Wednesday 31 December 2003

Richard Bartlett [WAC] E-mail Richard Bartlett

Posted : 11:50
Has anyone got Kev Minty's e-mail address or phone number, if so could you please send it to me. Cheers Richie B

Phil Williams E-mail Phil Williams

Posted : 13:20
London Marathon Club Entries. The 2 winners in the club draw are Pam Withers and Gerry King. Would you both contact me urgently as you have to get your entries in before 16th January.

Tuesday 30 December 2003

Ginnie Hayes [Weston AC] E-mail Ginnie Hayes

Posted : 14:37
Julia, Sorry sent reply to your office, but don't know if you're back at work yet, so.... yes please would love your help, if you arrive anytime after 9am, would be great, Thanks.

Friday 26 December 2003

Julia Dillon E-mail Julia Dillon

Posted : 09:54
Hi GinnyIf there is anything you want me to do on the Hangover 10 I am more than happy to help.

Wednesday 24 December 2003

Ginnie Hayes [Weston AC] E-mail Ginnie Hayes

Posted : 09:12
Robbie, Thanks for the offer, we are short of quite a few marshals, please arrive at Village Hall anytime between 9 and 10, the earlier the better, the same applies to anyone who is free to help, also ladies needed for cafe, nice warm inside job!!Kit Stokes imposter, we have plenty of jobs for you, just turn up.

Tuesday 23 December 2003

Kit Stokes

Posted : 14:37
I would love to sweep the Hangover 10k, also if you want me to arrive early to help mark the course out i am willing. Is 5.30 early enough?

Monday 22 December 2003

Rob Dillon [W A C]

Posted : 16:49
Hi GinnieRe Hangover 10.I ran it last year so I'm happy to do what ever job you wish, but if possible not the sweeper, thats a dreadful job.RegardsRob

Tuesday 16 December 2003

Phil Williams

Posted : 11:04
Wyvern Xmas CrackerA camera was found after the race in Carlton Road Car Park. Thought to belong to a group of runners dressed in Blue shirts with a skeleton outline printed on them getting into a minibus. If this your camera please telephone the finder - Mr Eddie Godwin ON 01934 628436.

Monday 15 December 2003

Shaun Callaghan [Cal-Photography] E-mail Shaun Callaghan

Posted : 12:23
I have a large selection of photographs for the Wyvern Christmas Cracker 10K on show at Prints are available to order.

Sunday 14 December 2003

Ginnie Hayes [Weston AC] E-mail Ginnie Hayes

Posted : 16:42
Volunteers required to help at the Hangover 10k on New Year's Day. If you can do the same job you did last year please let me know asap. Anyone else free that day would be welcomed with open arms, just send an email. Thanks.

Friday 12 December 2003

The real Kit Stokes

Posted : 21:23
Phil W,I see my name has been taken in vain yet again on this website (see below). Much as I enjoyed the breakfast, the 5:30 start wasn't all its cracked up to be.

Thursday 11 December 2003

Cliff Hancock [Saltford Staggerers] E-mail Cliff Hancock

Posted : 12:13
Thanks for the Xmas Cracker on Sunday. Specially liked the weather you ordered this year! The long sleeve T shirts are a really good idea, let's have another next year. Also liked the creatively placed 3k marker - I thought either my watch or my legs were about to pack up.

Wednesday 10 December 2003

Phil Williams

Posted : 16:30
London Marathon April 2004.Would every Club Member who has entered please let me know whether you have been successful or not. If you have been unlucky you're name will be entered into the Club Draw for the 2 Club Entries we have received. Either E.Mail me or Tick the relevant column on our Notice Board at Hutton Moor. The draw will take place on the night of our Xmas Run - Tuesday Dec.23rd.

Tuesday 09 December 2003

Kit Stokes [Weston AC]

Posted : 23:02
Thank's Phil. Please put my name down for the 5:30 am gang again next year.

Monday 08 December 2003

Kev Lewis [Langport Runners]

Posted : 21:39
Thanks to every one for the cracker even the weather was good. Looking forward to 2004. Great race to get any one in the christmas spirit.

