December 2018

John H

Posted : 21:45

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I hope they are all in now
Spelling of Weston AC etc wrong again
Caught me out

Stuart [wac] E-mail Stuart

Posted : 20:02
John, looks like there's a few names missing from from Clevedon results - me, Julie baylis

Monday 24 December 2018

David Jones [Weston AC] E-mail David Jones

Posted : 14:08
Happy Christmas everyone, Just a note to ask the following members to collect ( and or PAY ) for their ---------Zipped Hoodies they ordered please-----------Racheal Andrews, Rachel Hedges, Susan Duncan, Leslie Bowskill, Shaleen Summers, Kate Gormley, Amy Badman, Jill Naughton, Julie Shergold, Tina Burrows, Sheryl Selway and also I have 2 Medium MENS hoodies, Steve Howell, plus another but no name.
01934 414361. 0789535437.

A reminder of the Club’s Banking details: Weston A C.
HSBC (bank), Ac No; 61100432, Sort Code; 40-46-18

Sunday 23 December 2018

Rachael E-mail Rachael

Posted : 18:20

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I've entered Slaughterford 9 (Sunday 27th January, 2019) and will be unable to run it as I return from holiday that day. If anyone would like my place please email me, I think I can transfer names/place via online entry system.

Wednesday 19 December 2018

Roger E-mail Roger

Posted : 17:09

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Just had a Christmas email from a race I did ten years ago and thought it might be of interest to the trail runners among you. They are looking for referrals for the 2019 race held in November. This is an extreme event and includes The Everest Challenge Marathon.
If you just want to have a look or are daft enough to want to try it the link is below.

Tuesday 18 December 2018

Michelle Lynam E-mail Michelle Lynam

Posted : 21:01

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Jim I sent you my London marathon rejection details soon after I received the letter but I'm not in your list. I have never run the marathon before but would love to do it. Please put me on the list and confirm you have received this message.

Monday 17 December 2018

Clash City Rocker [Weston AC] E-mail Clash City Rocker

Posted : 15:04
Can anyone with a low # on the list below please send me their suggestions in order so I can start allocating your choices. Preference will be given to people who can be arsed to suggest someone, Alternatively you can go to variant B as advised. E-mail me as above. Thanx

Jim Wotton [WAC] E-mail Jim Wotton

Posted : 15:04
The London marathon draw will take place this Thursday 20/12. If you meet the criteria and have not yet let me have your entry with proof of rejection and advise whether you have run it before please let me have it by Wednesday. The names that I have so far together with whether they have run it before or not are:
Ben Groom no
Bill Green no
Cameron Cumming yes
Charlotte Oliver no
Chris Dachtler yes
Chris Edwards no
Dave Johnson yes
Gary Bowden yes
Gary Iles yes
Genevieve Drinkwater tbc
Jim Wotton yes
John Cunningham no
John Hinchliffe yes
Josh Harris yes
Julia Withers yes
Julie Bailiss no
Katherine Lucas no
Lisa Acton no
Lorraine Smith no
Madeline Cook yes
Mark Bowskill no
Mark Hill yes
Matt Langdon no
Matt Wheeler no
Mike Smith no
Paul Baker no
Paul Cousins yes
Pete Watkins no
Rachael Vincent no
Rob Furlong yes
Rob Mountford no
Rob Osment yes
Rob Stokes tbc
Sam Buzza no
Sara Cronje no
Sarah White no
Sheryl Selway no
Stephen Powell no
Steve Kibblewhite yes
Stuart Diamond no
Vanessa Andrews yes
Vanessa Jennings no

Jim Wotton [WAC] E-mail Jim Wotton

Posted : 14:38
🎅🏼🎄⛄️Social Run and London Marathon Place Draw⛄️🎄🎅🏼
Come and join us for our social run ‪next Thursday 20 December‬ followed by a free drink on the club. We will be meeting at Hutton Moor at the usual time of ‪6.50pm‬ for ‪a 7pm‬ start.
We hear there’s some rather interesting Christmas light displays in the old RAF Locking camp - now known as Locking Parklands, so we thought we’d head on down there and check them out.
There may be some poorly lit stretches so if we could have a few head torches in each group that would help. If you have one please bring it along but don’t worry if you don’t.
Meet back at the bar at The Pavilion afterwards for a drink and to find out who has won a coveted London Marathon place. Will it be you? We also have four free Weston half places up for grabs in a draw for those who helped out with the Cracker.

Friday 14 December 2018


Posted : 21:44
Monday 17 December
• Session Name - "If You Go Down to the Woods Tonight.......... "
• Session type - could be a social, could be reps, could be something completely different, but it will be TWAC!
• Distance - around an hour running
• Meeting Point - entrance to Weston Woods
• Parking - there will be some
• Meeting time - 6:50pm

• Things to bring - Head Torch, Whistle, Trail shoes, drink, Billy Kit and cider tokens
• Pub - the Bristol House

Malcolm & Jim [Weston AC]

Posted : 10:00
Thanks to all those athletes who came along and supported our two races last night. Special well done and thanks as always to the marshals and helpers who braved the cold to make it all happen.

Thursday 13 December 2018

Clash City Rocker [Weston AC] E-mail Clash City Rocker

Posted : 13:16
For those of you who missed this live on Sky Sports today. Here is the draw for our competition; 1 Joe radcliffe 2 Rachel hedges 3Linzi Smith 4 Howellzy 5 Gary Bowden 6 Silver Fox 7Nicky Baker 8 Yvie Sandford 9 Paul Oaten 10 Michelle Lynam 11 Simon Andrews 12 Midge Meakin 13 Julia withers 14 Jon Brock 15 Carol O Leary 16 Mary Nutley 17 Ness Wilce 18 Joe Connolly 19 Helen Diamond 20 Dave Groves 21 Ness Andrews 22 Rachel Fuller 23 Podium Pete 24 Stuart Diamond 25 Adam Cashmore 26 Moonraker 27 the Dentist 28 Causeway Kate 29 Marc Whiting 30 William Fuller 31 Antony Askins 32 Selfie Lynn 33 Shaleen the Guide 34Neale jarrett 35 Sian McCarthy 36 Rob Mountford 37 Adam Fuller 38 Spud 39 Lightening 40 Sue Dyer 41 Nia Davies 42 gaynor Collett 43 Sue White 44 Matt Wheeler 45 Paul davidson 46 Rob Osmant 47 Winscombe Will 48 Richard taylor 49 Chadders 50 Stuart Feltham 51 Pete Stacey 52 Howellzy 53 Tracey Dyer 54 Lisa Acton 55 Kursall Kate 56 Jim White 57 Mike Vowles 58 2 Coats 59 Maria Davidson 60Lee Francis 61 Rob Withers 62 Nikki Askins 63 Tonikins 64 Nicola Clark Yelland 65 Bill Green 66 Ruth White 67 Vanders 68 Gunner 69 Maddie 70 Julie Shergold 71 Sheryl Selway 72 Adam Stafford 73 Gary Bowden 74 Belinda 75 Niki Fulstow 76 Ann Clutterbuck 77 Mick Henderson 78 Emma Lane 79 Mel Bugler 80 Adrian 'One Night' Marshall 81 Jackie Cashmore 82 Catnap John 83 Charlotte Fuller 84 Shane Connolly 85 Sam Buzza 86 Helicopter Paul 87 Rachel Stacey 88 Naomi Deutsch 89 Debbie Brooks 90 Mark Skinner 91 Sue Heeps 92 Richard taylor 93 Glyn the Palace 94 Maddie 95 Lesley Bowskill 96 Kevin Bale 97 John Cunningham 98 Chris Loach 99 Janet Pinches 100 Ben Groom 101 jon williams. Apologies for any spelling mistakes etc. If you got a good # contact me with your suggestion(s) and the chance are you will get them. anyone struggling can revert to Variant B where I pick someone for you. the race to suceed Jim White starts now!

Tuesday 11 December 2018

Clash City Rocker [Weston AC] E-mail Clash City Rocker

Posted : 11:27
I picked up a pair of purple Karimor Turtle doves fromn the Cafe after the Not Cracker on saturday. they dont fit me & there hasnt been much interest on E-Bay so if you want them back e-mail me i will bring them to the Prom Run. And any more entries for the competition I mentioned earlier. let me know by wednesday so you go in the draw.

Monday 10 December 2018

Jim Wotton E-mail Jim Wotton

Posted : 17:25
Handicap result for Nov and start times for Dec are now on the site under the Handicap tab. Please click on the link for 2015 to 2016 for the latest sheet.

Sunday 09 December 2018

Malcolm & Jim [Weston AC] E-mail Malcolm & Jim

Posted : 17:44
Congratulations to the 2000+ runners who competed in our two races today. A fantastic spectacle of runners streaming along Weston beach in a variety of fancy dress costumes. A very special thank you to all those members and friends who turned out to help in cold and windy conditions. Without your help these races could not have taken place.


Posted : 14:45

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Unfortunately i cant do this Thursday as I'm carol singing for the orphans

Rodney [WAC]

Posted : 14:35
Lost - sense of reality.
If found please return to Junkie Chadburn.
One a more positive note, at least he now knows where the Prom is, we will expect to see him racing this Thursday.

Junkie chadders E-mail Junkie chadders

Posted : 14:26

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In all the excitement I forgot to pick up my prize for best WAC helper and best looking WAC helper for the cracker today, If You let me know where to collect them then I could probably pick up Chorltons for most useless ! ( he only had one job to do)

Thursday 06 December 2018

Clash City Rocker [Weston AC] E-mail Clash City Rocker

Posted : 13:40
OI OI WACsters. I will be again organising our annual predictions competition in 2019. if you want to be in with a chance of first pick bring your £2 to Not cracker on saturday/ Cracker sunday or TWAC on monday. I will take your name etc & you go in the draw. I have some basic instructions/rules for anyone not sure. But its the same rules as last year. Will you follow in the footsteps of Belinda & Jim White and hold the coveted title in 2019? PBx PS feel free to e-mail me for more details.

Tuesday 04 December 2018

Jim Wotton [WAC] E-mail Jim Wotton

Posted : 21:58
Well done everybody who ran the mile tonight we raised £55 which will be matched by the club. If you wish to know your time here it is. If you have achieved a pb you will need to update it on the website as it will not automatically flow through.

