Sunday 18 November 2018


Posted : 21:53
Dave: how much are the new hoodies? (I should probably know-I can’t remember 😬

Friday 16 November 2018

Jim Wotton E-mail Jim Wotton

Posted : 22:02
Hi Paul,
Unfortunately changes for Wimborne needed to be made by midnight last night.

Helen I cannot remember a WAC lady being first on the Prom - Dave can you confirm from the 40 year history. I Guess there must have been one in the early years of the races.

Paul Hudson E-mail Paul Hudson

Posted : 14:01

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Wimborne 10 place available (if not too late for a change) due to calf strain I can no longer partake! Text me on 07846 577462 and I will try and make change. Cheers. Paul Hudson

Dave Jones E-mail Dave Jones

Posted : 10:07
Should you wish to order on line for purchasing Club Clothing the Bank Details for

WESTON A C, --- HSBC, --- A/C No 61100432 --- Sort Code 40-46-18.

It would also assist us if you could make a reference to Club Kit and confirm the transfer so we can order the goods, remember to add the SIZE you require either by email to Dave Jones ( or see him on training nights please.

Many thanks,


Malcolm & Jim [Weston AC]

Posted : 08:32
Congratulations to all those athletes who ran in our two races last night. A very good turn out on a mild and windy evening. Thanks as always to all those members and friends who turned out to help.

Shine Bright [WAC] E-mail Shine Bright

Posted : 08:24
Congratulations Immy on winning the Prom race!!!
Can anyone tell me the last Weston lady to win?

Wednesday 14 November 2018


Posted : 22:56

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Kira - I have a Garmin 910xt triathlon watch. £50. Have a look on Amazon and see what you think. Ness


Posted : 14:14
Is anybody getting a new Garmin for christmas and wants to sell their old one? My daughter has started running and is interested in getting one.

Tuesday 13 November 2018


Posted : 21:53
TWAC 19/11/18
Session Name: Mine’s A Hole In The Ground
Session Type: Intervals
Location: OSGB: ST50515567 (for Mick) ST505556 (for the rest) Carpark to East of Charterhouse activity centre, Charterhouse.
Meet Time: 18:50 for 19:00hrs

Sunday 11 November 2018


Posted : 11:15
Presidents Breakfast Run

I wish to thank the nine members who turned up on Saturday morning in not too pleasant conditions to say the least and getting soaked for their efforts, but they were not alone as the 15 cyclist also battled through the frequent downpours and a series of punctures making it a good turnout with a total attendance of 37. But at least we all enjoyed the autumn colours which are amazing this year when the sun did come out.

Bristol Children’s Help Society who very generously let us use the excellent venue free of charge ever since I first started this annual event will receive the £131.40 collected on Saturday. ( I have only kept a record since 2012 so the running total is now £642.84).
Finally many thanks must go to the consistent gang of helpers in the Green Aprons and their assistances, it's much appreciated to be able rely on such help.
Better weather is forecast for next years run!!

Saturday 10 November 2018

Ian Purnell [WAC] E-mail Ian Purnell

Posted : 17:06
Many Thanks to Dave Jones and his wondrous team for chefs for this mornings breakfast

Friday 09 November 2018


Posted : 09:33
Monday 12/11/18
Time to post next Monday’s session and it’s the fell race championship on a new route meeting place is the car park at the top of burrington Combe (same as last week) please car share if you can time 6.50pm for a 7pm start the distance 1 lap 2 laps or 3 laps 3 is just over 10k
: head torch
: coat
: billy kit / warm clothes for after
: cider tokens
: pub how was the crown ?
: points = prizes so come along
: if you can’t run I require a few Marshall’s
: the course muddy you will get wet too

Thursday 08 November 2018

Adrian Noble [wac] E-mail Adrian Noble

Posted : 08:56
Some races Jim which may interest the club
Pewsey terminator Feb 24
Offas Orror March 4
Tintern Trott July 5
Fan y big July 7
Standish woodland chase Aug 11 and Black Mountains fell race in Sept.