Phil Williams

Posted : 20:31
Many thanks to everyone who helped make the Wyvern Xmas Cracker such a great success. Without the help of Club Members,friends and helpers from Weston Hospice we could not have done it. Well done and thank you.

Sunday 07 December 2003

Mike E-mail Mike

Posted : 17:43
Checkout the Cracker 2003 pics at Higher res available on request.

steve jenkins [weston a.c] E-mail steve jenkins

Posted : 19:55
hello,Does anybody have a contact number for a physio???Please email me if you have recieved treatment or know of a local physio.Does the club have one??Many thanks.Frustrated /injured weston runner

Tuesday 02 December 2003

The Cabot Few

Posted : 15:42
Dear Curryites- we are not in the least bit worried because we will not have to worry about !!!!!!!! through the eye of a needle all day on the Friday.

The Manager, The Atlantic Fish Bar

Posted : 21:35
I was searching on the web and found this reference. We have not taken any bookings as yet but we can do party bookings if given prior notice.

Sunday 30 November 2003

The Spirit of Christmas Crackers Past

Posted : 22:44
Phil,Don't worry I've booked a candlelit table for two for you and Kit at the Atlantic Fish Bar.

Tuesday 25 November 2003

Phil Williams [WAC] E-mail Phil Williams

Posted : 13:46
**** CHRISTMAS NON CURRY NIGHT *****To be arranged after the December Prom Run - anyone interested let me know so that I can book a table as far away as possible from the Begal Raj.

Monday 24 November 2003

Robert Morgan E-mail Robert Morgan

Posted : 17:24
****CHRISTMAS CURRY NIGHT****To be arranged after the December Prom run - any one interested let me know so I can book the Bengal Raj.

Ginnie Hayes [Weston AC] E-mail Ginnie Hayes

Posted : 21:33
A reminder to all you generous people out there..... If you have any Xmas gifts you can't use, please pass them to me or Tony as prizes for the Hangover 10k on New Years Day. And remember, helpers (sober) needed on the day. Thanks, Ginnie

Saturday 22 November 2003

Teresa Daniel [Weston AC]

Posted : 13:10
DaveJust wanted to say thanks for the prom prize watch.... don't think I said thank you properly on Thursday because I was too nervous about the race!Teresa

Kathleen [Weston AC] E-mail Kathleen

Posted : 13:32
If anyone has an entry for the Grizzly that they dont want, can they let me know please.Thanks

Friday 21 November 2003


Posted : 12:56
NealeWho are you trying to kid?? We all know you'll drive over to the cafe for breakfast (there won't be a run!!)

Friday 14 November 2003

Kathleen (alias Scottie)! [Weston AC] E-mail Kathleen (alias Scottie)!

Posted : 12:27
Hi Ginny & GeraldineRe our get-to-gether at mine, can you let the other girls know, and ask when would be best for them i.e. Friday or Saturday w/e 6th December? If you could let me know what everyone drinks that would be helpful also! Hope thats okay, and catch up on Tuesday!

Thursday 13 November 2003

Shaun Callaghan [Webmaster] E-mail Shaun Callaghan

Posted : 20:46
Past and present WAC members are invited to Enter Your Times on our Personal Best page. Let me know if your name is not included in the drop-down list. A new 5K section has just been added.

Wednesday 12 November 2003


Posted : 20:18
Christmas run and breakfast for sunday morning Mendip group. Sunday 14th december 8.30am at Swan Inn , Rowberrow.Shipham Cafe for breakie.

Wednesday 05 November 2003

simon lund [weston ac] E-mail simon lund

Posted : 11:30
Thanks to such a generous response, now have a spare entry for Cheddar half on Saturday 8th Nov! Will bring it to the club Thursday 6th.

Kathleen [Weston AC] E-mail Kathleen

Posted : 19:00
Hi SarahPlease see below for email address.

Tuesday 04 November 2003

simon lund [weston ac] E-mail simon lund

Posted : 01:41
Does anyone have a number for Cheddar Half Marathon this Saturday that they may not be using? Ginnie's already gone to Kevin Minty.