Weston AC - 5K Timed Mile Dec 2018

Name Time
Will Fuller 5.00
Toby Norman 5.20
Alan Fuller 5.28
Matt Wheeler 5.32
Oliver Andrews 5.34
Joe Withers 5.38
Stephen Powell 5.40
Matt Davies 5.41
Toby Andrews 5.48
Dave Groves 5.54
Susan Duncan 5.54
Matt Frost 6.00
John Davidson 6.04
Stephanie Brooks 6.10
Rob Osment 6.12
Bill Green 6.21
Michael Reep 6.24
Gary Bowden 6.33
Jo Coveney 6.39
Peter Vowles 6.42
Sam Booth 6.58
Kie Booth 7.05
Helen Diamond 7.07
Graham Brooks 7.15
John Hinchliffe 7.15
Lesley Bowskill 7.17
Natalia Casey 7.22
Geraldine Hope 7.22
Rachel Andrews 7.23
Julia Withers 7.30
Sarah Ridout 7.46
Rachel Stacey 7.51
Claire Newman 8.03
Michelle Lynham 8.40
Tina Burrows 8.49
Caroline Williams 10.09
Susan Heeps 10.09
Lynne Parsonage 10.58
Yvie 11.23
Alison Clay 13.30


Posted : 15:48
TWAC Monday 10th December
Session Name - The Grand Final
• Session Type - Fell Race
• Distance - Easy 4 miles & Hard 6 miles
• Meeting Point - Kings Wood Car Park, Compton Bishop, Winscombe, BS25 1NW
• Meeting Time - 6:50pm
• Must have Kit -
✅ Phone
✅ Whistle
✅ Head torch (charged or spare batteries)
✅ Trail shoes
⚠️ This is a nighttime fell race so for everyone’s safety (and my peace of mind) we want you to have these 4 items please ⚠️
• Other things to bring - Suitable clothing for weather, Billy kit including Christmas jumper, cider tokens and sense of adventure.

Sunday 02 December 2018

Jim Wotton [WAC] E-mail Jim Wotton

Posted : 20:38
Responding to the increased demand from members to be involved in the focused training that Jamie provides his group on Tuesday and Thursday evenings we will shortly be starting a second similar group. For his group to be successful it is not possible for Jamie to keep including more members so a second group with similar objectives will be formed for any further members who wish to undertake this type of training. The group will support runners who wish to take part in a more individualised and performance focused training regime than that of the regular Tuesday rep and Thursday group runs. It will be a fairly small group focused mainly on road around reps, hill reps and LT runs of varying lengths. If you think that this may be of interest to you and you are currently running 5k's in under 21 mins or 5 miles in under 35 mins then please drop me a mail and I will contact you to give you some more detail and discuss further.

On Tuesday of this week (4/12) we will be running a charity mile. We will be using the clock at the finish line so you will be able to see your own time and let Carol or I know and we will try to produce a list of times that can be recorded on the system. There will be a cost of £1 per runner with the money raised being matched by the club. Money raised will be going to the Seashore Centre at Uphill hospital. Meeting at the normal shelter on the seafront between Trop and Sealife at 6:50 for 7:00. There will be a substantial warm up and everybody will start together. Current forecast for 7:00pm is SE wind so if it stays this way we will run from the beach hut end towards the Grand Pier which will give a slight following wind.

Thursday 29 November 2018


Posted : 16:26
TWAC 3rd December 2018
Session Name: Sand Bay, Tower & Trig Adventure
Session Type: Group lead run, suitable for all abilities
Meeting Place: Beach Road Car Park, Sand Bay
Meeting Time: 18.50 for 19.00
Kit list: Head torch, spare batteries, trail shoes, suitable clothing, whistle and billy kit
Pub: The Commodore
Aim of Session: Each group to take a photo at the water tower in Weston woods and at Sand Point trig.

Wednesday 28 November 2018


Posted : 22:40

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For those of you who don't do Facebook, TWAC Calendars for 2019 are now available to purchase for £10 with all profits going to two great charities Bone Cancer and MIND, Chris Loach will have a supply at training tomorrow night.

Sunday 25 November 2018


Posted : 18:57
Sorry Phil, that was me!! A couple of people didn’t come up as Weston, but hopefully all sorted now! Well done!

Phil Tomlinson [Weston AC ] E-mail Phil Tomlinson

Posted : 17:56
Hi Jon -just noticed i have been missed of the brent knoll results. My number was 243 and i finished just behind Josh. Thanks Phil

Saturday 24 November 2018

Junkie E-mail Junkie

Posted : 18:26

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There has been a school boy error with the cracker organisation! I have been accidentally put down as results RUNNER? Can someone clarify RUNNER please? . P.s. Rodney I can and have handled many a slice my favourite being fruitcake.

Friday 23 November 2018

Rodney [WAC]

Posted : 19:38
Have to agree with Josh. Ran the DD in 2017, returning next year, without a doubt the most testing and rewarding road run around. Marathon distance is slightly hillier than Snowdonia with the added bonus of an extra hilly 10k tacked on the end - lovely!! More free cake than even Junkie can manage post-race as well

Josh Harris [Weston AC] E-mail Josh Harris

Posted : 14:52
Dartmoor Discovery Ultramarathon Saturday 1st June 2019. If you want to test yourself on the road beyond marathon distance this is the one. 32 miles 674 yards around the roads of Dartmoor. The support from the marshalls is incredible with 9 waterstations on the course. Entries open (postal only) on the Teignbridge Trotters website. We need one more for a male team and it would be great to have a ladies team too.

Sunday 18 November 2018


Posted : 21:53
Dave: how much are the new hoodies? (I should probably know-I can’t remember 😬

Friday 16 November 2018

Jim Wotton E-mail Jim Wotton

Posted : 22:02
Hi Paul,
Unfortunately changes for Wimborne needed to be made by midnight last night.

Helen I cannot remember a WAC lady being first on the Prom - Dave can you confirm from the 40 year history. I Guess there must have been one in the early years of the races.

Paul Hudson E-mail Paul Hudson

Posted : 14:01

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Wimborne 10 place available (if not too late for a change) due to calf strain I can no longer partake! Text me on 07846 577462 and I will try and make change. Cheers. Paul Hudson

Dave Jones E-mail Dave Jones

Posted : 10:07
Should you wish to order on line for purchasing Club Clothing the Bank Details for

WESTON A C, --- HSBC, --- A/C No 61100432 --- Sort Code 40-46-18.

It would also assist us if you could make a reference to Club Kit and confirm the transfer so we can order the goods, remember to add the SIZE you require either by email to Dave Jones ( or see him on training nights please.

Many thanks,


Malcolm & Jim [Weston AC]

Posted : 08:32
Congratulations to all those athletes who ran in our two races last night. A very good turn out on a mild and windy evening. Thanks as always to all those members and friends who turned out to help.

Shine Bright [WAC] E-mail Shine Bright

Posted : 08:24
Congratulations Immy on winning the Prom race!!!
Can anyone tell me the last Weston lady to win?

Wednesday 14 November 2018


Posted : 22:56

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Kira - I have a Garmin 910xt triathlon watch. £50. Have a look on Amazon and see what you think. Ness


Posted : 14:14
Is anybody getting a new Garmin for christmas and wants to sell their old one? My daughter has started running and is interested in getting one.

Tuesday 13 November 2018


Posted : 21:53
TWAC 19/11/18
Session Name: Mine’s A Hole In The Ground
Session Type: Intervals
Location: OSGB: ST50515567 (for Mick) ST505556 (for the rest) Carpark to East of Charterhouse activity centre, Charterhouse.
Meet Time: 18:50 for 19:00hrs

Sunday 11 November 2018


Posted : 11:15
Presidents Breakfast Run

I wish to thank the nine members who turned up on Saturday morning in not too pleasant conditions to say the least and getting soaked for their efforts, but they were not alone as the 15 cyclist also battled through the frequent downpours and a series of punctures making it a good turnout with a total attendance of 37. But at least we all enjoyed the autumn colours which are amazing this year when the sun did come out.

Bristol Children’s Help Society who very generously let us use the excellent venue free of charge ever since I first started this annual event will receive the £131.40 collected on Saturday. ( I have only kept a record since 2012 so the running total is now £642.84).
Finally many thanks must go to the consistent gang of helpers in the Green Aprons and their assistances, it's much appreciated to be able rely on such help.
Better weather is forecast for next years run!!

Saturday 10 November 2018

Ian Purnell [WAC] E-mail Ian Purnell

Posted : 17:06
Many Thanks to Dave Jones and his wondrous team for chefs for this mornings breakfast

Friday 09 November 2018


Posted : 09:33
Monday 12/11/18
Time to post next Monday’s session and it’s the fell race championship on a new route meeting place is the car park at the top of burrington Combe (same as last week) please car share if you can time 6.50pm for a 7pm start the distance 1 lap 2 laps or 3 laps 3 is just over 10k
: head torch
: coat
: billy kit / warm clothes for after
: cider tokens
: pub how was the crown ?
: points = prizes so come along
: if you can’t run I require a few Marshall’s
: the course muddy you will get wet too

Thursday 08 November 2018

Adrian Noble [wac] E-mail Adrian Noble

Posted : 08:56
Some races Jim which may interest the club
Pewsey terminator Feb 24
Offas Orror March 4
Tintern Trott July 5
Fan y big July 7
Standish woodland chase Aug 11 and Black Mountains fell race in Sept.

Wednesday 07 November 2018

Jim Wotton [WAC] E-mail Jim Wotton

Posted : 21:56
Ness we used to do it a few years ago after they stopped doing their half (very hard) so happy to consider putting it back in.

It is a nice tough race, about 12 miles I think, big climb in 1st 4 miles. If you have a look on their website you will see photos of me in 2003 with bloody knee after I fell over on the top. Needed 7 stitches and 2 months off running.

Tuesday 06 November 2018


Posted : 20:44

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Jim - Offa's Orror sounds great. Always same day as London I think. Si did it a few years ago and said it was brilliant. No bridge tolls next year either, so more opportunity for racing over the bridge!

Monday 05 November 2018

Jim Wotton [WAC] E-mail Jim Wotton

Posted : 14:55
2019 Championship
Hi Adrian/Stuart. Agree your comments Re Grizzly (ballot)and Sodbury as previous discussion but had to leave them in for 2018 as already advertised in 2017.

Intend to leave FOD off-road in as replacement for one of them. Happy with suggestion of Offa's Dyke for next year depending on date. Do you have any other nominations for long off road (over 12 miles)

Do always try to avoid more than one race any date esp. in same road/off-road section. Sometimes difficult when peoples favourite races clash or late notification of change.

Just to clarify for everyone we also never have championship races on days when we have a WAC organised race as it is not fair on those who help if others may take the opportunity to do a different race.

Jim Wotton [WAC] E-mail Jim Wotton

Posted : 14:43
November 5k - Tomorrow 6/11
Please note the November handicap is tomorrow night.
We have moved the handicap to be the 2nd Tuesday in the month unless as has happened this month the Burnham 5K falls before that date. This is to avoid having the club and Burnham 5k in the same week.

Shine bright (the quiet one!) [WAC] E-mail Shine bright  (the quiet one!)

Posted : 12:49
Greatly appreciate the organisation behind the championship, I'm sure it's a thankless task. However, agree with Adrian. Any races that sell-out in 24 hours or have a ballot don't really comply with the spirit of the championship & undermine its credibility, as does having 2 championship races on the same day.

Sunday 04 November 2018

Adrian Noble [wac] E-mail Adrian Noble

Posted : 15:23
Jim any chance we can have some new races instead of the Grizzly and the Slog as they always sell out quickly. There`s plenty in South Wales eg Offas Orrer, which are closer, cheaper and may add a bit more interest.

