Saturday 16 March 2019

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Posted : 23:27
Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Ian Purnell, Sarah Rideout, Michelle and Naomi for putting on a fantastic self navigational half marathon for the club today. The level of effort and detail made it an amazing event! Fun was had by all.

Malcolm Gammon [Weston AC]

Posted : 12:21
Congratulations and thank you to all the runners who competed in our two events on Thursday evening. Unfortunately we have received feedback from a number of runners who recorded the main race course as being slightly short of the 5 mile measured distance. On investigation it has transpired that one of our turn cones was incorrectly positioned. This oversite was due to a last minute change to the 3 lap course following excavation works on the promenade preventing us using our normal 2 lap course. When the alternative 3 lap course is used the turn point at the harbour end of the course has to be positioned slightly differently to the normal 2 lap course turn point and this was where the discrepancy occurred.

Please accept my apologies for this mistake and be assured we are taking steps to ensure that when we use the 3 lap course in future we will position the turn points correctly. In recognition of this mistake we will allow anyone who entered for the single race of March to run free of charge for the April race. Please simply speak to our team on the registration desk when handing in your entry form on April race night. This offer is not available for on line entries.

Malcolm Gammon Weston AC Prom Race Director.

Thursday 14 March 2019

Jim Wotton [WAC]

Posted : 22:23
Congratulations to everybody who ran tonight in blowy conditions on the revised course. Big thank you to everybody who came to help in whatever capacity esp. to Sheryl who helped me organise all the marshals and course repairs tonight and has offered to do the same for the April and May races. We were very lucky with the break in the weather by 9:00 it was pretty miserable again. Congratulations to any new pb holders achieved in what was certainly not ideal weather for it.


Posted : 21:10
Mondays session is intervals run by Baz Hall.
• Session Name - ‘Running up that hill’
• Date - Monday 18th March
• Session Type - Intervals Session
• Session duration - 60 minutes
• Meeting Point - Ashcombe Park Cafe
• Meeting Time - 6:50pm
• Things to bring - Trail shoes, Drink bottle, Head-torch, appropriate clothing, Billy kit all
• Pub - The Bristol House
*note you can park on the road at the top. Plenty of parking available*

Tuesday 12 March 2019

Posted : 16:07
Burnahm 5K Results:
Maria Powelll 2nd overall: 20:53
Michelle Fryer 3rd overall: 21:02

Sunday 10 March 2019

Running FAST website Fan

Posted : 18:46
For those of you who follow the top runners in the country the FAST Running Website Is second to none.
Brilliant report on the Armagh 5K where 113 men went sub 15 minutes and 49 women went sub 10 for 3K.
Any nerds out there ...ENJOY!

Tuesday 26 February 2019


Posted : 22:16
Self Navigation Half Marathon
Sat 16 March (10:00 start)
Meeting Point
BS40 6DD (about 1.5 km away from it) , OSGB: ST550513 Forestry commission car park, see map.

If you are a member of Weston Athletic, come along and navigate yourself around a "just for fun" self navigation Half Marathon. We will provide the route / check point locations before you start, and then off you go. There are 10 check points, all bar one will be marked on the map.

Things to bring:
• Map case or plastic bag (and map if you have one)
• pencil
• Compass
• Whistle (we may ask to see this at the start)
• Enough clothing to stand around with an injured person (a foil blanket can be useful)
• Food and water for the trip (there are no water stations)
• A mobile phone (it may not work everywhere)
• Off road shoes
• A time piece (sundials, marked candles and such are out)

There is no minimum time as long as we have time to collect the check points before dark, and you can participate in pairs.

Please click going or drop me a message if you are coming so I can make sure I have enough printed instructions/medals

Jim Wotton [WAC]

Posted : 09:15
Please see note below from Dave Jones about the Gwent League CC at Blaise castle on Saturday.
I have been informed Jan & I are not required for this Saturday's Gwent meetings, so we aren't going. I understand some members hope to go so I suggest they can either register as individuals or find out whose going & fill out an entry form as Weston AC. Then pay on block, mens / vets, ladies /vets. Times of races now on the website as is the course and distances for each cat. Registration is in Westbury Harriers club house near the car park, also parking is a problem so be warned it may take a while to get to the race field.
Cheers Dave.