Thursday 30 October 2003

Ginnie Hayes [Weston AC] E-mail Ginnie Hayes

Posted : 09:21
Help required: My car was stolen in the early hours of Wednesday morning 29th October. Keep a look out for a white Ford Fiesta three doors, registration K213 GYA. If you see it please call the police and me on 0777 9068216. Thanks

Ginnie Hayes [Weston AC] E-mail Ginnie Hayes

Posted : 18:12
Breaking news..... Car found back of Playhouse, door buckled and bent ignition smashed, radio gone. Woe is me. With insurance company....definitly.....woe is me!!

Monday 27 October 2003

Ginnie Hayes [Weston AC] E-mail Ginnie Hayes

Posted : 23:23
I have an entry for Cheddar Half Marathon, if any club member wants it, please let me know.

Sunday 26 October 2003

Dave Jones [WAC]

Posted : 10:53
PROM RUN WINNERS 2002-2003Would the following winners please collect their prizes by Novembers Prom Run or I will assume they are not required many thanks,
Warwick FORTISQUE Bitton RR
Mike CLARK Westbury H
Contact phone No 01934 414 361 DAVE

Sunday 19 October 2003


Posted : 08:40
Cheddar.R.R. club the Race Clock is now working correctly and ready for collection or delivery, can you please contact me to arrange agreeable date.01934 414 361 Thanks.

Saturday 18 October 2003

Ginnie [Weston AC] E-mail Ginnie

Posted : 11:42
Message for Dave (Jones). I've dropped the entry form in at your place, (saw Janet). You can see the alterations I made, can you get it printed in red as before, 2000 should do it. Let me or Geraldine know the price. Thanks.

Ginnie [Weston AC] E-mail Ginnie

Posted : 11:44
Jimbo (White).Thanks for the social evening last night, we had a great time, and no headache today!!Cheers, Ginnie

Gerry H [Weston AC] E-mail Gerry H

Posted : 18:08

260 messages | 75 events entered.
Thanks for all your hard work in orgainsing last nights Club Dinner. I awoke this morning like Ginnie without a hangover but with worrying images of some guy doing a Mick Jagger impression on the dance floor!!I think said images may remain in my mind for a long time, but was certainly my high light of the evening!!

Wednesday 15 October 2003


Posted : 19:33
I have just purchased a heart rate monitor of EBAY for 30.00.However it does not have a download facility for the pc which is what i wanted.(the muppet told me it did)If anyone is intrested in buying this off me for 30.00 please email me or phone 0117 300 3816 daytime.Brand new comes complete with box and instructions.

Monday 06 October 2003

Rich Coleman E-mail Rich Coleman

Posted : 20:15
Message for Gerry King - Gerry, could you send me your email address ? Dave Mazur would like to get in touch with you.

Saturday 27 September 2003

Rob Dillon [Weston A C.] E-mail Rob Dillon

Posted : 15:00
Hi.Can any one please mail/fax (01934 626074) me an application for the Exmoor Stagger?Many thanksRob.

Monday 22 September 2003

Simon Lund [Weston AC] E-mail Simon Lund

Posted : 19:00
As you all know, having suffered my incessant verbal diarrhoea on various subjects, I recently got separated and had to sell the former family home. Please find below a list of competitively-priced bargains which are now for sale. Look forward to hearing from you all on 07814 886375, text messages welcome, email, or daytime work 01823 342502.
Click here for list (MS Word format).
Click here for list (PDF format).

Thursday 18 September 2003

Kevin Minty [Weston AC] E-mail Kevin Minty

Posted : 08:32
HelloCan Tony Sperrin please contact me on below e-mail address. Nice to see you all at Bristol Half.CheersKevin

Peter Kennedy [ua at moment] E-mail Peter Kennedy

Posted : 16:54
Were did you get the results for Compton Dando ? I have been scouring the net to no avail !!!If so could you fire me over a copy. I think I was just ahead of your first bloke!!!

Wednesday 10 September 2003

simon lund [weston ac] E-mail simon lund

Posted : 15:31
Would the whole Weston AC club membership please accept my apologies for my recent dress code violation? I wasn't at home the night before, and forgot to pack my vest. Sorry everyone.

Sunday 07 September 2003

Shaun Callaghan [Weston AC] E-mail Shaun Callaghan

Posted : 13:43
Message for Gavin Clegg (Poole Runners) - I collected your trophy from the Burnham Harriers Beach Race (3rd Male Vet). Let me know when you are running locally again and I will bring it along.