Thursday 01 November 2018

Jim [WAC]

Posted : 15:16
The first three off-road 2019 championship races (Rollick, Slaughterford & Dursley) are open for entry and will sell-out early if previous years are any indication - Rollick is half full already.

Jim [WAC] E-mail Jim

Posted : 09:31
Route tonight will be the club circuit - or old slog as it is known on the list of routes on the membership page

Wednesday 31 October 2018

Liz E-mail Liz

Posted : 17:42

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Just to let you know - some of us competed in the OMM at the weekend! Gerry and Teresa King did the B course and I and my daughter Katherine completed the medium score, in spite of the blizzard on Saturday. It was a very cold night. I have never slept in all my clothes before but it was really good to be there. Where were the rest of you?

Tuesday 30 October 2018


Posted : 20:43
Session Name: And now for something completely different…
Session Type: Social Team Building
Date: 5th November
Time: 18:50 to depart by 19:00
Meeting Place: OSGB ST489581 The Ice Cream Van Car Park on bend at top of Burrington Combe (before the top cattle grid)

Sunday 28 October 2018


Posted : 10:00
ZOODIES, (Full length Zipped Hoodies) I had just one Medium Sized Sample at the Prom Run, I FIND they are available in LADIES SIZES = XS (8), S (10), M (!2), L (14) & XL (16). MENS SIZES = S(36"), M (38/40"), L (42/44") XL (46/48"), XXL (50/52"), 3XL (54/56"), 4XL (58/60) & 5XL (62/64). The costs is £17.00 please use the clubs internet banking to order : HSBC, A/C 61100432, SORT CODE 40-46-18 Plus your name, remember to email me with your size or see me at a training night.

Friday 26 October 2018

Malcolm & Jim [Weston AC] E-mail Malcolm & Jim

Posted : 10:12
Well done to all the athletes who competed in our 1 and 5 mile race last night. A windy but mild night on our alternative race route.

Thanks as always to all those marshals and helpers who come and make sure we can have a safe and enjoyable race.

Thursday 25 October 2018


Posted : 22:18

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Thank you so much Kira, a long way off the sub 30 club but who knows maybe one day 😉

Wednesday 24 October 2018


Posted : 21:00
Well done Susan on yet another PB - you are flying ..... Will you be joining the SUB 30 Club tomorrow night!

Monday 22 October 2018


Posted : 19:19

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Thank you so much JT. It really wouldn’t be possible without your help & support so a huge ‘thank you’ 😁

Sunday 21 October 2018


Posted : 22:33
Just like the proverbial London bus, you wait years for one and then loads turn up a once. Today it was the turn of the 10 mile female club record to fall. Actually it was smashed to pieces, a minute and forty-eight seconds to be precise. Well done to Susan Duncan (Dolly Duncs as fondly referred to by Guy) who went sub 65 at the Great South today.

Thursday 18 October 2018


Posted : 13:35
Date: Monday22nd October
Name: The Goblin Gallivant
Time: 18:50 for 19:00
Location: Goblin Combe Car Park, (OSGB: ST45926539)
Session Type: Social
You will need: Trail Shoes, Fully Charged head torch, an
enthusiastic expression, Billy Kit
Pub: The Star is the nearest (I think (not sure what its like though))

Saturday 13 October 2018


Posted : 16:32

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Monday nights session we will meet at the entrance of uphill boat yard 6.50pm for 7pm start . Hill repeats
. You will need a head torch
. Off road shoes
. A drink
. Cider tokens for the pub after ( the dolphin )

John E-mail John

Posted : 00:29

208 messages | 335 events entered.
Hi if any one out there could help me
with lift to the Stagger I would very much appreciate it
John H

Sunday 07 October 2018

Rodney [WAC]

Posted : 18:05
Please accept my thanks for all the messages of support, both before and after my opportunity to represent England MV40's at the Chester Marathon today. I consider myself very lucky to have joined this club, and am indebted to so many at WAC , and of course my long-suffering family, who have supported me over the years - to me this means more than today's England chance.
I won't bore you with the race details, it went ok but not brilliantly, but feel free to ask for further details when I see you.
It was great to finish and find out about so many great results, across different levels of the club today, both at championship races and further afield - you are all inspiring, not just to me, but to new and non-runners - keep u the great work, cheers Rodney


Posted : 17:53
Farah wins in Chicago but more importantly how did you get on Kieron?

Saturday 06 October 2018


Posted : 17:49
Well done Susan on yet another fast one.. It's exciting to follow your progress and see just how fast you can go! Your Power of 10 is looking impressive!

Bomber Harris [Mendip Massive ]

Posted : 09:39
He's one of our own! Tomorrow Kieron 'Kiprodney' Summers dons the England vest for the 2018 England Age Group Masters Marathon at Chester. Good luck Rodders! You will no doubt do your club and country proud.

Friday 05 October 2018


Posted : 07:40
Well done to all those who turned out for Burnham last night. The first one is always a bit of a shock to the system. None the less there were still some pbs to be found. Also, another club record fell last night. It really does seem that every second counts at 5k. Susan Duncan became the fastest Weston AC female over the distance in a time of 19.09. Well done Susan.

Wednesday 03 October 2018

Marathon Talk Geek

Posted : 20:52
Lets Run website

Friday 28 September 2018


Posted : 19:50
Monday 1/10/18
Another social run , from The ebdon arms , lilacway BS22 9WE ebdon road out past the crematorium
6:50pm for 7pm start don’t be late !!!

Things to bring
: head torch no torch no run
: off road shoes
: billy kit
: and some money

Tuesday 25 September 2018

Julia E-mail Julia

Posted : 21:01

24 messages | 3 events entered.
As a club we have purchased a number of places for the Weston Super Half which is due to take place on Sunday 24th March 2019, weather permitting ❄️. This means the entry fee for EA affiliated members is £28. If you wish to enter in this manner, please email me in order to arrange to pay the entry fee and I will send you the link to enter.

Monday 24 September 2018


Posted : 14:56
Yes I remember training on the dunes as a teenager but unfortunately due to coastal erosion and dense gorse it is no longer possible. Attempts at Saturday Sessions on the beach have never been that popular. Tuesday efforts were always on the beach until unpopularity and Health and Safety stepped in. We can now only dream of 'Chariots of Fire' training days.

Sunday 23 September 2018


Posted : 14:44

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Thank you to all the Weston AC supporters at Bristol Half this morning. You were awesome! Really appreciate you all coming out in that rain.

Thursday 20 September 2018

Weston Beach Runner

Posted : 16:36
“Saturdays are for beach training, something I’m very lucky to be able to do living down here in Cornwall. I tend to mix it up on the beach, but it usually involves repetitions of an 800m loop with some sand dune efforts. "
Grace Brook - 17 years old and 1st lady at Worcester 10K in 34:24. Any WAC members train on the beach -
A great asset for injury prevention training.

Sunday 16 September 2018


Posted : 17:40

1 messages | 1 events entered.
Monday - meet 6.55pm at entrance to Worlebury Woods
: To work on our down hill speed
: Things to bring HEAD TORCH billy kit , a drink , off-road shoes cider tokens
: We will running up and down K D H its not a race just do as many reps as you can in 40 minutes so who’s in

Saturday 15 September 2018

Marathon Talk Geek

Posted : 20:55
The 2018 BMW Berlin Marathon is tomorrow, Defending champion Eliud Kipchoge headlines the men’s field, where he will try to break Dennis Kimetto‘s world record of 2:02:57!!!!!

Tuesday 11 September 2018

Marc M [Weston AC] E-mail Marc M

Posted : 09:08
It’s triathlon club tonight lovely people.

5-6 for juniors
6-7 for Adults

At Worle Sports Centre on Old Bristol Road.
Everyone welcome, ability unimportant, smiling and getting stuck in super important.

Coffee and cake to follow

Thursday 06 September 2018


Posted : 20:51

53 messages | 27 events entered.
TWAC Monday 10th September
Fell Championship is back at Brean Down.and promises to be a brilliant session

Session details;
• Session Name - "Don't Blame Me, it's not my fort!!"
• Session type - TWAC Fell Championship Race
• Distance - 10k ish, depending on how well we place the markers 😉
• Meeting Point - Brean Down Car Park, next to the cafe
• Parking - TBC, but we are usually able to use the car park - otherwise could have a long warm up
• Meeting time - 6:50pm
• Bring - Trail shoes, drink, Billy Kit and cider tokens
HEAD TORCHES - just to be on the safe side as it is getting dark early, especially when cloudy

Saturday 01 September 2018

Nia E-mail Nia

Posted : 11:43
Hi. I have a place going for Oldbury 10 mile race next Sunday. If anyone would like it leave a message and I can get back to you. Transfers allowed until Tuesday.

Tuesday 28 August 2018


Posted : 20:38

53 messages | 27 events entered.

TWAC Monday 3rd Sept
Time: 19:00
Meeting Point: The Boat Yard Entrance, Uphill.
Pub: The one up the road (whatever it's called)

The Aim of the session is to help increase our race speed and or aid recover whilst running. It will be a 40 min session broken down into walk (recovery) and running at 90% Effort.

Monday 27 August 2018


Posted : 19:59

3 messages | 1 events entered.
Thank you so much JT & Kira.


Posted : 15:57
Well done Susan with your 10K PB .....many more to come i bet ......You are only just getting started. Hope you were wearing your club vest!


Posted : 14:27
For all those of you who love a good stat. History was made yesterday by Susan Duncan. She became the fastest female over 10k to have run in a Weston AC vest. Congratulations Susan. Oh by the way Tracey Lewis is male and Kira Thorpe's brilliant time was while running for another club.

Sunday 26 August 2018

Ellish Mccolgan Fan

Posted : 12:58
If anybody is interested - A recommended website that follows the world of competitive running (including top ten fastest parkrun times each week & the latest Kenyan to be found doping):

Friday 24 August 2018


Posted : 12:42

18 messages | 4 events entered.
Marathon running was what I did.You must remember we didn't have Garmins only set routes and stop watches. If you wanted to do 10km races track work was best.My average weekly mileage was 40 miles. Every Sunday run was 20 miles (30 years) Tuesday night club circuit, run at race pace. Thursday club night probably 8 miles. if you were training for a marathon, a hill run or hill intervals and a longer run mid week would be introduced always one day complete rest. Never did more that 60 miles a week. Brian Courtney started training with me after doing 3hr.28mins in the Bristol Marathon and 3 years later did 2hr.37min in London. We didn't over train we put the effort into the long run, and the speed work was 9 mile flat out. No gadgets or gizmos just quality miles.