Wednesday 20 February 2019


Posted : 22:07

Session name: ‘LEAD THE LEADERS’ up the Swan 🦢

It’s social run time, and the clue is in the name.... you TWACers get to be human Sat Nav’s and lead your leader! (All in the name of fun) You can make the route up as you go along or guide them to the trig or if you’re after points to the NT signs.
There’s also a twist for the leaders

Type: Social, group lead run
Distance: dependent on if you get lost
Meeting Place: The Swan, Rowberrow,
BS25 1QL
Meeting time: 6:50pm
Things to bring: Head torch, Whistle, Trail Shoes, Drink, Billy Kit, Cider tokens

Wednesday 13 February 2019


Posted : 13:19
Session type: Intervals.
Time: 18:50 for 19:00
Date: Monday 18th Feb
Location: Urchinwood Manor, Wrington Road,
Congresbury, BS49 5AP
Pub: The Plough in Congresbury
You will need: Head torch, off road shoes, Cloths suitable to the weather, Whistle, Silly Kit, water wings, and a sense of humour

Thursday 07 February 2019


Posted : 13:06
Next week's session (11th Feb) is a fell race and will take place at Sand bay. Parking at the NT car park .
Details: 2nd fell race of the year with 5k and 10k options.
Things to bring:
- trail shoes
- appropriate clothing including windproof top/jacket as it's quite exposed.
- drink
- Billy kit and cider tokens for afters
- sense of humour
Pub will be the Commodore Meet at the car park at at 6:50 for a 7pm start.
Any questions, just shout.

stuart [WAC] E-mail stuart

Posted : 12:20
Careful, don't wont a repeat of your shower incident!! Adrian please use the mens

Wednesday 06 February 2019

adrian [wac] E-mail adrian

Posted : 22:50
Michelle you`re more than welcome to come we me. Talk to yo at the dinner.

Michelle Fryer [Weston] E-mail Michelle Fryer

Posted : 09:31
Hello you lovely bunch,

I was just wondering who is doing dursley dozen this Sunday? I would like to lift share with someone please if possible???
I will contribute towards fuel etc.

Thanks in advance.

Saturday 02 February 2019

Jim Wotton [WAC] E-mail Jim Wotton

Posted : 20:58
Important message for existing and new Hutton Moor Leisure Centre members:

I am pleased to confirm that Hutton Moor will now be offering Weston Athletic Club members discounted membership.

The price for a Weston AC membership will be: 18-59 year old - £33.15 per month by direct debit or £358.02 by single payment for annual membership.

The price for a Weston AC membership will be: 60+ - £27.70 per month by direct debit or £293.76 by single payment for annual membership.

With the direct debit membership type once your first direct debit has been paid you can leave HM by giving just 2 months notice.

This reduced monthly/annual rate will apply both to any new and all existing members. As HM will not currently know that you are members of Weston Athletic Club all that you need to do prior to your next DD being taken from your account is to visit the membership desk with proof that you are a member of Weston AC. This proof could be your membership card or copy of your most recent renewal letter (on your phone). I believe that HM will need to get you to complete a new DD (contract) for the revised amount.

Any problems at all please contact me or refer HM staff to Kylie Taylor - North Somerset Sales Manager, Legacy Leisure.


Jim Wotton

Kira [UA]

Posted : 12:48
Due to huge numbers currently running at parkrun I am happy to liftshare with others......

If regulars are interested perhaps we can chat at parkrun (Burnham) soon

Wednesday 30 January 2019


Posted : 09:55
Session Name - "Who Lives in a House Like This??"
• Session type - social + some navigation probably 😂😂
• Distance - 10k+ depending on your leader and how lost you get
• Meeting Point - Nailsea - Clevedon Road Car Park BS48 1WA
• Parking - lots and it's free
• Meeting time - 6:55pm
• Things to bring - Head Torch, BRIGHT CLOTHES OR FLUORESCENT BIB, Whistle, Trail shoes, drink, Billy Kit and cider tokens
• Pub - Coates House

Sunday 27 January 2019

Chris McMillan

Posted : 20:00

1 messages | 3 events entered.
So the FullOnSport results system can't determine AC and Athletic Club are the same?

If that's the case, there would issues with every set of results published as many clubs use AC and Athletic Club.