Saturday 06 September 2003

Phil Williams [Weston A.C.] E-mail Phil Williams

Posted : 11:11
The draw for the monthly Easy Runner voucher was carried out on Thursday 4th September and was won by Ruth White.

Friday 05 September 2003

Kit Stokes

Posted : 22:07
Is that the best you can do? Tessa says my legs are bootiful.

Thursday 04 September 2003

Neale [ Weston ac]

Posted : 21:02
Could not agree with you more Kit.It really is a waste the camp at the moment and it would be a good venue for the club.Come on chairman pull some strings.Cannot make drink on sunday Kit but can i have your autograph after seeing you on national tv.

Bleadon Cycle Museum

Posted : 23:05
Missed you on telly Kit. Did hear a rumour that Bernard Matthews has expressed an interest in those legs though !

Wednesday 03 September 2003

Rob Morgan E-mail Rob Morgan

Posted : 08:17

136 messages | 7 events entered.
It's well worth a thought kit, have you got any contacts at the council who could advise if its going to be kept or torn up? is it flood lit and would they mind putting some wooden posts up just to give us a laugh!.Would love a beer after Bristol but Neale thinks I should attend AA meetings.

Tuesday 02 September 2003

Kit Stokes [Weston AC]

Posted : 22:44
Has the W.A.C ever considered using RAF Lockings athletic track as a regular venue. I've used it a couple of time recently and its ideal for measured intervals. I even had a security guard and an alstation watching me. Seriously though it's much better than running round the rugby field or the beach (with those silly wooden posts) and it even has floodlights. With a bit of love and attention it could be a Field of Dreams for the club. I'm sure the Council would love to get the developers to upgrade as part of the redevelopment of the Camp.Please discuss.

Kit Stokes

Posted : 22:45
P.S. Anyone fancy a beer after the Bristol half on Sunday?

Monday 01 September 2003

Robert Morgan E-mail Robert Morgan

Posted : 08:15
It looks as though I may not be able to do the Bristol Half, but wont know for sure till Thursday. If anyone is interested in an entry please let me know.

Rob Morgan [Weston.a.a .]

Posted : 21:01

136 messages | 7 events entered.
For sale barely used club kit and 17 new pairs of size 9 trainers , any offers considered retirement forces sale.

Wednesday 27 August 2003

Kevin Dalley [unaffiliated] E-mail Kevin Dalley

Posted : 08:15
Does anyone know where I can obtain race results for the Sidmouth 10k held on August 10th 2003?

Natasha Ballard [Maybe yours?] E-mail Natasha Ballard

Posted : 10:33
Is anyone local running the New York Marathon this year? Work have tempted me to have a go as part of the 1st UK Hospice Team but as a new runner I would value some local advice/help!

Tuesday 26 August 2003

Kit Stokes [Weston AC] E-mail Kit Stokes

Posted : 18:41
Wanted - Cycling Training Partner. I bought Tessa a bike and we've just been out on the Sea Front but she refuses to let me draft !

Wednesday 06 August 2003

Jane [Albion Street] E-mail Jane

Posted : 19:57
Message for Simon Lund:See you're still running, Laddo, couldn't give it up eh?Where's the hair gone?Jane

Thursday 24 July 2003

Neale [Rob Morgans wine tasting club] E-mail Neale

Posted : 22:16
Kit i am away all this weekend,so Gerry will be available. Can you cut the grass and do some dusting.

Wednesday 23 July 2003

Kit Stokes [Unattached]

Posted : 22:20
Hi Gerry,Tell me when Big Neale is out training and I'll pop around.

Rich Coleman [Breakaway Tri] E-mail Rich Coleman

Posted : 22:28
FOR SALE (or free to good home)1 no. Corima Fox Ironman bike (with disc wheel). Retirement forces sale.One careful lady owner. Any good offers considered.

Tuesday 22 July 2003

Steve Baxter

Posted : 07:49
Hi Rob I'm on holiday on the 29th but will pass on your jacket to someone who is going.

