Thursday 22 June 2017

Jim [WAC] E-mail Jim

Posted : 14:10
Hi All,
Mentioned this in my mail on Sunday but tonight we have a fun event consisting of obstacle course team race and raft building / floating competition. The full cost of the event is being met by the club so it would be a shame if we did not use all of the spaces.

We currently have room for about 10 more so if you fancy coming along there is still time for you to join us. The event takes place at 7:00pm in Hewish just over the M5 full detail on the facebook event.

You will need to complete the attached medical form and you may want to bring a dry set of clothes - just in case.

Please can you send me a mail or text on 07928 634252 to let me know that you intend to come.



Wednesday 21 June 2017

Woots [Weston Athletic Club ] E-mail Woots

Posted : 23:22
••••••••••TWAC NEXT SESSION••••••••••

• Session name - 'Mendip mission 1:45'

• Session type - Distance run

• Meeting point - Swan car park

• Meeting time - 6:50pm (leaving car park for 7pm)

• Things to bring - Water to carry (however you choose), warm top, trail shoes and money to buy Woots a beer.

• Pub - The Swan

Not sure if anyone has noticed but our monthly distance runs have slowly been increasing in time and we are stepping up to 1 hour and 45 minutes this Monday.

Please don't be put off by this, as usual we will split up into 4/5 different groups and you will all stick together and go at your own abilities in your chosen group.

You will certainly have breaks so don't think you have to be running for all of that time.

You will never be left alone in your group and you will work as a team to get round together.

Every group will reach Beacon Batch trig point, just in case you've missed out on the fun the last couple of days!

Don't want anyone to be scared or put off by the time as you all are more than capable of being on your feet for that period of time.

Little tip for everyone not used to being out for this period of time, carry some sweets you like to help give you energy along route.

Also if you have the means to carry water then do so as it will come in handy especially if the weather is hot.

So who's in.............?????

Pharmk598 [ptwetuyi] E-mail Pharmk598

Posted : 11:59

Beacon Batch

Posted : 11:41
It was my first outing as the race director for the beacon batch last night and I wanted to thank everyone for their help, in preparation and in the running of the evening. Thank you to those who ran, who marshalled, did the timings, results, water and course sweeping. I really appreciate all you did.
I have realised there were a few things I should and shouldn't have done in organising the race. I would like to do improve a few areas next year, and if there was something you spotted that you feel I could do to improve then send me an email and I will try and get it covered next time. Thanks again and I hope you all had a fun evening. Nick.

Tuesday 20 June 2017


Posted : 22:27
Lots of you should go and see The Tortoise & Hare at The Tropicana next week. A brilliant show about running and lots of other funny things. Two talented actors and so worth it

Phil Tomlinson [Weston AC ] E-mail Phil Tomlinson

Posted : 13:45
Hi Gareth - thanks for the offer -its really much appreciated. Racheal has also offered to lend me one, so i should be ok. Thanks again.

Pharme624 [iupuiueo] E-mail Pharme624

Posted : 05:56

Sunday 18 June 2017

Pharme744 [ppouprei] E-mail Pharme744

Posted : 23:50

Friday 16 June 2017

Gareth Hiscock E-mail Gareth Hiscock

Posted : 07:21

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Hi Phil. I Have a bike padded bag you can look at if you wish. A bit bulky but your welcome to have a look at it. Contact me on 07534939807 if you want to take a look.

Thursday 15 June 2017

Kieron [WAC]

Posted : 11:29
Hi Dom, Different places every week, this week there isn't anything planned as far as I know.

Dom llewellyn-bowen

Posted : 08:56

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Good morning, when and where does the mendip group meet on Thursday's?

Monday 12 June 2017

Phil Tomlinson [Weston AC ] E-mail Phil Tomlinson

Posted : 16:17
Hi Triathletes out there - would anyone have a bike box i can hire or borrow for the 29th June to the 04th July as I'm doing a triathlon in Austria. Any ones help would be much appreciated. let me know on my email. Thanks Phil

Julia [WAC] E-mail Julia

Posted : 08:51
Bristol Half Marathon: I will be organising the Club group entry for the Bristol Half. The discounted entry fee (available to Club member with EA affiliation) is £31.20. Please let me know if you wish to enter via the group entry and I will let you have the payment details.