Posted : 14:36

202 messages | 328 events entered.
Hi just a note
When entering on Fullonsport
Please put the full Weston Athletic Club and
not just Weston AC
As Chris was Listed as Weston AC
He was not listed in the team that on paper came 3rd and would have been 2nd

Saturday 26 January 2019

Vanessa Hudson E-mail Vanessa Hudson

Posted : 17:26

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Is anyone thinking of doing the spring Forest of Dean half marathon? Its on the same day as the Weston super half. Just seeing if there is any possibility of car sharing?

Friday 18 January 2019

Malcolm & Jim [Weston AC]

Posted : 08:53
Congratulations to all those runners who competed in our two prom races last night. A special thanks to all those members and friends who turned out in the cold to help with both races. Hopefully you have all thawed out now! Your help is always much appreciated.

Wednesday 16 January 2019


Posted : 21:41
Session Name - .....Don’t Peak too soon

* Session Type - Hill intervals

* Date - Monday 21st January 2019

* Session duration - Be back at cars for 8:15pm

* Meeting Point - Webbington Rd car park

* Meeting Time - 6:50pm with a 7pm start. If late you will easily find us.

* Things to bring - Head torch, bottle of drink to carry so you can leave at half way point before we start, Billy Kit

* Pub - The New Inn for TWAC Fell Race 2018 Awards Presentation

Tuesday 08 January 2019


Posted : 21:32
TWAC 14th Jan 2019

Session: 1st fell race of the year
Meeting point: car park at the top of burringdon combe (see map below). Please car share where you can.
Details: choice of either 5(ish)K or 10(ish)K route. 10k will be 2 loops of the course.
Afters: The Crown in Churchill
To bring: head torch, trail shoes, drink, appropriate clothing and a sense of humour. CIder tokens and Billy kit for afters.

As usual meeting around 6:50 for a 7pm start.

Monday 07 January 2019


Posted : 07:06
Hi Sara W, please can you do your annual magic with the diary page. Thank you.

Sunday 06 January 2019


Posted : 21:01
Martin H:
Brilliant article on FAST RUNNING website entitled 'Do i really need the race t-shirt' after the discussions we had about giving out medals last week at the Hangover 10K

Saturday 05 January 2019

Jim Wotton E-mail Jim Wotton

Posted : 21:42
January Handicap next Tuesday (8/1/19)

December results and January start times now under Handicap Races tab

Wednesday 02 January 2019


Posted : 15:59
HAPPY NEW YEAR to all, Full Zipped HOODIES ----------- Please note the DEADLINE for COLLECTING YOUR ORDERS is 10th JANUARY 2019
or not until MARCH.

I am Happy for you to collect from home (93 Spring Hill, Worle, WsM BS22 9BB.) or Thursday training nights at HM. 6.45----7.15pm.
Or it could be a cold winter without your Zoodies!!!!
Cheers DAVE

Wednesday 26 December 2018

John H

Posted : 21:45

202 messages | 328 events entered.
I hope they are all in now
Spelling of Weston AC etc wrong again
Caught me out

Stuart [wac] E-mail Stuart

Posted : 20:02
John, looks like there's a few names missing from from Clevedon results - me, Julie baylis

Monday 24 December 2018

David Jones [Weston AC] E-mail David Jones

Posted : 14:08
Happy Christmas everyone, Just a note to ask the following members to collect ( and or PAY ) for their ---------Zipped Hoodies they ordered please-----------Racheal Andrews, Rachel Hedges, Susan Duncan, Leslie Bowskill, Shaleen Summers, Kate Gormley, Amy Badman, Jill Naughton, Julie Shergold, Tina Burrows, Sheryl Selway and also I have 2 Medium MENS hoodies, Steve Howell, plus another but no name.
01934 414361. 0789535437.

A reminder of the Club’s Banking details: Weston A C.
HSBC (bank), Ac No; 61100432, Sort Code; 40-46-18

Sunday 23 December 2018

Rachael E-mail Rachael

Posted : 18:20

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I've entered Slaughterford 9 (Sunday 27th January, 2019) and will be unable to run it as I return from holiday that day. If anyone would like my place please email me, I think I can transfer names/place via online entry system.

Wednesday 19 December 2018

Roger E-mail Roger

Posted : 17:09

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Just had a Christmas email from a race I did ten years ago and thought it might be of interest to the trail runners among you. They are looking for referrals for the 2019 race held in November. This is an extreme event and includes The Everest Challenge Marathon.
If you just want to have a look or are daft enough to want to try it the link is below.