Sunday 20 July 2003

Rob Dillon [Weston A C.] E-mail Rob Dillon

Posted : 18:14
Re Hash run, 19th July.Hi Steve.I have left my blue lightweight jacket at the above. Would you please bring it to Paul Snelling's do on the 29th July.Thanks to you both for a very good evening - thoroughly enjoyed it.RegardsRob.

Gerry H [Weston A C] E-mail Gerry H

Posted : 19:30

260 messages | 75 events entered.
Hi Kit, I belive you honest!!!Im sure that now you have the respected status of 'IRONMAN'even Phil will bend the rules to allow you to continue to wear the prestigious yellow vest. My address is 188 Locking Road, BS23 3LU. If you can get your cheque to me by next weekend your name will be included in the next club draw where you could win 50 worth of Easy Runner Vouchers. I'm sure you must be in need of a new pair of trainers after all the miles you have done recently.

Saturday 19 July 2003

Kit Stokes [Non-affiliated at present]

Posted : 16:44
Hi Geri,I have a cheque for my subs for you honestly - but whenever I see you I forget to hand it over. Can I still wear my yellow vest until the transaction takes place.Whats your home address.

Thursday 17 July 2003

Sarah Rouse [The Birth Defects Foundation]

Posted : 13:38
I wonder if you can help me please.
I work on behalf of the Birth Defects Foundation and we have just had 22 runners take part in the London 10K. It was a wonderful event and hopefully we will have raised quite a lot of money from it.
As a member of a running club, I was wondering whether you have any runners who would do a sponsored run for us over the coming months.
No doubt a number of your runners have children. Our charity is committed to bringing health to babies by doing research aimed at preventing, treating, and improving understanding of birth defects of all kinds. We also run a national Here to Help service which is manned by trained nurses. We recognise and respond to the very special needs of people who have a child with a birth defect, are concerned about having a child with a birth defect, or are themselves affected by a birth defect. Given that one in five babies born in the UK have some kind of birth defect, our cause may touch a number of your members.
Also, you may have a clubhouse or pub that you use and during a social evening may wish to raise some money for us ie a quiz night, a darts/skittles or may just want to have a collecting can at that venue.
It would be wonderful if you or your members could help.
If you would like to have some literature from me please do not hesitate to let me know. You can however go to to find out more about us and the fabulous work that is done.
Please call me on 01543 468 888 or 07970 184 654 if you have some runners or feel you can help in any way. I will happily supply Tshirts and sponsorship forms if needed for any event.
Many thanks.
Sarah Rouse,Fundraising and Appeal Co-ordinator, The Birth Defects Foundation, Regd Charity Number 1001817

Tuesday 15 July 2003

Shaun Callaghan [Webmaster]

Posted : 14:46
View our website in German, Spanish, French, Italian, or Portuguese.

Friday 27 June 2003

Ginnie Hayes [Weston AC]

Posted : 13:14
Mr. Chairman,No

Wednesday 25 June 2003

Mr Chairman

Posted : 17:18
Ginnie, are you having a laugh!!

Friday 20 June 2003

Ginnie Hayes [Weston AC] E-mail Ginnie Hayes

Posted : 15:23
Thanks for the Gift Vouchers, I shall be running like the wind in my new ones!!Is anyone interested in going to 'The Party In The Park' featuring ABBA tribute band on August 9th in Clarence Park. I think the tickets are 15 each in advance. If there are enough people we could ask Mr Chairman and Mr Manager if the club would pay for a tent/marquee for us!! Email me if you're interested.

Thursday 12 June 2003

Rich Coleman [Weston AC] E-mail Rich Coleman

Posted : 18:40
For Sale - Saucony Grid Aya Trainers/racing shoe, small size 8. Never worn - 10. Rich Coleman 01934 814579

Friday 30 May 2003

Robert Morgan

Posted : 17:34
CLUB DRAW.The first club draw was won by Ginnie Hayes who will get a 50 voucher for Easy Runner.....well done

Sunday 18 May 2003

DAVE JONES [Weston A.C.]

Posted : 18:08
The following need to contact me for collection of their prizes.
Warick Fortisque Bitton R.R.
Danny McMillan WAC
Mike Clark Westbury.H.
Terrisa Daniel WAC
Sally Waddington Bitton R.R.