Thursday 23 August 2018

Rodney [WAC]

Posted : 22:37
Hi MTG, Being borderline obsessive myself your post interests me. Social media apps, such as Strava, may contribute to an athletes focus on training & mileage, although evidence of this seems largely anecdotal at best, but surely it is the obsessive nature of someone's personality that is much more likely to lead to over-training?
Your suggestion that reverting to just a stopwatch will solve this seemingly ignores that a higher percentage of runners over trained in the 1970's & 80's, when club running standards were in their heyday, but overall numbers of runners were lower than today's 'parkrun generation' - happy to discuss

Niki F [Weston AC]

Posted : 19:13
Got a place going for Oldbury if anyone would like it. Drop me a line if you’re interested.

Wednesday 22 August 2018

Marathon Talk Geek

Posted : 09:25
Great discussion on Marathon Talk this week discussing the fine line between training and when it becomes a dangerous obsessive problem. One of the main causes: (runners using apps such as Strava) Bring back the good old days when just a stopwatch was used!

Tuesday 21 August 2018


Posted : 21:50

53 messages | 27 events entered.
Monday 27th TWAC
We have all been in awe of Woots and the Ultra Great Britain race. In honour of his epic effort and commitment to this (and everything he does) this Monday’s session is dedicated to him. We will be returning to Sand Point for the Wussy Woots 210 mile challenge. Our Group Mission, should we choose to commit to it, is to do the group accumulative of 210 miles i.e. if there are 50 of us we only need 4 and a bit miles each, so the more that take part the lower our individual mileage needs to be.

Session Name: WUSSY WOOTS (credit to
Tamie for the name) Hill Repeats
Location: Sand Point
Meet Point: Sand Point Car Park
Meeting Time: 18:50 (for 19:00)
Pub: The Commodore

Phil Tomlinson’ [Westonac ]

Posted : 14:53
Does any body know if you can register on the day for the portishead 10k path run
Thanks Phil

Monday 20 August 2018


Posted : 14:32
A message for Pete Clark-Yalland. Are you doing the prom series this year and if so, are you willing to be in the Senior mens team? Thank you.

Tuesday 14 August 2018


Posted : 21:00

53 messages | 27 events entered.
TWAC Monday 20th August
• Session Name - "Bleadon Hell!"
• Session type - Group Run (i.e. social & chatty when you aren't going up a hill!)
• Distance - the standard route is 6 miles (ish) but there are lots of opportunities to shorten or lengthen it dependant on number of leaders/groups available.
• Meeting Point - The Post Office/Bleadon Farm Shop, Purn Way, Bleadon BS24 0QE.
• Parking - there is on street parking, but road is narrow in places so please be considerate of local residents and car share where possible.
• Meeting time - 6:50pm
• Pub - The Catherine's Inn

Monday 13 August 2018

Julia [Weston AC] E-mail Julia

Posted : 10:50
Bristol Half Marathon: If you would like to join the club group entry and have EA affiliation. Please contact Julia Withers with a view to paying the discounted entry fee of £32 by Friday 24th August. After that date you are likely to still be able to enter on line, but you won't be able to benefit from the group discount.

John E-mail John

Posted : 06:01

208 messages | 335 events entered.
If any one could give a lift to Crook Peak
Or Langport that would help me out
John H

Monday 06 August 2018

Posted : 10:26

Sunday 29 July 2018

Dave Jones [WAC]

Posted : 12:18
40th POLO SHIRTS (Embroidered Badges on Black) I have now placed the order for completion, but should anybody else like one, please do let me ASLP. I be in touch when they arrive. Dave.

Friday 13 July 2018


Posted : 21:22

160 messages | 43 events entered.
Sorry for missing Phil out of the results write-up - I was working from the championship results.

John E-mail John

Posted : 01:12

208 messages | 335 events entered.
Hopefully all results are now up to date
Any outstanding just let me no
John H

Thursday 12 July 2018

Jim [WAC] E-mail Jim

Posted : 09:31
Hi Bill,
Thanks for spotting. Phil has been inadvertently removed from the WAC system so John H cannot currently add him to the result. He will be re-instated and John will add when done.

Wednesday 11 July 2018

Bill Green [WAC] E-mail Bill Green

Posted : 22:41
Hi Jim,Ness it seems Phil Tomlinson Purdown Race result hasn't been counted he did 45.20 and was third Wac runner home.

Bill Green [WAC] E-mail Bill Green

Posted : 22:40
Hi Jim,Ness it seems Phil Tomlinson Purdown Race result hasn't been counted he did 45.20 and was third Wac runner home.

Tuesday 10 July 2018


Posted : 16:51
Margaret Sills?

Sian Roberts [Weston AC] E-mail Sian Roberts

Posted : 06:26
Seaview 17 update - my place has now been taken for this race.

Monday 09 July 2018

WAC Librarian (Niki F) E-mail WAC Librarian (Niki F)

Posted : 18:34

102 messages | 60 events entered.
Summer reads available, give me a shout if you would like either of these books:
'Irongran' by Edwina Brocklesby - someone from WAC gets a mention, but who is it?
'North' by Scott Jurek - even the worlds best ultra athletes have their limits
Gave these next books to the charity shop but I recommend 'Redemption: From Irons Bars to Iron Man' by John McAvoy - big time London gangsta turns into top amateur triathlete, & 'Find a Way' by Diana Nyad - after multiple failed attempts Nyad swims from Cuba to Florida 110 miles unassisted, both worth a read.

Sunday 08 July 2018

Sian [Weston A.C.] E-mail Sian

Posted : 20:46
I have a place in the Seaview 17 (more like 21, I believe)July 29th which I won't be using. Please contact me if you're interested in a transfer.

Thursday 05 July 2018

Carol E-mail Carol

Posted : 23:05

6 messages | 7 events entered.
Purdown Pursuit Results. Matt W I have your prize (a bottle of wine). I also have 10 cans of Thatchers Gold for the winning men’s team (64 points). 👍

Wednesday 04 July 2018


Posted : 12:14

24 messages | 3 events entered.
Graham Plaister wanted a Thornbury place Mark. I have messaged him to contact you.

Mark Hill E-mail Mark Hill

Posted : 10:34
Anyone wanting a Thornbury 10k entry for next week Thursday 12th? I have one confirmed entry available due to other commitments.

Monday 02 July 2018

Rob Osment E-mail Rob Osment

Posted : 23:07

4 messages | 13 events entered.
Hi, my Purdown Pursuit (TACH) place is available for anyone who wants it this Thursday - i'm unable to run due to injury. Let me know if you want the place and I'll get in transferred.

Gareth Hiscock E-mail Gareth Hiscock

Posted : 17:24

27 messages | 162 events entered.
Many thanks to Chris McMillan. I have his number for the Purdown Pursuit. I'll have to try and win it LOL.

Friday 29 June 2018

Gareth Hiscock E-mail Gareth Hiscock

Posted : 08:14

27 messages | 162 events entered.
I regret I've missed the boat on a place in the Purdown Pursuit (TACH) race. If anyone has an entry but can't run. Please get in touch. 07534939807.

Gareth Hiscock E-mail Gareth Hiscock

Posted : 08:14

27 messages | 162 events entered.
I regret I've missed the boat on a place in the Purdown Pursuit (TACH) race. If anyone has an entry but can't run. Please get in touch. 07534939807.

Thursday 28 June 2018


Posted : 19:58
Carol Brent
Good luck with your OW triathlon this weekend. I left a note for you on messenger RE: swimming at clevedon.
Hope you don't get too nervous... let the space open up at the start - I always used to find it helped calm my nerves and get my breathing under control. Try and enjoy the experience!

Vanessa E-mail Vanessa

Posted : 19:55

2 messages | 4 events entered.
I have a space for Nailsea beer and banger if anyone would like it. I've checked and am able to transfer, just need new runners details to pass on. Thanks

John E-mail John

Posted : 05:48

208 messages | 335 events entered.
If any one could offer a lift To Nailsea
I would be very grateful thanks
John H
Email as above

Wednesday 27 June 2018


Posted : 13:40

5 messages | 3 events entered.
Charmouth Challenge Saturday 7th July - as I'm injured I won't be able to run in this race and the organiser said that the number can be transferred. Please let me know if you're interested.

Wednesday 20 June 2018

jim [WAC]

Posted : 13:09
Just to re-iterate Nick's comment thanks again to everyone coming forward to help organise and marshal the event.

For those of you not on fb or the TWAC fb page at least 3 people managed to pick up a tick last night one of them 4. So whether you ran or marshalled you may just want to give yourself the once over. Shane has the club tick remover kit.

Beacon Batch

Posted : 10:29
Thanks you to everyone who helped at last night's Beacon Batch race you are all very much appreciated. The chairman of the Fell Runners Association was running last night and he told me the two things he was impressed with was the quality of the marshalling and the number of Weston club runners supporting the event. So thank you to everyone, real TEAM effort!

Monday 18 June 2018

Beacon batch

Posted : 13:24
We have received a lot of online entries for this years beacon batch race however there are still on the night entries available from 6.30pm tomorrow. Looking forward to a great evening for running and we hope to see you up there.

Friday 15 June 2018

Jim [WAC] E-mail Jim

Posted : 16:44
Championship race date changes
We have now been advised that the GWR Tow Path mob match 10K will take place on Friday the 27th July 18 at 7:30pm. This event is open to all members and does not need pre-entry. We will create a fb event, please can you indicate if you intend to come.

We have been advised by Portishead that the date of their multi race this year is Saturday 15th Sept at 10:00am. The course for this race has changed it now starts from the Lido and is called the Portishead Coast Path 10K. The race will be in the short off road category.

Jim [WAC] E-mail Jim

Posted : 09:35
System Upgrade
Following changes to the website server, that we were not notified about, unfortunately any messages sent via the contacts page have not been delivered.
Apologies for this our system has now been corrected but -
These messages have been lost so if you have sent a message in the last few weeks, not had a reply and the issue/question is still o/s for you, can you please se-send.

Wednesday 13 June 2018

Beacon Batch E-mail Beacon Batch

Posted : 22:14
Online entries for this years Beacon Batch is closing in 2 days. With the race next Tuesday evening in a fabulous setting. Why not RUN, MARSHAL or SUPPORT your teammates. it would be great to see you up at this fell race.

chadders [weston ac] E-mail chadders

Posted : 15:24
It seems to be working OK John, The only thing is that there is a no entry sign comes up but hit the enter now bar then hit the bar above (type of entry) then it goes on to FOS alright.


Posted : 14:43

2 messages | 1 events entered.
Is the Nailsea 10k festival run on 29th June now closed to entries? I cannot seem to book a place via the website?

Tuesday 12 June 2018

Jim [WAC]

Posted : 22:44
Hi Ian,
Meal is 7:00 for 7:30 at Batch county hotel


Posted : 22:40

53 messages | 27 events entered.
I may have missed something along the line, but what time is the club 40th meal on wednessday? and is it at the Batch hotel

Sunday 03 June 2018

Jim [WAC]

Posted : 22:26
Hi Steve,

Yes it will be the misc grand prix event. Mark has the detail of the Nov and Dec races to check and input.