Tuesday 18 December 2018

Michelle Lynam E-mail Michelle Lynam

Posted : 21:01

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Jim I sent you my London marathon rejection details soon after I received the letter but I'm not in your list. I have never run the marathon before but would love to do it. Please put me on the list and confirm you have received this message.

Monday 17 December 2018

Clash City Rocker [Weston AC] E-mail Clash City Rocker

Posted : 15:04
Can anyone with a low # on the list below please send me their suggestions in order so I can start allocating your choices. Preference will be given to people who can be arsed to suggest someone, Alternatively you can go to variant B as advised. E-mail me as above. Thanx

Jim Wotton [WAC] E-mail Jim Wotton

Posted : 15:04
The London marathon draw will take place this Thursday 20/12. If you meet the criteria and have not yet let me have your entry with proof of rejection and advise whether you have run it before please let me have it by Wednesday. The names that I have so far together with whether they have run it before or not are:
Ben Groom no
Bill Green no
Cameron Cumming yes
Charlotte Oliver no
Chris Dachtler yes
Chris Edwards no
Dave Johnson yes
Gary Bowden yes
Gary Iles yes
Genevieve Drinkwater tbc
Jim Wotton yes
John Cunningham no
John Hinchliffe yes
Josh Harris yes
Julia Withers yes
Julie Bailiss no
Katherine Lucas no
Lisa Acton no
Lorraine Smith no
Madeline Cook yes
Mark Bowskill no
Mark Hill yes
Matt Langdon no
Matt Wheeler no
Mike Smith no
Paul Baker no
Paul Cousins yes
Pete Watkins no
Rachael Vincent no
Rob Furlong yes
Rob Mountford no
Rob Osment yes
Rob Stokes tbc
Sam Buzza no
Sara Cronje no
Sarah White no
Sheryl Selway no
Stephen Powell no
Steve Kibblewhite yes
Stuart Diamond no
Vanessa Andrews yes
Vanessa Jennings no

Jim Wotton [WAC] E-mail Jim Wotton

Posted : 14:38
🎅🏼🎄⛄️Social Run and London Marathon Place Draw⛄️🎄🎅🏼
Come and join us for our social run ‪next Thursday 20 December‬ followed by a free drink on the club. We will be meeting at Hutton Moor at the usual time of ‪6.50pm‬ for ‪a 7pm‬ start.
We hear there’s some rather interesting Christmas light displays in the old RAF Locking camp - now known as Locking Parklands, so we thought we’d head on down there and check them out.
There may be some poorly lit stretches so if we could have a few head torches in each group that would help. If you have one please bring it along but don’t worry if you don’t.
Meet back at the bar at The Pavilion afterwards for a drink and to find out who has won a coveted London Marathon place. Will it be you? We also have four free Weston half places up for grabs in a draw for those who helped out with the Cracker.

Friday 14 December 2018


Posted : 21:44
Monday 17 December
• Session Name - "If You Go Down to the Woods Tonight.......... "
• Session type - could be a social, could be reps, could be something completely different, but it will be TWAC!
• Distance - around an hour running
• Meeting Point - entrance to Weston Woods
• Parking - there will be some
• Meeting time - 6:50pm

• Things to bring - Head Torch, Whistle, Trail shoes, drink, Billy Kit and cider tokens
• Pub - the Bristol House

Malcolm & Jim [Weston AC]

Posted : 10:00
Thanks to all those athletes who came along and supported our two races last night. Special well done and thanks as always to the marshals and helpers who braved the cold to make it all happen.