Wednesday 07 June 2017

Jim [WAC]

Posted : 20:52
Please note meeting point for Thursday 8/6/17 is the car park to the entrance to Worlebury woods at 6:50 for 7:00pm

Tuesday 06 June 2017

Beacon Batch Race [weston ac] E-mail Beacon Batch Race

Posted : 13:40
The beacon Batch race will be run in 2 weeks today, there are on-line and on the day entries still available. The view on course are wonderful and a great place to enjoy a summers evening with your friends, also with 32 prizes on offer, you could surprise yourself.
If you don't fancy running but don't wont to miss out on the fun you cheer everyone along or marshal along the course. Just contact me through the Beacon Batch page to let me know if you are available. If in previous years you enjoyed doing a particular role and are available this year it would be great to hear from you. Thanks club mates, Nick.

Monday 05 June 2017


Posted : 23:08

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Don't go to sleep on that one or you will be in trouble

Bryan Morley [Weston AC] E-mail Bryan Morley

Posted : 22:17
Thanks guys! Yes, that's 11 years on the trot now (so very sad!) so I would have no excuse if I went wrong! Nothing like a 30 mile run as a warm up for the 44 mile Classic Quarter race this coming Saturday. Wish me luck!


Posted : 18:41

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Well done Brian I think you can run it in your sleep you have done it so many times

Simon Andrews

Posted : 09:57
Well done to Bryan Morley on being the first finisher at the 30 mile Mendip Challenge yesterday, finishing in just over 5 hours.

Saturday 03 June 2017

Woots [Weston Athletic Club ] E-mail Woots

Posted : 21:20
••••••••TWAC NEXT SESSION••••••••

• Session name - 'Peak de résistance'

• Session type - Hill Repeats

• Meeting point - Webbington Rd off road car park (Don't panic full details to follow)

• Meeting time - 6:50pm (Leaving car park at 7pm)

• Pub - 'The New Inn'

• Things to bring - Drink (to carry to start), warm top (to carry to start), trail shoes, towel and money for pub.

Another brand new session coming to TWAC!!!

This is going to be the best session yet as it's probably one of the best views around and you will get it quite a few times hopefully as you will get 30 minutes to challenge yourself against the mighty Crook Peak!!!

Anyone who did the 'Boobie Hill TTT' will have already done the climb as it's the last section leading up to the peak. Then as before you touch the cone before looping back around the peak before doing it all again.

You can see the top of Crook Peak from a lot of places in and around Weston, so look out for it this week as a reminder of the fun you will have next Monday.

Hopefully we will get great weather so we can stretch off and relax afterwards on top of the peak because the views of a sun set from there is spectacular!!! And after last night we deserve a beautiful view!!!

Any injured or recovering TWAC's then you will be most welcome as could do with a couple of helpers so the other leaders can enjoy the session too.

So who's in..............????

Jim [WAC]

Posted : 20:41
Better late than never but I have just finished May handicap result and June start time. Now under handicap tab


Posted : 16:53
Hi Michelle, yes I will post details soon about the group entry for the Bristol Half.

Michelle E-mail Michelle

Posted : 14:09

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Will the club do a group booking for the Bristol Half this year? If yes when and where do I look please.

Thursday 01 June 2017


Posted : 11:40
Awesome Ade thanks!

Adrian [wac] E-mail Adrian

Posted : 00:22
My Blaster place is up for grabs. Just change your name on the night

Tuesday 30 May 2017

Nick Briffitt

Posted : 18:38
I have a Dartmoor discovery place going. I'll have to transfer the number tomorrow for you. It's late I know but I was really hoping my back would be good enough for me to do it, but it won't be. Call me on 07754115274 if you would like it. Cheers


Posted : 18:06
Anyone wanting a home for a burrington blaster place? I have a friend who's after one, ta.