Jim [WAC]

Posted : 22:26
Hi Steve,

Yes it will be the misc grand prix event. Mark has the detail of the Nov and Dec races to check and input.

Stephen Kibblewhite [Locking] E-mail Stephen Kibblewhite

Posted : 10:33
Is the boxing day race not on championship this year??

Tuesday 29 May 2018

Jim [WAC]

Posted : 15:56
Hi Marc,

Thanks for your offer yes we would appreciate your help up there again this year.

marc whiting [weston AC] E-mail marc whiting

Posted : 11:51
Hi Nick, do you need me to marshal again this year at the Beacon Batch race? Was fun at the Trig Point last year.

Sunday 27 May 2018


Posted : 13:56

208 messages | 335 events entered.
5th Chris McMillan 1h 12m 31s
Split 1: 34m 38s
Gun Time:1h 12m 34s
Well done Chris again

Thursday 24 May 2018

Jim and Malcolm [WAC]

Posted : 22:36
Congratulations to everyone who ran the 9th race of the 17/18 series of prom runs tonight and to everyone who won awards for the series. Our winners include Chris and Kieron who finished first and second overall and the team of 6 male vets who won their category, the ladies A team narrowly missed out finishing second to Clevedon. Full detail of Cat winners will be posted shortly.
There is an award for the top WAC team which will be awarded as soon as the final positions have been calculated.

Particular thanks go to everybody who helped tonight and at any point throughout the series. Without the regular job holders (you know who you are) and all of the marshals both the one mile and five mile races could not take place so thanks again on behalf of all the runners.


Posted : 22:34

160 messages | 43 events entered.
There’s now a spare seat on the bus again if anyone needs it. Just let me or Julia know. Cheers.

Wednesday 23 May 2018


Posted : 21:28

160 messages | 43 events entered.
All places on the Seaview bus are now taken.


Posted : 12:43

160 messages | 43 events entered.
**Breaking news** Bowskill and Shergold no longer need spaces on the minibus so we now have two spare seats. Weds 12.42pm


Posted : 07:44

160 messages | 43 events entered.
⭐️🚨⭐️AND WE’RE FULL ⭐️🚨⭐️
Paul Baker
Mark Bowskill
Pete Bartlett
Julia Withers
Vanessa Andrews
Guy Bradford
Matt Wheeler
Chris Shergold
Kev Howells
Shane Connolly
Gary Iles
Sara Butcher
Shaleen Summers
Rachel Hedges
Darren Stacey


Posted : 07:18

160 messages | 43 events entered.
Re Seaview bus - 14 places have been booked already.

Tuesday 22 May 2018


Posted : 22:02

160 messages | 43 events entered.

We are hiring a 16 seater minibus for this year’s race. If you have already entered the race and would like a seat on the bus please post a message here.

Places on a first come first served basis.



Posted : 20:33

53 messages | 27 events entered.
TWAC Monday 28/5/18

There will be hills, trail and stunning views of Wales, Beacon Batch and Crook Peak!
We will have a 1.7 mile circuit with 260ft of climb per lap – so still plenty of chance to get over 1000ft climb
Mixed surface, trail, rock, mud, and a tiny bit of road (sorry)
• Session type - Undulating loop circuit
• Session duration - 60 minutes
• Meeting Point - Lower Kewstoke Road BS22 9JX, just past Pilgrims Way. 100yds up the footpath that goes up past the quarry to the Observatory. The path is well signposted and just Look out for lots of loitering TWACs ****please go on up the path and past the houses, don't linger at the bottom next to the road as can be narrow and don't want anyone squashed by passing cars ****
• Parking - Park anywhere around the surrounding streets you can, car share if possible or run to the start?
• Meeting time - 6:50pm leaving at 7pm. Anyone late head upwards and follow the signs
• Things to bring - Drink & warm top, cider tokens, bananas, Billy kit
• Pub - The Old Manor Inn

Monday 21 May 2018

Beacon Batch Race E-mail Beacon Batch Race

Posted : 21:20
This year's Beacon Batch race takes place on Tuesday 19th June at 7.30pm, I'm sure you know how glorious it is to run on the trails in the area. Why not enter this years race for only £6 in Adv? Visit the Beacon Batch page for booking info. There will also be opportunities to help with marshalling, if you would like to get involved and help then please message me. Thanks

Sunday 20 May 2018


Posted : 22:52

208 messages | 335 events entered.
Different signing system seem to put
different things TACH races are all Weston AC


Posted : 21:37

160 messages | 43 events entered.
Also need to make sure we enter as Weston Athletic Club NOT Weston Athletics Club. That pesky S.

Jim [WAC]

Posted : 21:15
I imagine Full on Sport have a way of checking that they pick up everybody connected with a club when there is a team prize.

However of the 50 or so entries 37 were under Weston Athletic Club so we should use that as our name and ask everyone to change their club (saved in the FOS entry system) when they next enter a race through FOS. Some of the other versions make quite amusing reading.

stuart E-mail stuart

Posted : 18:18

17 messages | 19 events entered.
Perhaps we should agree a single format of our club name for future races? WAC maybe?

Friday 18 May 2018


Posted : 13:26
BBC Coverage of The Night of the 10,000 PB's -
This Event is growing every year.
The BBC will be broadcasting both the men's and women's A races from Parliament Hill athletics track.

Saturday, 19 May

Athletics - Night of the 10,000m PBs

20:20-22:30 BST - Connected TV and online

Thursday 17 May 2018


Posted : 20:09
That seems a bit harsh!

John E-mail John

Posted : 18:11

208 messages | 335 events entered.
Tyntesfield results any one missing
Email me and I will put you on
John Belhome seems to be missing there may be others
Also a note The teams missed out on points
Due to various versions of club name

Sunday 13 May 2018


Posted : 22:03

160 messages | 43 events entered.
Here’s the menu choices and payment info for our 40th anniversary dinner on Wednesday 13 June at Batch Country House.

To secure your place(s) you need to:

- send your menu choices to Sheryl Selway
- pay £15 per person (partners welcome) into the Weston AC social account 20-94-74 13255603 **YOU MUST GIVE YOUR NAME AS PAYMENT REFERENCE**
- or pay cash / cheque to Paul Snelling, Sheryl or Ian Carpenter **PLEASE PUT PAYMENT IN ENVELOPE WITH YOUR NAME ON IT**


Smoked salmon, spinach and cream cheese roulade
Melody of melon and mango with a sweet fruit liqueur
Grilled goats cheese topped with roasted peppers and a mixed leaf salad

Roast pork with apple sauce, seasonal vegetables and potatoes
Supreme of chicken breast topped with white wine and mushroom sauce
Fillet of cod with a parmesan and herb crust and parsley sauce
Cannelloni with spinach and ricotta cheese

Apple crumble with custard
Trio of mini desserts - chocolate truffle torte, lemon tart & pannacotta
Bailey’s cheesecake

Thursday 10 May 2018

Editor Polden Post [Polden plodders]

Posted : 15:56
Thank you Gerry for mention below. We can report all time record low sales! they are not flying off the shelf, but we have had record number of complaints!!

Gerry King [WAC/Shapwick Runners] E-mail Gerry King

Posted : 14:04
Check out the front cover of the May issue of the Polden Post for a great picture of Pete B at the Shapwick Bunny Hop. Available at various retail outlets across the Polden villages.

Tuesday 08 May 2018


Posted : 20:33

53 messages | 27 events entered.
TWAC Monday 14th May
Fell Race Championship time (Blame Baz)
• Meeting time - 6:50pm - leave car park for 7pm
• Meeting Point - The Swan Inn
• Things to bring - A drink to leave at start/finish point, Warm top to leave at start/finish point, Billy Kit,

Tuesday 01 May 2018


Posted : 12:10
TWAC Monday 7 May
Session name - 3 Peaks #sandpoint
Meeting 6:50pm, heading over at 7pm. If late just go up steps to find us.
Meeting Point - Sand Point Car Park, Beach Rd, Kewstoke, WSM, BS22 9UD
Things to bring - DRINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Warm top to put on afterwards for the stretches, trail shoes, Billy Kit, return of awards, cider tokens.
Perfect session for new comers this week so get inviting your friends along to share the love of trail running. NO HEAD TORCHES REQUIRED

Monday 30 April 2018


Posted : 21:55

160 messages | 43 events entered.
Chris got an 18 minute PB at Newport. Top work Lightning!

Sunday 29 April 2018


Posted : 15:44

208 messages | 335 events entered.
Well done to Garath Jim and Christopher to
At Newport

Rodney [WAC]

Posted : 14:10
Everyone’s ‘favourite’ short noisy bloke demonstrated today that form is temporary but class is permanent, well done Guy ‘Cinders’ Bradford on a storming run at the Newport marathon. Massive well done also to Nia Davies & Jo Coventry on their well deserved big PB’s

Friday 27 April 2018


Posted : 21:21

53 messages | 27 events entered.
TWAC Monday 30th April
18:50 for 19:00 start
Group Distance Run (min 6 groups)
Meeting Point - The Swan Inn, Rowberrow Ln, Rowberrow, Winscombe BS25 1QL
Things to bring -Appropriate clothing for the weather, Head-torch - You will need it for the last 30 minutes DO NOT TURN UP WITHOUT ONE, Drink - if you want to carry it

Thursday 26 April 2018

Malcolm & Jim [Weston AC]

Posted : 22:00
Congratulations to all those runners who competed in our two races this evening. A mild but windy evening made it hard going so well done to you all. As always many thanks to all those members and friends who turned out to help with the race your support is very much appreciated.

Sunday 22 April 2018

VLM Spectator

Posted : 20:44
WOW! Unless you were there and experienced the temperatures today in London you would know how brave and gutsy all those runners were. It was so so hot so times really didn't matter today - You are amazing to have finished in those conditions. So for those down about their times DON'T BE!

Friday 20 April 2018


Posted : 23:52
Look forward to following you. Enjoy yourself.

Tuesday 17 April 2018


Posted : 21:15

32 messages | 30 events entered.
If anyone wants to follow a old man struggling around London on Sunday my race number is 19873


Posted : 21:01

53 messages | 27 events entered.
Monday 23rd April 2018
Session type - Step repeats - 30 mins
Meeting point - Black Rock car park Cheddar Gorge
Meeting time - 6:50pm leaving for 7pm.
• Things to bring - Drink, Warm top, Head torch, Billy Kit and cider tokens.

• Pub - The White Hart, Cheddar Gorge

Even the drive to this location is pretty awesome as you get to drive up through Cheddar Gorge.

It’s a short warm up run to the famous ‘HELL STEPS’. Then it’s time to give everything you’ve got for 30 minutes, blood sweat and possibly tears 😭.

Steps session will be over quickly (7:45) for anyone needing to get away quickly and for everyone else we will head for that spectacular sunset 🌅 view.

Then it’s to an amazing little pub in the Gorge!!

One last thing can I ask everyone to wear their yellow club shirts please as we want an awesome club photo as well as being a great reminder for everyone to rejoin/join.