Thursday 13 December 2018

Clash City Rocker [Weston AC] E-mail Clash City Rocker

Posted : 13:16
For those of you who missed this live on Sky Sports today. Here is the draw for our competition; 1 Joe radcliffe 2 Rachel hedges 3Linzi Smith 4 Howellzy 5 Gary Bowden 6 Silver Fox 7Nicky Baker 8 Yvie Sandford 9 Paul Oaten 10 Michelle Lynam 11 Simon Andrews 12 Midge Meakin 13 Julia withers 14 Jon Brock 15 Carol O Leary 16 Mary Nutley 17 Ness Wilce 18 Joe Connolly 19 Helen Diamond 20 Dave Groves 21 Ness Andrews 22 Rachel Fuller 23 Podium Pete 24 Stuart Diamond 25 Adam Cashmore 26 Moonraker 27 the Dentist 28 Causeway Kate 29 Marc Whiting 30 William Fuller 31 Antony Askins 32 Selfie Lynn 33 Shaleen the Guide 34Neale jarrett 35 Sian McCarthy 36 Rob Mountford 37 Adam Fuller 38 Spud 39 Lightening 40 Sue Dyer 41 Nia Davies 42 gaynor Collett 43 Sue White 44 Matt Wheeler 45 Paul davidson 46 Rob Osmant 47 Winscombe Will 48 Richard taylor 49 Chadders 50 Stuart Feltham 51 Pete Stacey 52 Howellzy 53 Tracey Dyer 54 Lisa Acton 55 Kursall Kate 56 Jim White 57 Mike Vowles 58 2 Coats 59 Maria Davidson 60Lee Francis 61 Rob Withers 62 Nikki Askins 63 Tonikins 64 Nicola Clark Yelland 65 Bill Green 66 Ruth White 67 Vanders 68 Gunner 69 Maddie 70 Julie Shergold 71 Sheryl Selway 72 Adam Stafford 73 Gary Bowden 74 Belinda 75 Niki Fulstow 76 Ann Clutterbuck 77 Mick Henderson 78 Emma Lane 79 Mel Bugler 80 Adrian 'One Night' Marshall 81 Jackie Cashmore 82 Catnap John 83 Charlotte Fuller 84 Shane Connolly 85 Sam Buzza 86 Helicopter Paul 87 Rachel Stacey 88 Naomi Deutsch 89 Debbie Brooks 90 Mark Skinner 91 Sue Heeps 92 Richard taylor 93 Glyn the Palace 94 Maddie 95 Lesley Bowskill 96 Kevin Bale 97 John Cunningham 98 Chris Loach 99 Janet Pinches 100 Ben Groom 101 jon williams. Apologies for any spelling mistakes etc. If you got a good # contact me with your suggestion(s) and the chance are you will get them. anyone struggling can revert to Variant B where I pick someone for you. the race to suceed Jim White starts now!

Tuesday 11 December 2018

Clash City Rocker [Weston AC] E-mail Clash City Rocker

Posted : 11:27
I picked up a pair of purple Karimor Turtle doves fromn the Cafe after the Not Cracker on saturday. they dont fit me & there hasnt been much interest on E-Bay so if you want them back e-mail me i will bring them to the Prom Run. And any more entries for the competition I mentioned earlier. let me know by wednesday so you go in the draw.

Monday 10 December 2018

Jim Wotton E-mail Jim Wotton

Posted : 17:25
Handicap result for Nov and start times for Dec are now on the site under the Handicap tab. Please click on the link for 2015 to 2016 for the latest sheet.

Sunday 09 December 2018

Malcolm & Jim [Weston AC] E-mail Malcolm & Jim

Posted : 17:44
Congratulations to the 2000+ runners who competed in our two races today. A fantastic spectacle of runners streaming along Weston beach in a variety of fancy dress costumes. A very special thank you to all those members and friends who turned out to help in cold and windy conditions. Without your help these races could not have taken place.


Posted : 14:45

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Unfortunately i cant do this Thursday as I'm carol singing for the orphans

Rodney [WAC]

Posted : 14:35
Lost - sense of reality.
If found please return to Junkie Chadburn.
One a more positive note, at least he now knows where the Prom is, we will expect to see him racing this Thursday.

Junkie chadders E-mail Junkie chadders

Posted : 14:26

129 messages | 16 events entered.
In all the excitement I forgot to pick up my prize for best WAC helper and best looking WAC helper for the cracker today, If You let me know where to collect them then I could probably pick up Chorltons for most useless ! ( he only had one job to do)

Thursday 06 December 2018

Clash City Rocker [Weston AC] E-mail Clash City Rocker

Posted : 13:40
OI OI WACsters. I will be again organising our annual predictions competition in 2019. if you want to be in with a chance of first pick bring your £2 to Not cracker on saturday/ Cracker sunday or TWAC on monday. I will take your name etc & you go in the draw. I have some basic instructions/rules for anyone not sure. But its the same rules as last year. Will you follow in the footsteps of Belinda & Jim White and hold the coveted title in 2019? PBx PS feel free to e-mail me for more details.