Monday 29 May 2017

Bruce Manning E-mail Bruce Manning

Posted : 20:20

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Thanks Geraldine, will do.


Posted : 16:52

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Hi Bruce,

There are no organised club runs on Sunday, members organise their own groups to meet, There is usually a group that meet in the car park opposite the Walnut Tree pub at the end of Winterstoke road at 8.15 with various distances being run usually around 9min mile pace,a faster group meet from the donkey in Worle plus there are a few others, sorry not familiar with them all as I tend to join the group from the Walnut. The best way is to ask around on a club night with people in the group you are running with. You would be more than welcome to join the Walnut Group.

Jim [WAC]

Posted : 09:48
There will be no led groups from Hutton Moor tonight 29/5/17.
There will be 4 led groups with the TWAC group meeting at 6:50 Black Rock Cheddar for a run of about 4 miles see TWAC facebook page for more detail.

Bruce Manning E-mail Bruce Manning

Posted : 08:01

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Can someone explain what "Sunday Groups as usual" on the right side of the Welcome page means. Where on the website can I find out what is happening?

Tuesday 23 May 2017

Stuart E-mail Stuart

Posted : 12:18

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2 places going free for TACH Dundry Thunder (29th June)
I work with Race Secretary & have OK'd swap with her
Let me have your details (name, age/dob, male/female) & I'll arrange swap

Sunday 21 May 2017

Michelle Lynam E-mail Michelle Lynam

Posted : 17:17

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Not sure who to contact. Just tried to put my half marathon PB on the my results page and it failed. Did the Worcester Half. Thanks

Friday 19 May 2017

Web Elf

Posted : 11:40
Hi, anyone who is adding a message to the message board, you might get an error appear after clicking the 'write' button. However your message has been saved so please don't click back and save again as we are getting lots of duplicate messages. The web elves will try and fix this next week.

Josh Harris (WAC)

Posted : 11:03

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Thanks to all for another great Prom series. Really appreciate the support on the way round each month. Also, would highly recommend the Dartmoor Discovery to anyone who is thinking of taking Teresa's place. There are a few of us going down so you won't be alone. Cheers Josh.

Malcolm & Jim [Weston AC]

Posted : 06:51
The end to another successful prom series last night. Well done to all those members and friends who have helped in race HQ and out on the course to make it all happen. Your support is very much appreciated.

Thursday 18 May 2017

Teresa King [Weston] E-mail Teresa King

Posted : 19:09
I am sadly going to have to withdraw from Dartmoor Discovery as I really haven't done enough training! If anyone would like me place please contact me direct. There is an official transfer process which we can do before 31 May and I'm willing to strike a good deal!

John E-mail John

Posted : 18:01

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Have put results for Tyntesfield on
I think some names may be missing
if so just get in touch

Woots [Weston Athletic Club ] E-mail Woots

Posted : 13:28
••••••••••TWAC'S NEXT SESSION••••••••••

TWAC will take on Cheddars 'Hells Steps' next Monday (22/5/17) in our first step repeat session.

• Session Name - 'To Hell & Back'

• Session Type - Step Repeats

• Meeting Point - Black Rock

• Meeting Time - 6:50pm

• Pub - The White Hart

• Things To Bring - Trail shoes, water bottle, warm top and money for a drink.

Firstly don't be put off by the name and I would be very disappointed if any TWAC thought they couldn't do this session because they are not fit enough or not strong enough.

Every TWAC is capable of completing this session, every ability!!

You will be only challenging yourself for 30 minutes to see how many repeats you can complete.

Please don't think you have to run it all believe me you'll be walking up bits. This is a session to push you out of your comfort zones and as our TWAC motto states have #noboundaries.

It's a short session, it's a very short warm up run to the start point and the session is for 30 minutes. So we will be finished and back at the cars for 8pm.

Your final effort will be converted into how much elevation gain in feet you covered. I will have a chart to work this out easily at the end of your efforts.