So who’s in.............?????



Posted : 16:24

208 messages | 335 events entered.
Any one running London Note
The RMT has announced strike action on the DLR. This will run from 04:00 on Friday 20 April, until 03:59 on Tuesday 24 April. The strike has been called over a dispute with KeolisAmey Docklands who operate the DLR on behalf of TfL.

Plans are being developed with the aim of operating a limited service over the four days, which coincide with the London Marathon on Sunday 22 April.

If the strike goes ahead, extra bus services will be deployed along the DLR network over the four days. All other TfL services will be operating as usual, however there will be road closures around the London Marathon route from early Sunday morning. The Jubilee, Central, District and Hammersmith & City lines in East London are expected to be busier than usual and stations including Canary Wharf, Canada Water, London Bridge, Canning Town, Bank and Stratford may be exceptionally busy.

Further information on what services may operate will be communicated ahead of the strike and posters, digital boards and announcements in London Underground and London Overground stations will keep customers informed of the levels of service.


Posted : 06:07

208 messages | 335 events entered.
Charlie Hurcum WESTON -SUPER- MARE | GBR Next
PLACE OVERALL101 of 6,129 PLACE GENDER101 of 6,129 PLACE AGE‑GROUP11 of 857
Well done Charlie
In New York SHAPE Women's Half-Marathon

Monday 16 April 2018

Jim [WAC]

Posted : 15:57
The application process for Good for Age places in the 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon opens on 1 August 2018 and closes at 16:00 on 10 August 2018.
Do I qualify?
London Marathon Events has announced changes to the Good for Age qualification process for the Virgin Money London Marathon.
The number of Good for Age entries is capped at a total of 6,000 places for the 2019 event which will be split evenly with 3,000 entries for women and 3,000 entries for men.
You will be eligible to make a Good for Age application for the 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon if you achieve the qualifying time between 1 January 2017 and 10 August 2018.
The Good for Age qualifying times for the 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon are:
Time (in hours)
Time (in hours)
Men Age 18-39
sub 3:00
Women Age 18-39
sub 3:45
Men Age 40-44
sub 3:05
Women Age 40-44
sub 3:50
Men Age 45-49
sub 3:10
Women Age 45-49
sub 3:53
Men Age 50-54
sub 3:15
Women Age 50-54
sub 4:00
Men Age 55-59
sub 3:20
Women Age 55-59
sub 4:05
Men Age 60-64
sub 3:45
Women Age 60-64
sub 4:30
Men Age 65-69
sub 4:00
Women Age 65-69
sub 5:00
Men Age 70-74
sub 5:00
Women Age 70-74
sub 6:00
Men Age 75-79
sub 5:15
Women Age 75-79
sub 6:20
Men 80+
sub 5:30
Women 80+
sub 6:40
Please note: If the number of Good for Age applicants exceeds the number of places available, then the qualifying time will be reduced evenly across the age group categories listed above until 3,000 runners of that gender are accepted.
Good for Age runners who were unable to run the 2018 race and withdrew using the existing process, will still qualify for a guaranteed 2019 Good for Age place, as long as they pay the entry fee by the deadline of 17:00 on 22 June 2018. The link will be sent on 4 June 2018 – full details are here
A Good for Age runner who has a place in the 2019 race but is unable to run will be guaranteed a place in the 2020 race only if:
They have run the same time or better than their original qualification time within the qualification period for 2020 (1 January 2018 to 12 August 2019) and
They apply through the standard Good for Age process between 1 August and 12 August 2019.

Saturday 14 April 2018

Niki F [Weston AC] E-mail Niki F

Posted : 19:24
The film 'Skid Row Marathon' is on at the Odeon in Bath Wed 9 May, 1900hrs for a one off showing, tickets £13.25 each. Very short walk from Bath Spa railway station & lots of eateries nearby.

Thursday 12 April 2018

Pete [WAC]

Posted : 20:44
Further to group 2 chat tonight:

Some of us will be meeting this Sunday for long run of 13 miles, at around 7.20 - 7.30 approx average pace.

Meet at the BP garage at end of Worle High St (The Donkey) for 07.30 AM off.

Please comment if you'd like to join us.

Tuesday 10 April 2018


Posted : 10:41
TWAC Monday 17/4/18
Back as one group next Monday as we work together to improve on our trail speed!
Session name 40 ~ 40 ~ IN
Session type Trail intervals
Meeting Point Red Cow Pub Car Park (134 Brent Street, Brent Knoll Highbridge, TA9 4AB)
Meeting time 6:50pm leaving for 7pm
Things to bring: Head torch (for way down), trail shoes, drink, warm top, awards and Billy Kit.

Friday 06 April 2018


Posted : 10:50
TWAC Monday 9th April
Session name Old Jollop Race
Distance Easy = 4 miles.
Hard = 6ish Miles
Session type Fell Championship Race
Meeting Point King’s Wood Car Park
Meeting time 6:50pm race starts at 7pm.
Don't forget trail shoes and head tourch.
See Face book for more details

Sunday 01 April 2018

Teresa [Weston ac] E-mail Teresa

Posted : 00:40
Hi everyone. For any of you planning to come along to the Shapwick Bunny Hop on Monday, unless you’ve already entered please note that, thanks to online entries filling up, there remain only 25 places available on the day. It’ll be first come first served from 8.30 am. Do hope to see you there but best to come early so as not to be disappointed!

Monday 26 March 2018

Niki F (Membership Sec) [Weston AC] E-mail Niki F (Membership Sec)

Posted : 23:01
*Please do not renew your membership early*
I've received a few membership renewals this month. Please can I ask people not to renew early because the EA fee has increased to £15 & the membership system will not update to reflect this increase until 1 April 2018.

John E-mail John

Posted : 18:10

208 messages | 335 events entered.
If any one is unable to do Taunton Half
I could take it off your hands

Sunday 25 March 2018

John E-mail John

Posted : 23:12

208 messages | 335 events entered.
Have put in Gloucester 20'
If I have missed any one email me
I Will put Butleigh up when it's on the list

Thursday 22 March 2018

Bryan Morley [Weston AC] E-mail Bryan Morley

Posted : 23:38
Anyone interested in my Edinburgh Marathon place? Race is 27th May. Only charity places remain via the website so if you are interested I need to know by Saturday evening at the latest to enact a transfer. £40 rather than the full cost of over £50. If interested please drop me an email. Many thanks.

Monday 19 March 2018


Posted : 10:18

24 messages | 3 events entered.
Dave: I have now paid, will aim to pick up Top tues or thurs, if you are at the prom. Thanks

baz [wac] E-mail baz

Posted : 09:42
well done to kate rossiter for running her first grizzly yesterday in extreme blizzard conditions, well earned points

Saturday 17 March 2018


Posted : 11:32

28 messages | 15 events entered.
Please note: Forest of Dean Spring trails 1/2M cancelled tomorrow - Sunday 18th March.

Thursday 15 March 2018

dean bridges E-mail dean bridges

Posted : 22:32

3 messages | 4 events entered.
Hi there, was just wondering if anyone doing Gloucester 20 as i'm looking for a lift and willing to pay petrol.

Dave Jones E-mail Dave Jones

Posted : 14:48
MARATHON TEES would the following PLEASE pay and Collect their order. Dawn Chapel-- Lynne Parsonage -- Charlotte Mathews-- Julia Withers-- Adrian Marshall-- Ben Groom-- Sam Crockett-- and Mike Vowles, AT LEAST PAY for them as our Treasurer is wanting to finalise the Accounts for this year prior to the the AGM. Payment can be paid direct-Weston AC, HSBC, A/c No 61100432, Sort Code 40-46-18. YOUR COOPERATION WOULD BE APPRECIATED.

Wednesday 14 March 2018

Rob Osment E-mail Rob Osment

Posted : 22:08

4 messages | 13 events entered.
My Big Cheese result isn't showing on the Club Championship points, can I be added please?

Jim [WAC]

Posted : 21:05
Hi All,

Most of you may know that after the cold weather last week the restaurant on the 1st floor at Hutton Moor suffered from burst pipes and quite some damage. I have been told that it will take about 6 weeks to fix this. As an interim measure the meeting room on the ground floor has now been turned into a temporary restaurant. Unfortunately the layout of the stock in the meeting room means that there is no adequate space for us to be able to meet inside HM.

Unless it is raining heavily tomorrow night can you please congregate outside HM by the bike store/tennis court area. Please can you try to get there by 7:00pm so that we can quickly get sorted into our groups and get our run underway. The route tomorrow night is the Morrisons route in view of the number of people running Weston half, Forest of Dean half and the Grizzly on Sunday. The route is just 7 miles but can be easily shortened to 5 by coming back over the bridge by Farm Foods.

Good luck to everyone racing.

Next Thursday 22/3 is the March Prom run so I will need help as usual if you are not running please.


Tuesday 13 March 2018


Posted : 22:30

53 messages | 27 events entered.
Monday 19/3/18
• Session name - ‘I’m King of the Castle’
• Session type - Hill loop repeats
• Session duration - 60 minutes
• Meeting Point - Uphill Boatyard entrance
• Parking - Anywhere you can near by
• Meeting time - 6:50pm and leaving for 7pm.
(Worry not if you’re late head for the castle)

• Things to bring -
Head torch, Trail shoes, Warm Top, Drink, Return awards.


Posted : 22:30

53 messages | 27 events entered.
Monday 19/3/18
• Session name - ‘I’m King of the Castle’
• Session type - Hill loop repeats
• Session duration - 60 minutes
• Meeting Point - Uphill Boatyard entrance
• Parking - Anywhere you can near by
• Meeting time - 6:50pm and leaving for 7pm.
(Worry not if you’re late head for the castle)

• Things to bring -
Head torch, Trail shoes, Warm Top, Drink, Return awards.

Saturday 10 March 2018

Jim [WAC]

Posted : 21:17
March handicap results now posted on site

Helen Diamond E-mail Helen Diamond

Posted : 18:10

17 messages | 19 events entered.
Berkeley 20

Ian Connock = 2:07:35 6th overall
Josh Harris = 2:23:17
Stuart Diamond = 2:24:17
Andy Chadburn = 2:28:27
Helen Diamond = 2:57:36

The puddles were so deep Guy would have drowned! ;-)

Friday 09 March 2018


Posted : 20:50

53 messages | 27 events entered.
Monday TWAC 12/3/18
• Session name - S3270
• Session type - Twac Fell Running Championship Race 🏁
• Distance - 5k or 10k
• Meeting Point - Brean Down (overflow) car park
• Meeting time - 6:50pm

Things to bring;
1. 🏆Return of awards🏆
4. 🍹Drink 🍹
5. ❄️ Appropriate clothing ❄️
6. 💷 Money to buy Woots a drink 💷

The first set of points goes to everyone who runs the 10k, then follows down to the 5k race and ONLY age category winners will be chosen from the 10k race.
Soon as you are finished you can sign out and go if you need to rush off otherwise it's to the pub!!!!

