Wednesday 26 April 2017

Woots (James Wotton) [Weston Athletic Club] E-mail Woots (James Wotton)

Posted : 23:35
There's a lot of new TWAC'ers which is amazing so I'd like to remind people what we are all about.

We have core values at TWAC let me go through them with you and explain them;

* No Boundaries - We believe you shouldn't put any boundaries on what you can achieve and at TWAC we will push through those boundaries you think you have. We aim to hopefully give you more confidence to go on to do those events which you thought were out of your reach.

* Teamwork - We are about working as a team to get everyone through our sessions. We want you as a TWAC to support and give encouragement as we work as one big team to complete every session.

* More than just running - To build friendships and community in TWAC. So once we've worked hard we can go in the pub and enjoy each other's company.

* Love Somerset - A chance to explore the glorious areas and views Somerset has to offer. So you can go back with friends and family to enjoy your new love for our beautiful countryside.

Also the different types of sessions we do at TWAC;

* Hill Repeats
* Step Repeats
* TTT (Trail Time Trial)
* Distance Run
* Social Run
* Head Torch Running (coming soon)

This is all put on by Weston Athletic Club but you don't need to be a member to come along but if you like it then at some point it would be great to have you join the WAC family. £20 a year is a bargain.

We also want to look good while doing all of this, so our new online clothing shop is being put together for anyone wanting some specially high quality branded clothing range.

The future is bright the future is TWAC.

Tuesday 25 April 2017

Woots (James Wotton) [Weston Athletic Club] E-mail Woots (James Wotton)

Posted : 22:51
Details for TWAC's next session;

• Session Title - V-Sprints

• Session Type - Hill Repeats

• Date - Monday 1st May

• Meeting Point - Sand Point car park (more in depth details to follow on this as usual)

• Meeting time - 6:50pm

• Session start - 7pm

• Pub (MOST IMPORTANT PART) - The Commodore Hotel

• Awards on offer - King of the hill, Queen of the hill, Performance of the week x 3, Betty and Brian the Badger awards.

• Things to bring - Trail shoes, drink, warm top for afterwards


Very excited about this session and firstly don't be put off by the name as really it's a 1km loop which has lots of flat, down hill and two small hills all on soft grass. So even if you fall over you can't hurt yourself.

Once we leave the car park it's not even half a mile to the start point.

Then I will go through the route which will be coned out, then everyone will have 30 minutes to see how many loops of the 1km circuit they can complete.

You can run, walk or crawl whatever takes your fancy so no matter what your ability everyone can do this session and will be all together doing it. #teamwork

This is a great opportunity for people to come along to their first TWAC session with no pressure and they will be only challenging themselves.

On the other hand it will also give people the chance to challenge themselves further if they choose to go for the 'King or Queen awards' for being the person who goes the furthest in the 30 minutes.

So if you've got friends who you would like to invite or bring along then this is the time to do it!!!

Parking - There is a huge grass car park (gates won't shut) so everyone can fit in with no hassle.

This will be a festival of running and not to be missed (sorry Sarah Marsh).

Just to add 8 TWAC'ers of various abilities kindly have already tested this session out and they loved it!!

So who's in..............????????


Posted : 20:24

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Now that most of Marathon season has passed I feel the need to explain , "Why are so many of WAC members obsessed with doing a Marathon?". It is easily answered when training starts! a) As one of our members simply says "Marathons make you faster"
b) most of us train in groups ,and the bonds we form are priceless.
c)when it comes to (D-day) it is not only yourself running, but also all those you have trained with, those that were unfortunate to get injured and more importantly those who could not run the event but supported if it be from home offering words of encouragement or stood at the side of a road for hours on end to give you that 'Lift' when you think you're sunk.
We are lucky at this club in not only having a wide variety of athletes all with a similar goal,regardless of what level. But we also have a good (cheerleader squad) that familiar face and voice that gives you a huge lift when you're feeling low .
So! Thank you to all my mates and members that gave their time running and cheering,it helped immensely. Cheers Tobias for a much needed gee-up on mile 22 and Huge Thanks for N.O.1 Marathon club members Rodney,Cinders,Shakey,Billy,Pitbull,Chorlton,Monty,The Goat,Annie,Bomber ,Tampon,Trigger and Pete even Dreamboy.

Monday 24 April 2017


Posted : 15:10
More details for tonight's session.

Meeting point is 'The Swan' pub car park;

BS25 1QL

Meeting time 6:50pm

We will be leaving the car park at 7pm prompt (so we can all get back in the light safely).

There will be 4 led groups for all abilities by our highly trained leaders.

• Groups 1-3 with Woots - 7 miles

• Groups 4-5 will be split up and taken with Paul Oaten, Mary Oaten and Ian Purnell - 5/6 miles.

• Group 6 will be with Lorraine Smith - 4 miles.

Groups based on a WAC Thursday nights.

Directions to 'The Swan' car park;

Head towards Churchill traffic lights through Sandford and turn right up the hill. Then go up the hill and take a left onto Rowberrow Lane half a mile from the traffic lights. It will be sign posted. Then carry on the lane until you reach the pub then the car park entrance is on the right opposite the pub. Plenty of space for everyone.