Tuesday 04 December 2018

Jim Wotton [WAC] E-mail Jim Wotton

Posted : 21:58
Well done everybody who ran the mile tonight we raised £55 which will be matched by the club. If you wish to know your time here it is. If you have achieved a pb you will need to update it on the website as it will not automatically flow through.

Weston AC - 5K Timed Mile Dec 2018

Name Time
Will Fuller 5.00
Toby Norman 5.20
Alan Fuller 5.28
Matt Wheeler 5.32
Oliver Andrews 5.34
Joe Withers 5.38
Stephen Powell 5.40
Matt Davies 5.41
Toby Andrews 5.48
Dave Groves 5.54
Susan Duncan 5.54
Matt Frost 6.00
John Davidson 6.04
Stephanie Brooks 6.10
Rob Osment 6.12
Bill Green 6.21
Michael Reep 6.24
Gary Bowden 6.33
Jo Coveney 6.39
Peter Vowles 6.42
Sam Booth 6.58
Kie Booth 7.05
Helen Diamond 7.07
Graham Brooks 7.15
John Hinchliffe 7.15
Lesley Bowskill 7.17
Natalia Casey 7.22
Geraldine Hope 7.22
Rachel Andrews 7.23
Julia Withers 7.30
Sarah Ridout 7.46
Rachel Stacey 7.51
Claire Newman 8.03
Michelle Lynham 8.40
Tina Burrows 8.49
Caroline Williams 10.09
Susan Heeps 10.09
Lynne Parsonage 10.58
Yvie 11.23
Alison Clay 13.30


Posted : 15:48
TWAC Monday 10th December
Session Name - The Grand Final
• Session Type - Fell Race
• Distance - Easy 4 miles & Hard 6 miles
• Meeting Point - Kings Wood Car Park, Compton Bishop, Winscombe, BS25 1NW
• Meeting Time - 6:50pm
• Must have Kit -
✅ Phone
✅ Whistle
✅ Head torch (charged or spare batteries)
✅ Trail shoes
⚠️ This is a nighttime fell race so for everyone’s safety (and my peace of mind) we want you to have these 4 items please ⚠️
• Other things to bring - Suitable clothing for weather, Billy kit including Christmas jumper, cider tokens and sense of adventure.

Sunday 02 December 2018

Jim Wotton [WAC] E-mail Jim Wotton

Posted : 20:38
Responding to the increased demand from members to be involved in the focused training that Jamie provides his group on Tuesday and Thursday evenings we will shortly be starting a second similar group. For his group to be successful it is not possible for Jamie to keep including more members so a second group with similar objectives will be formed for any further members who wish to undertake this type of training. The group will support runners who wish to take part in a more individualised and performance focused training regime than that of the regular Tuesday rep and Thursday group runs. It will be a fairly small group focused mainly on road around reps, hill reps and LT runs of varying lengths. If you think that this may be of interest to you and you are currently running 5k's in under 21 mins or 5 miles in under 35 mins then please drop me a mail and I will contact you to give you some more detail and discuss further.

On Tuesday of this week (4/12) we will be running a charity mile. We will be using the clock at the finish line so you will be able to see your own time and let Carol or I know and we will try to produce a list of times that can be recorded on the system. There will be a cost of £1 per runner with the money raised being matched by the club. Money raised will be going to the Seashore Centre at Uphill hospital. Meeting at the normal shelter on the seafront between Trop and Sealife at 6:50 for 7:00. There will be a substantial warm up and everybody will start together. Current forecast for 7:00pm is SE wind so if it stays this way we will run from the beach hut end towards the Grand Pier which will give a slight following wind.

Thursday 29 November 2018


Posted : 16:26
TWAC 3rd December 2018
Session Name: Sand Bay, Tower & Trig Adventure
Session Type: Group lead run, suitable for all abilities
Meeting Place: Beach Road Car Park, Sand Bay
Meeting Time: 18.50 for 19.00
Kit list: Head torch, spare batteries, trail shoes, suitable clothing, whistle and billy kit
Pub: The Commodore
Aim of Session: Each group to take a photo at the water tower in Weston woods and at Sand Point trig.