Thursday 08 March 2018

Dave Jones

Posted : 16:22
Up date on Marathon Tees unfortunately it seems no supplier has any SHORT SLEEVE MEDIUM TEES, so at present I'm without your order. Although I do have the large which some are waiting on.
Cheers DAVE.

Wednesday 07 March 2018


Posted : 14:04
NON PAYMENT------ NON COLLECTION ------- MARATHON TEES still a lot of unpaid or not collected Kit. I will be at Hutton Moor this Thursday evening, I appreciate I owe several of you Tees but I'm awaiting supplies still, and let you know when ready. thanks for your patience.

Monday 05 March 2018


Posted : 12:43

24 messages | 3 events entered.
Well done John!!


Posted : 11:02

208 messages | 335 events entered.
London Big Half completed this weekend
If you want to do a Big Half this is as good as any
Run a lot of the full marathon route but in reverse
Flattish with cobbles in parts
1.54 not great age seems to be catching up on me

Thursday 01 March 2018

Sian [Weston A.C.] E-mail Sian

Posted : 17:23
Entries for the Seaview 17 (29th July 2018) are now open via the Minehead Running Club website. Limited places available - book now if you want a lift in the bus to the start.

Jim [WAC]

Posted : 15:25
Due to the current weather and the strong likelihood that it’s going to get worse before it gets better, there will be no club runs organised this evening from Hutton Moor. 😟
It’s not often we have to stay off the streets but tonight is one of those nights.
Please contact your mates in case they haven’t seen this.

Wednesday 28 February 2018


Posted : 20:55

160 messages | 43 events entered.

In view of the weather forecast in the Bristol area over the next few days we have taken the reluctant decision to call off the planned Gwent League fixture at Blaise Castle - we are deeply sorry.

Please use all your lines of communication to inform all potential participants etc.

Although some of the course is ‘useable with care’ it is likely to be dangerous in parts.

We have a duty of care to everyone involved - athletes, officials, spectators and anyone travelling. We have not taken this decision lightly.

Awards All individual and team awards will be made on the basis of the first four fixtures. Please look for details on the website.

on behalf of the Gwent Cross Country Committee


Posted : 18:13

160 messages | 43 events entered.

Burnham 5k postponed til next week because of the snow expected tomorrow.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the weather tomorrow and will make a decision late afternoon about whether to go ahead with our usual Thursday night group runs from Hutton Moor so please check back here before you venture out tomorrow evening.



Posted : 18:01
WESTON AC KIT----------I have in stock at the moment.

HOODIES at £15.00 2 Med and 2 Large.
Blue TRAINING TOPS at £ 6.50 (Long Sleeve) Ladies 1 Med, 1 Small, 5 Large, 1 X-Large, ---Men 1 X-Smalll, 2 Small, 1 Med, 6 Large. Also Mens (Short sleeve) at £5.50 4 Small and 1 Med.
CAPS at £5.00, 2 Red and 3 Blue.
JACKETS at £28.50, 2 Red/Black Med, 1 Blue/Black Small and 1 Black Small.

Not forgetting a load of MARATHON TEES that are ordered but not paid for.
Weather permitting I intend to be at HM Thursday evening.

Any more runners for the Gwent League X-Country at Blaise this Saturday ?

Tuesday 27 February 2018

John E-mail John

Posted : 16:01

208 messages | 335 events entered.
Hi if any one is doing Forest of Dean
and could give me a lift it would be appreciated
Email me
Thanks John H


Posted : 15:06
Monday 5th March
(abridged version, full version available on the TWAC Facebook page)
If you are doing the Big 🧀 race you need this session in your life, or if you’re not doing it you still need this epic session in your life!!!!
This isn’t a session you’ve done before, we’ve got a new route up to the peak and then the short fully marked course has a bit of everything. There will be no hanging around getting cold, soon as you get to the course, dropped your drink off you are on your way to do as many or few loops as you choose.
Session details;
• Session name - ‘Peak Condition’
• Session type - Hill loop circuit ~ 60 mins
• Date - Monday 5th March
• Meeting time - 6:50pm (leaving car park at 7pm sharp)
• Meeting Point - Webbington Rd off road car park (will post more on this)
Please read next bit carefully 😉
• Things to bring -
⚠️Fully charged HEAD TORCH or spare batteries
⚠️Cider tokens
⚠️🛷 sledge 🛷 (optional)

Monday 26 February 2018


Posted : 18:17

208 messages | 335 events entered.
Shaleen my apologies you are now in 🙃


Posted : 13:52

4 messages | 10 events entered.
John, you seem to have missed me with the tough ten points, I definitely did it (and didn't get lost!) can I please have some points! Thanks

Sunday 25 February 2018


Posted : 10:24

53 messages | 27 events entered.
Last Monday of the month must mean it's time for the fabulous TWAC Social.
I can't tell you the route, because the leaders make it up on the night and some make it up more than others 😉 #makeyourownpath
What we can promise is up to 2 hours of pure Mendip Magic with hills, mud, stars, stunning views of the surrounding city lights, and some wildlife if you're lucky...... Oh, and probably wet feet 😂

Session Details;

• Session name - Club Circuit ~ TWAC Edition
• Session type - Distance Run
• Date - Monday 26th February
• Session duration - Up to 2 hours, Leaders will have a deadline of 9pm to be back at Car Park.
• Meeting Point - The Swan Car Park
• Meeting Time - 6:50pm leaving car park once we are organised and ready.
• Things to bring - Trail shoes & head torch (a must), 🚨Billy Kit 🚨Wet feet guaranteed, appropriate clothing for the temperature on the night, drink if you choose to carry?, running vest if you choose to and most importantly cider tokens.
Groups will be based on the same as a WAC Thursday night session, so you will easily know which group to go with. If you are not sure we will guide you in the correct group.

Saturday 24 February 2018


Posted : 17:20
Thanks Jim

Malcolm & Jim [Weston AC]

Posted : 06:36
Congratulations to all the runners who competed in our prom races this month. Well done and thanks to all the marshals and helpers who braved the cold to help make it a successful evening.

Friday 23 February 2018


Posted : 18:03

260 messages | 75 events entered.
Hi John,

Same message applies for Paul & Mary Oaten

Thank you

Thursday 22 February 2018


Posted : 22:01

260 messages | 75 events entered.
Message for John Hinchliffe , Please note Paul Baker (89th 34.08) is not showing as Weston a.c. on results, can you include him in the points allocation. I have asked split level timing to amend it on their system. Thank you

marc whiting [weston] E-mail marc whiting

Posted : 21:04
I wonder if anyone picked up my number for the tough ten as I left it in the café in the Tropicana?


Posted : 09:03
If fit, can all Prom team members try and race tonight if available. Even if not quite where you would like to be. Thank you.

Tuesday 20 February 2018

Jim [WAC]

Posted : 22:44
WAC Awards Night - 9/2/2018 - For 2017

Most improved lady runner Shaleen Summers
Most improved male runner Robert Osment
Barry Hotlegs John Hinchliffe
Ginnie Hotlegs Helen Diamond
Ladies Road Championship Nia Davies
Mens Road Championship Kieron Summers
Ladies Off Road Helen Diamond
Mens Off Road Chris McMillan
WAC Best Female All-rounder Helen Diamond
WAC Best Male All-rounder Chris McMillan
Mens Head Coach Performance award Ian Connock
Ladies Head Coach Performance award Carol O’Leary
Marathon Cup Kieron Summers
Fastest Female Marathon Phil Richards
Fastest Male Marathon Kieron Summers
Presidents Tri Bowl Phil Tomlinson
Ladies Tri Cup Genevieve Drinkwater
Triathlete of the year Chris Edwards
5K Handicap trophy Hannah Keating
Achievement award Susan Bushnell
Club Person of the year James Wotton
Chairmans award Gerry Hope

Life membership presented to:
Gerry Hope : Paul Snelling : Jim Wotton

Monday 19 February 2018


Posted : 18:25
For those who did not attend the Awards Night can those who won awards be listed on the homepage please?


Posted : 18:25
For those who did not attend the Awards Night can those who won awards be listed on the homepage please?

Matt W E-mail Matt W

Posted : 13:13

32 messages | 12 events entered.
That's great Dave; count me in. I'll bring £4 to training/prom.

Sunday 18 February 2018

Rachae Vincent E-mail  Rachae Vincent

Posted : 19:35

35 messages | 76 events entered.
I have a Huub Womens Axena 3:5 wetsuit (small size) for sale. It has been used on a handful of occasions, very good condition.
Please ask if you want more info.

Dave Jones E-mail Dave Jones

Posted : 17:48
Matt, More than HAPPY to have a TEAM for the Blaise X-Country on 3 March 18 , more the merrier--------- names please and whether Vet 40, 50 etc it's £4.00 race fee. i supply times later. Sorry not to reply via face book, don't know how to.

Vanessa Jennings [Weston-super-Mare] E-mail Vanessa Jennings

Posted : 16:45
Gutted, just went online to enter tough ten and it's closed already! Do you think there's any chance of getting a place Jim wotton if I contact the organisers? Really wanted to do this one but left it late this time to make sure I'd be fit and injury free

Friday 16 February 2018


Posted : 12:37
For those wishing to do Cams Adventure this Sunday, we will be meeting at the Summerhouse/lidl car park at 07:00. If you have not said you are attending via the hideous facebook, please let us know via message board. (we need to insure we have enough leaders)

Thursday 15 February 2018


Posted : 14:10

1 messages | 0 events entered.
Thanks Ian for putting the details of next Monday's TWAC session on here. So much easier for those of us luddites who don't do facebook (and don't wish to have to start), could it become a regular thing as it would also save having to pester friends each week to find out what and where the next session is?

Julia [WAC]

Posted : 12:33
Or a link.

Julia [WAC] E-mail Julia

Posted : 12:32
Bristol 10k - We now have places for the Bristol 10k at a discounted rate of £25.50 for members who are EA affiliated. If you would like to enter via this method please contact me to arrange to pay the £25.50 and I will send you a like to enter.

Matt W [Weston AC] E-mail Matt W

Posted : 12:31
Will WAC be taking a team to the XC Event at Blaise Castle on 03 March 2018? Do we need to organise this in advance or do we just turn up and enter on the day?

Wednesday 14 February 2018

Ian E-mail Ian

Posted : 13:55

53 messages | 27 events entered.
TWAC Monday 19th Feb

Boatyard Bonanza!

This isn’t any ordinary social run, this is a TWAC special! We are keeping it local this week, Uphill to be precise! A short 3.5 mile flat course that starts on the beach and follows the river Axe up round past the boat yard, then further on up and back down and up the Hill to the Tower!
Yes, I lied, it’s not flat!
“What's special about that?” I hear you say! Well, this is TWAC with a Twist! Everyone who finishes the course before the last person gets to do hill repeats just before the Tower, until the everyone is back for a special finish!
“YAY!” I hear you say! (Or was that tumble weed and a distant church bell ringing!) This means King and queen of the hill awards are available! So, do you rush the course and hope you can do the most reps to win? Or do you take it easy, have a nice social run and make the fast TWAC’s suffer on the Hill!
The choice is yours!
This is for all abilities, and would make an awesome first session for any potential TWACs you might know!