Friday 09 May 2003

Shaun Callaghan [Webmaster]

Posted : 18:17
Please note that Keynsham 10K starts at 11:00am (not 10:00am as previously shown on our calendar).

Tuesday 15 April 2003

Round Norfolk Relay

Posted : 14:06
Fancy a cracking team challenge in Norfolk which will unite your club? Then you should think about entering the: ROUND NORFOLK RELAY 13/14th September 2003. 190 miles in 17 unequal multi terrain stages. Want more information? Visit the event website: or call Ian Vaughan-Arbuckle 01366 347426/07980 686778.

Wednesday 12 March 2003

Robert Morgan E-mail Robert Morgan

Posted : 08:21
BATH HALF. I can run the Bath half on Sunday so if anyone would like a free entry just let me know, i'll still have the T-shirt if it's decent!

Monday 10 March 2003

Shaun Callaghan [Webmaster] E-mail Shaun Callaghan

Posted : 09:36
Does anybody have a copy of Nick's spreadsheet for the February Prom Results? Please email to me so that I can post on website. Thanks.

Thursday 06 March 2003

bob hopkins [stourbridge] E-mail bob hopkins

Posted : 20:23
hi - i've been put in charge of organising a week-end for running club & families, preferably in weston area with a race on the sunday, hopefully sometime this summer. can't find a good race, is there anything you could recommend, please?

Monday 17 February 2003

Shaun Callaghan

Posted : 23:01
100+ photographs of Tough Ten at

Sunday 09 February 2003

Shaun Callaghan

Posted : 21:20
100+ photographs of Dursley Dozen at

Thursday 23 January 2003

m colford

Posted : 11:15
a road race will be held on april 20 for an application form please visit the website below.

Wednesday 15 January 2003

Rich Coleman

Posted : 07:46
I'm sure I'm speaking for everyone when I say thanks to Dave and the rest of the club committee for the club fleeces - a great gesture in this the 25th year of the club.I could'nt have faced wearing a yellow one though !

Saturday 11 January 2003


Posted : 16:44
The Club FLEECES are now available,and can be collected from me at Hutton Moor on Tuesday evening, they definately will NOT be available at the PROM RACE Thursday.(It means transporting 5 very large boxes!)

Sunday 05 January 2003

Tony Sperrin [Weston AC.] E-mail Tony Sperrin

Posted : 22:40
Found at the Hangover 10K race1. A pager.2. An Asthma inhalerIf you have lost any of these please contact me on 01934 413908 or 07974 325945 or my e mail

Ginnie Hayes & Tony Sperrin (race organisers) [Weston AC] E-mail Ginnie Hayes & Tony Sperrin (race organisers)

Posted : 22:51
Many many thanks to all our marshalls, time keepers, kitchen helpers & all others who helped on the Hangover 10K. Without all of you, including those marshall who turned up on the day unanounced the race could not happen. Due to some marshalls not making it on the day you were all very welcome sights for sore eyes. Once again thank you all. It looks like profits will be on a par with 2002 and will help swell club funds.Thanks to all the 105 runners who took part, sorry about the weather but next year hopefully it will be slightly better and we hope to see you then, if not before at other events

Thursday 02 January 2003

Rich Coleman

Posted : 10:27
Luppitt is definitely off and has been replaced ( again ) by the Broadclyst Bimble.This is a 13.1 multi-terrain race which is very muddy. Date 9th February

Mike Coupe [Nailsea R C] E-mail Mike Coupe

Posted : 17:43
Thanks to the organisers, marshalls and other helpers at the Hangover 10k on 1st Jan 2003. What a day - it hammered down for the whole race but the marshalls still kept smiling and encouraging the runners. Well done.

Phil Williams [Weston A.C.] E-mail Phil Williams

Posted : 17:50
Bath are looking for Marshalls for their 1/2 Marathon on 16th March. They are willing to pay 25 each plus a T Shirt OR a Free Entry to next Years Race on 14th March 2004.If any one is interested please get in touch with me.

Alan Buckingham [Unattached] E-mail Alan Buckingham

Posted : 21:37
Thanks for a great run on 1st Jan. It was really well organised. It was my first ever race and, after this experience, it won't be my last!Alan