Still car share if you can though.

Things to bring - Trail shoes, drink, money for a drink and a warm top for afterwards

Any questions please ask my number is 07861250448

Thursday 20 April 2017

Jim [WAC]

Posted : 22:04
Thank you to everybody who came down to help put on another successful one mile and five mile prom runs tonight. We had a great turnout for the one mile and over 330 for the 5 mile.

Janet riddiford E-mail Janet riddiford

Posted : 18:08

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Have been trying to renew mine and Steves membership and it's saying that our e-mail addresses are not recognised.....Help please 😕

Woots - The real James Wotton [TWAC] E-mail Woots - The real James Wotton

Posted : 09:33
TWAC's next session;

Session name - Swanning About

Session Type - Social Run

Distance - 4/5 miles or 5/6 miles or 6/7 miles (all abilities catered for)

Date - 24/4/17

Meeting time - 6:50pm

Meeting point - The Swan Pub car park (full details to follow)

Things to bring - Trail shoes (a must on this route), drink, money for a drink and a warm top for afterwards

Monday 17 April 2017

Ian P E-mail Ian P

Posted : 10:19

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For anyone who is going to James's TWAC tonight and wishes to do a short warm up trot to the Roman Road view point car park (the official starting point)I will be starting the 1.5 mile trot from the motorway bridge behind what used to be Boulters of Banwell (not the main road bridge) at 18:30. The grid reference for my starting point is ST380584 (I have put it in google and it has given me the correct location on street map).

Friday 14 April 2017

John E-mail John

Posted : 01:43

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Hi any one doing Glastonbury 10k that could
Give me a lift ?
John H email as above

Thursday 13 April 2017

Clash City Rocker [Wston AC] E-mail Clash City Rocker

Posted : 13:58
If anyone wants a race# for the Shapwick bunny hop on Monday. Barry Westwood's is going spare, after Barry took a dive at Brean Down fort on sunday. I have spoken to Teresa from the race organisers and she is happy to transfer it. Give me a call on 07706512749 or e-mail quick before 3-30 today. or contact Teresa directly. good luck.

Thursday 06 April 2017

Marathon Talk Nerd

Posted : 17:52
What better advice to get your mindset ready for London by listening to Andy Lane on the previous three Marathon Talk Podcasts. Also listen to Barry Smyth 28 minutes in from episode 377 about Perfect Pacing in London (& its not what you think it is). Oh and the NIKE sub 2 attempt!

Tuesday 04 April 2017

Paul Cousins E-mail Paul Cousins

Posted : 22:34

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Anyone wanting to share lifts to velodrome trip on Sunday, I have 2 places in my car. Message me if you want a place.

Prom Race Secretary [Weston AC]

Posted : 13:21
Just to clarify to all - further details of Prom Teams will be posted on the Prom Page when reviewed by our Prom Team Maestro. Until then, only limited information still available, I am afraid.

Monday 03 April 2017

Vanessa Jennings [Weston AC] E-mail Vanessa Jennings

Posted : 16:40
Would anyone still like a place for the Bristol 10k in May? I can't take part due to injury but can transfer my place to anyone who wants it. Please contact myself or Julia withers asap so transfer can be arranged with the organisers

Dom Llwelyn-Bowen E-mail Dom Llwelyn-Bowen

Posted : 15:05

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Hi John, glad to hear Toby is still enjoying himself. I tried to get hold of him last week but think I have an old number. Could you text me his number or ask him to text me please? My number is 07711838605. Thanks

Energy of sun rays .... E-mail Energy of sun rays ....

Posted : 14:17

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Nice to see the Prom team standings, but where can I see the team members?

Sunday 02 April 2017


Posted : 18:54

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Freedom Leisure British Ultrafest 24 hour

6 Tobias HIInchliffe 449Laps 23:56:50.4
179.931(K 111) Miles
Nuts or what

Saturday 01 April 2017


Posted : 20:43
March result and April start times are now under the handicap tab


Posted : 16:47

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Dave is going to get t-shirts designed with the names of all the marathons and ultra-marathons that WAC members have completed while representing the club.

They'll be for sale at cost plus a small donation to a local charity.

Message here by Easter weekend with the names of your WAC marathons and ultras and Dave will do the rest.


Posted : 00:12
Basically if you enter a race stating a clubs affiliation then you must run that race using the said club's colours. Those are the rules. I have been breaking the rules for many years and have now seen the error of my ways. Disliking the club kit is my problem not the clubs. I am just going to have to play by the rules in future. Oh and wearing other club colours is a definite no no. Only in exceptional circumstances can you wear even 2nd claim colours. So lets all be sensible shall we.

Tuesday 28 March 2017

Jo E-mail Jo

Posted : 15:39

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I'm also looking for a Taunton Half place if anyone has one going?

Thursday 23 March 2017

Malcolm and Jim [Weston AC]

Posted : 21:34
Congratulations to all the runners (and Helicopter!) who finished tonight's prom races. Our thanks go again to the members and friends who turned out to help in race hq and out on the course making It another successful evening.