- Date: Monday 19th Feb
- Session: social/fast/hill reps
- Meeting point: Uphill boat yard entrance
- Meeting Time: 6.50 for 7pm start
- Things needed: Head torch, warm top, trail shoes, hats gloves etc.. (as needed)
- Post run Pub: Dolphin Inn

The weather conditions are likely to be similar to this week, but as it is not quite as exposed and you are much closer to your car, so should defrost before the morning!
So, Who’s In?

Sunday 11 February 2018

Bryan Morley [Weston AC]

Posted : 22:23
Grizzly place now taken.

Phil Tomlinson [Weston AC] E-mail Phil Tomlinson

Posted : 16:35
Hi John / Jim - my name has been missed from the full on sports results page. Ive contacted them and they've advised they'll put it on tomorrow.
I came in just after Josh, in a time of approx 1hr, 31min, 40sec. Thanks Phil

John E-mail John

Posted : 16:35

208 messages | 335 events entered.
Any one I have missed today
Just email me as above
Phil ?

Bryan Morley [Weston AC]

Posted : 16:05
Grizzly Place Available
Injury forces me to withdraw from the Grizzly on 18th March. Would anyone like my space in return for the £28 entry fee?

If so, call me on 07980 138920.

Saturday 10 February 2018

Victor [Wac] E-mail Victor

Posted : 19:22
John will pick you up 9.30 tomorrow.

Friday 09 February 2018

Niki F [Weston AC] E-mail Niki F

Posted : 21:47
Hi Dave, I paid on 29 Jan for my t-shirts, I'm not sure where to pick them up from though.

Dave Jones E-mail Dave Jones

Posted : 10:30
Marathon TEES; Would the following members please PAY and COLLECT the T-Shirts they ordered before they are attacked by moths and covered in spiders webs.
The Abbotts (2), Georgie Amos-Ford, Vanessa Andrews, Dawn Chapple, Maddie Cook, Jo Coveney, Sam Crockett, John Cunningham, Lee Francis, Niki Fulstow, Ben Groom, Barry Hall, Amanda Kirikmaa, Adrian Marshall, Charlotte Mathews, Julie Monaghan, Claire Newman, Lynne Parsonage, Lorraine Smith, Rachel Stacey, Mike Vowles, Julia Withers, James Wotton. If some of you have either paid and or not collected please accept my apologies and let me know.
For those who wish to pay direct please note the BANKING Details; Weston AC HSBC,
Acc No 61100432 Sort Code 40-46-18.
Finally I am still awaiting the odd few sizes from the supplier and I'd love to have an empty camper van this year.

Tuesday 06 February 2018

Jim [WAC]

Posted : 22:28
Well done to the 21 hardy souls who came down to run the handicap tonight and to the other people out on the front training for spring races.
6 pb's including Hannah Keating in 23.10, Oliver Andrews 21.00 and Joe Withers in 19.07.

Jim [WAC]

Posted : 12:17
Handicap results for January and February start times are now on the handicap page. I will have details tonight if you don't have time to look. Looks like it might be chilly keep warm before you start main start 7:15

Monday 05 February 2018

Kieron [WAC]

Posted : 13:46
Thank you all for your offers of a lift, this has now been arranged, cheers.

Friday 02 February 2018

Kieron [WAC] E-mail Kieron

Posted : 20:36
I'm looking for a lift to and from the Hestercombe Half - can anyone help? More than happy to pay fuel costs.

Sunday 28 January 2018


Posted : 20:33

160 messages | 43 events entered.
I've made sure Ian's third place is recognised in this week's race report.

Jim [WAC]

Posted : 19:50
Re Ian's points for the Prom run.
Because of the large number of new members we have a bit of a backlog in adding people to the WAC system so that John and Mark are able to be identify them in the results. John has a note of the events that people are not currently included in the results for and they will be added in due course.


Posted : 18:32

28 messages | 15 events entered.
Unfortunately, Ian Cannock is not listed as a member in the system to be able to add championship points. Hence the lack of a result.


Posted : 13:52
Ian C was 3rd WAC home at the Prom, whilst he is a little short he probably deserves the points

Thursday 25 January 2018

Malcolm & Jim [Weston AC]

Posted : 22:37
Congratulations to all the runners who competed in tonight’s races. A great turn out on a cold and initially wet evening. Thanks again to all the members and friends who came out and helped. Your support is very much appreciated.

Monday 22 January 2018


Posted : 12:01
To all Prom Team Members. Please turn out on Thursday if fit to do so. Don't worry about being in tip top shape, your team needs you. All team details are on the Prom page. Please could someone put this on the 'book of face' for me please. Thank you.

Sunday 21 January 2018


Posted : 16:17

208 messages | 335 events entered.
Roland Gibbard (Tough Ten) is willing to give
free places to any club member who is willing
to help out on the day handing out race numbers
Any one interested get in touch
John H
If you don't want to run but still would like to help
He will donat to a Charity


Posted : 12:41

208 messages | 335 events entered.
Thanks all signed up


Posted : 12:09

260 messages | 75 events entered.
Message for John H yes you are fine for a lift to Humdinger Half we have a space, pick up time to be confirmed.


Posted : 12:07

260 messages | 75 events entered.
Following Dave's message below please note acc number for payments is 61100432. Also be aware this is different to the account used for the recent club dinner payments if u have wac set up on your Internet banking.

Saturday 20 January 2018


Posted : 10:26
Club Person of the Year. Voting will end Tuesday 24th January. Email votes are acceptable if it helps.


Posted : 10:21
Hoodies does anybody want a Club HOODIE I have 3 LARGE in stock but I can order other sizes. Also in stock are CAPs (Red or Blue), Iron Badges and Jackets I need to order Sport Bags embroidered with your initials. The Marathon Tees will be available from Tuesday so remember to bring money or pay direct into Weston AC Bank A/C at HSBC No 6110432 Sort Code 40-46-18 markings as M/Tees. Cheers DAVE.

Monday 15 January 2018


Posted : 19:45

160 messages | 43 events entered.
Tomorrow night is reps on the seafront. Meet 6.50pm for 7pm at the shelter just north of the Trop. The current forecast is heavy rain and 40+mph wind coming in off the sea, so you may need a coat!

Sunday 14 January 2018


Posted : 23:21
Thank you to however sorted diary glitch.

Friday 12 January 2018

Jim [WAC]

Posted : 21:29
Hi Phil,
Riverbank, Slaughterford, Dursley and Grizzly are full already. 2 Bays and Big Cheese are open. Sodbury will fill as soon as it opens (within 2 hours last year). Charmouth should be OK but may change as it has moved to Sat morning. Seaview 17 was full in April last year.

Jim [WAC]

Posted : 21:17
Hi Vanessa,
Dave Jones will be back next Tuesday and Thursday to take entries for the Club Person.

Phil Tomlinson [Weston AC] E-mail Phil Tomlinson

Posted : 12:14
Hi - For those that have not done the off road events before on the club championship page, would it be possible to put together a list of the races that generally sell out fast. Thanks Phil

Vanessa Jennings [Weston-super-Mare] E-mail Vanessa Jennings

Posted : 11:14
Is it still possible to vote for club person of the year? I missed the voting slips the other week and can't see a way to vote on the website. Thanks

Monday 08 January 2018

Stuart E-mail Stuart

Posted : 14:47

14 messages | 18 events entered.
TACH races are open for registration. Only 2 this summer - Purdown & a new Rowberrow course


Posted : 09:57
Thank you.


Posted : 09:57
Hi Tech Team, would it be possible for someone to pull the last Diary entry in December onto the January announcements/news page with the techy bit that places it on the right hand diary bit.

Sunday 07 January 2018

Simon Andrews E-mail Simon Andrews

Posted : 14:31

12 messages | 28 events entered.
The WAC awards night is just over a month away, so it's time to start thinking about your "Triathlete of the Year".
If you would like to nominate someone for "Triathlete of the Year", please email your nomination and the reason why to
The last day for nominations will be Sunday 14 January.
Voting will open in the week following that and will close on Wednesday 07 February.
*Only WAC members who have taken part in a triathlon/multisport event in the 2017 season are eligible to nominate or vote.*

Friday 05 January 2018

Jim [WAC]

Posted : 21:17
2018 Championship
Now that we are in 2018 you will be starting to plan your races for the first half of the year. I have now finalised the list and checked the dates of the races for the first 7 months but at present can only confirm the first 4 months as some dates are still to be firmed up. We will try to get these onto the site asap but if anybody wishes to make plans the races for Jan to April will be as per 2017 (dates may have changed by a few weeks) plus we have added the Wimbourne 20 on the 4th March and the new Weston Super half on the 18th March.

Wednesday 03 January 2018


Posted : 13:38

160 messages | 43 events entered.
No need to weep into your Horlicks as you lament the passing of the festive season and the dreaded return to work. The social event of the year is coming next month!

Get the date in your diary for our annual club awards night.

* Friday 9 February
* Winter Gardens
* 7pm arrival for dinner at 7.30pm
* £15 per person for three course meal (total cost subsidised by club)
* Partners welcome

We are back at the Winter Gardens ballroom this year following its extensive refurbishment last year, and this promises to be a night to remember with awards aplenty and special guest Jim Plunkett Cole.

It doesn't matter if you've only just joined the club, or have been a member for years. All members are welcome at this special night of celebration.

To book your place you need to pick your menu options and send £15 per place booked in to the club. You can pay Paul Snelling, Ian Carpenter, Julie Shergold or Carol O'Leary at club sessions (put payment in an envelope with your name(s) and menu choices) OR you can provide guest names and menu choices below and pay online into the Barclays Weston AC 'Social Account' sort code 20-94-74 a/c number 13255603. If you pay online you MUST give your name as a reference so we know it's from you.

Places will be on large round tables, so please let Paul know if you have a preference for who you sit with.

- Pressed ham hock terrine with piccalilli and toast
- Caramelised onion and goats cheese tarte au tain with dressed leaves
- Trio of melon with mint granita

- Oven roasted chicken breast with pesto cream, truffle mash and market vegetables
- Pan-fried salmon with new potatoes and seasonal vegetables
- Slow-roasted tomato and tarragon risotto with crispy rocket

- Dark chocolate torte with fruits of the forest compote
- Blueberry crumble cheesecake with black cherry coulis
- Fresh fruit salad.

Tuesday 02 January 2018


Posted : 18:20

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Just to say thanks to all the marshals and helpers who made the Hangover a success and helped make my first time as race director such a straight-forward task.

Monday 01 January 2018


Posted : 13:52
Hi Sara, It comes round so quickly. Could you sort Diary techy bits for me. Hope all well in the Weaver Household x.