Every TWAC who comes and gives it a go will be rewarded with a special award afterwards.

There will be leaders the entire way up giving you encouragement and form advice so you won't be alone.

Best part is we will all be together as a team pushing each other through!

So who's in...........????

Wednesday 17 May 2017

Simon Andrews E-mail Simon Andrews

Posted : 18:42
The Tri Championship has been updated and the link to it in the Tri section is now working.

Remember to let me know if you have any results to include in the championship, it now includes Triathlon, Duathlon, Aquathlon, Cross Triathlon and Cross Duathlon so there's plenty to chose from!

Tuesday 16 May 2017

Bryan Morley [Weston AC] E-mail Bryan Morley

Posted : 21:32
I seem to have a fan out there. Thanks very was sooooo tough but I can recommend WAC runners give it a try next year! There is no flat terrain whatsoever but wonderful scenery weaving out of the Cornish Pyramids (china clay spoil heaps) in St Austell. That's my 3rd marathon in 6 weeks. I need sectioning! Roll on the Classic Quarter in 4 weeks...groan!

mr morley fan club [not wac]

Posted : 16:18
well done bryan great run on sunday at the very hilly imerys marathon 63rd 4h20m47 sec

Bryan Morley [Weston AC] E-mail Bryan Morley

Posted : 15:46
Does anyone want my Tyntesfield 10km place? The race is on Wedneaday 17th at 7pm.

Thursday 11 May 2017

Woots [Weston Athletic Club ] E-mail Woots

Posted : 01:19
••••••••••TWAC'S NEXT SESSION••••••••••

Come get high with the TWAC's as we continue to get that chemical reaction in our brains that makes us feel awesome after being somewhere beautiful, doing what we love doing and doing it with our TWAC family!!!

• Session name - 'Mendip High'

• Session type - Distance run (4 led groups for all abilities)

• Meeting point - 'The Swan' pub car park

• Meeting time - 6:50pm (Leaving car park for 7pm)

• Pub - The Swan

• Things to bring - Trail shoes, drink, warm top and money for drink.

We will split up into 4 groups as usual;

Group A - Group 1-3a

Group B - Group 3b-4

Group C - Group 5

Group D - Group 6

This is based on what group you would usually go with on a Thursday night with WAC.

We have plenty of highly trained leaders now so we can cater for everyone's abilities.

So who's in...........??????

Wednesday 10 May 2017

Bryan Morley [Weston AC] E-mail Bryan Morley

Posted : 23:54
Is there a summer social run taking place on Thursday 11th May?

Mark Hill

Posted : 21:51
Stephen, now updated to reflect correct points. Please see personal email message as well. Hope all is acceptable.

Stephen E-mail Stephen

Posted : 21:16

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Julia, my points are wrong lol 48+1

Tuesday 09 May 2017

Dave Jones

Posted : 17:13
Thank you Kieron, that's a very generous piece to say and will be much appreciated by all the members who have volunteered their services and free time to Weston AC over the past 39 years.
Cheers DAVE

Junkie E-mail Junkie

Posted : 15:51

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Over 100 friends??? You mean 1 friend,and he doesn't like you.

Rodney a.k.a Kieron [WAC]

Posted : 08:50
Thank you!! - 5 years ago today I joined WAC, I can safely say it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made – doubtless my sister will rightly take some credit for this – I’d long thought of joining but was scared I’d be too slow. Shaleen joining before me meant I knew at least one person would be slower than me.
To date I’ve spent £10o on memberships, I’ve gained well over 100 friends, some of whom I’ve no doubt will be friends for life, truly money well spent.
My aim when joining was to break 1h 40mins for a half marathon, I’d failed 3 times previously, with proper training was swiftly achieved, I didn’t then expect to progress much more, however I hadn’t factored in the camaraderie and competitive spirit that resides in so many at this great club, I owe a debt of thanks to all members past and present, the committee, coaches and my training group, but most of all to my family who have had a deal with this growing obsession (I call it dedication) over the years.
Once again – Thank you!!