Tuesday 21 March 2017

Marc E-mail Marc

Posted : 15:54

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Any body have a place in Taunton Half Marathon they can,t use or don,t want?

Sunday 19 March 2017

John E-mail John

Posted : 20:42

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Gloucester results in any changes
just email me

John E-mail John

Posted : 16:39

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Forest of Dean results in
I no there are some changes
Just email me

John E-mail John

Posted : 16:38

163 messages | 285 events entered.
Forest of Dean results in
I no there are some changes
Just email me

Saturday 18 March 2017

stephen kibblewhite [Locking] E-mail stephen kibblewhite

Posted : 09:57
Is anyone doing Gloucester 20 and has a spare seat in a car?

Friday 17 March 2017

XRumerTest E-mail XRumerTest

Posted : 00:52
Hello. And Bye.

Wednesday 15 March 2017

Lorna [WAC ]

Posted : 12:25
Would anyone be interested in my Gloucester 20 place?

Vanessa Jennings [Weston super mare] E-mail Vanessa Jennings

Posted : 11:21
Unfortunately i'm not able to run the forest of dean half marathon this sunday due to illness. Would anyone like to run in my place? It says race numbers are not transferable so you would have to run in my name I'm afraid but any takers are welcome. Thanks

Monday 13 March 2017

Adrian [wac] E-mail Adrian

Posted : 18:27
Does anyone have a spare Gloucester 20 place that don`t want.

Julia W [WAC] E-mail Julia W

Posted : 10:23
Could anyone who still wishes to enter the Bristol 10k through the Club Group Entry let me have the entry fee of £23.20 asap please. Please message me if you want to enter. Thanks

Sunday 12 March 2017

John E-mail John

Posted : 20:28

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I have 3 results for the Grizzly
Any others just email me


Posted : 14:46
Pictures on Flickr : Inter counties XC March 2017
Competitive Running at its Best!

Monday 06 March 2017

John E-mail John

Posted : 16:53

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All race in for this weekend any one I missed just email me as above

Kieron [WAC]

Posted : 13:06
Cracking performances highlighted by JT, one which could easily be missed: Ian Connock ran 1:19:07 at Newport Half marathon finishing 7th of over 1800 finishers.

Sunday 05 March 2017


Posted : 17:30
Despite the poor conditions there were some great performances at Bideford today. PBs for Sheryl, Sarah and Nia. A sub 1.40 time putting Nia into the all time top 10 by a female member. Very inspiring, well done.

Saturday 04 March 2017

Jim [WAC]

Posted : 20:36
Handicap result for Feb and March start times now posted on site

Chantelle E-mail Chantelle

Posted : 14:33

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Hi does anyone want my big cheese place
For tomorrow

Pete Ballard E-mail Pete Ballard

Posted : 12:52
Hi there, due to unforeseen problems I have two Ratrace Dirty Weekend tickets for sale. They're for wave 6 at 0930 on the 6th May '17. Hoping for 100 each. They cost 180 each. Worth a try, call me on 07761333839 if interested. Pete.

Friday 03 March 2017

Jim [WAC]

Posted : 14:39
Hi Steph,
There not there yet because I haven't done them. Will be there by Sunday

Dave Jones

Posted : 12:31
Yes Steph, I also got caught out it's next week!!!


Posted : 12:29
HOODIES-------------- would the following members please either collect or pay and collect their HOODIES please. Ruth Lynam , Gary Bowden, James Wotton, Teresa Rogers, Kirstie Grey, Mark Hill and Dave Groves.
I also have in stock 2 Large and 1 Small if any body wants them as a price increase to our supplier is shortly being passed on.
DAVE ( 414361 or 07554548188 ) or email me


Posted : 03:34

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Ive looked under the handicap tab and cant find the times for the March handicap.

Thursday 02 March 2017

Graham Brooks [NSAC] E-mail Graham Brooks

Posted : 20:37
Thanks to the 4 people from the club who paced my daughter round the 5K at Burnham tonight. Sorry I don't know who you were but she says thanks for the support and the sprint finish

Wednesday 22 February 2017


Posted : 23:41

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TACH Races are now open for entry

Friday 17 February 2017

Malcolm & Jim [Weston A C]

Posted : 06:06
Congratulations to all the runners who competed in our two races last night. Excellent finishing times for male & female winners of both races. Thanks again to all those who came and helped marshal and in race HQ. Your support is very much appreciated.

Thursday 16 February 2017

the singer out of slipknot [WAC] E-mail the singer out of slipknot

Posted : 13:47
It was well deserved Mark!

Mark H [Weston AC]

Posted : 12:19
I wanted to thank you for the support and award for Presidents Club Person of the Year as voted by the members. I know there are a lot of other very deserving volunteers in this great club that could also be voted for, so am extremely proud to have been voted for this year. Thank you, I will keep it polished for next year's worthy winner. :-)

Saturday 11 February 2017

Jules P

Posted : 18:31
Thanks for the female triathlete award, I couldn't make it last night and have moved to Bristol with work which makes it a bit far to come for training now! Thanks to all you lovely lot for the encouragement and coaching.