Wednesday 07 November 2018

Jim Wotton [WAC] E-mail Jim Wotton

Posted : 21:56
Ness we used to do it a few years ago after they stopped doing their half (very hard) so happy to consider putting it back in.

It is a nice tough race, about 12 miles I think, big climb in 1st 4 miles. If you have a look on their website you will see photos of me in 2003 with bloody knee after I fell over on the top. Needed 7 stitches and 2 months off running.

Tuesday 06 November 2018


Posted : 20:44

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Jim - Offa's Orror sounds great. Always same day as London I think. Si did it a few years ago and said it was brilliant. No bridge tolls next year either, so more opportunity for racing over the bridge!

Monday 05 November 2018

Jim Wotton [WAC] E-mail Jim Wotton

Posted : 14:55
2019 Championship
Hi Adrian/Stuart. Agree your comments Re Grizzly (ballot)and Sodbury as previous discussion but had to leave them in for 2018 as already advertised in 2017.

Intend to leave FOD off-road in as replacement for one of them. Happy with suggestion of Offa's Dyke for next year depending on date. Do you have any other nominations for long off road (over 12 miles)

Do always try to avoid more than one race any date esp. in same road/off-road section. Sometimes difficult when peoples favourite races clash or late notification of change.

Just to clarify for everyone we also never have championship races on days when we have a WAC organised race as it is not fair on those who help if others may take the opportunity to do a different race.

Jim Wotton [WAC] E-mail Jim Wotton

Posted : 14:43
November 5k - Tomorrow 6/11
Please note the November handicap is tomorrow night.
We have moved the handicap to be the 2nd Tuesday in the month unless as has happened this month the Burnham 5K falls before that date. This is to avoid having the club and Burnham 5k in the same week.

Shine bright (the quiet one!) [WAC] E-mail Shine bright  (the quiet one!)

Posted : 12:49
Greatly appreciate the organisation behind the championship, I'm sure it's a thankless task. However, agree with Adrian. Any races that sell-out in 24 hours or have a ballot don't really comply with the spirit of the championship & undermine its credibility, as does having 2 championship races on the same day.

Sunday 04 November 2018

Adrian Noble [wac] E-mail Adrian Noble

Posted : 15:23
Jim any chance we can have some new races instead of the Grizzly and the Slog as they always sell out quickly. There`s plenty in South Wales eg Offas Orrer, which are closer, cheaper and may add a bit more interest.

Thursday 01 November 2018

Jim [WAC]

Posted : 15:16
The first three off-road 2019 championship races (Rollick, Slaughterford & Dursley) are open for entry and will sell-out early if previous years are any indication - Rollick is half full already.

Jim [WAC] E-mail Jim

Posted : 09:31
Route tonight will be the club circuit - or old slog as it is known on the list of routes on the membership page

Wednesday 31 October 2018

Liz E-mail Liz

Posted : 17:42

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Just to let you know - some of us competed in the OMM at the weekend! Gerry and Teresa King did the B course and I and my daughter Katherine completed the medium score, in spite of the blizzard on Saturday. It was a very cold night. I have never slept in all my clothes before but it was really good to be there. Where were the rest of you?

Tuesday 30 October 2018


Posted : 20:43
Session Name: And now for something completely different…
Session Type: Social Team Building
Date: 5th November
Time: 18:50 to depart by 19:00
Meeting Place: OSGB ST489581 The Ice Cream Van Car Park on bend at top of Burrington Combe (before the top cattle grid)

Sunday 28 October 2018


Posted : 10:00
ZOODIES, (Full length Zipped Hoodies) I had just one Medium Sized Sample at the Prom Run, I FIND they are available in LADIES SIZES = XS (8), S (10), M (!2), L (14) & XL (16). MENS SIZES = S(36"), M (38/40"), L (42/44") XL (46/48"), XXL (50/52"), 3XL (54/56"), 4XL (58/60) & 5XL (62/64). The costs is £17.00 please use the clubs internet banking to order : HSBC, A/C 61100432, SORT CODE 40-46-18 Plus your name, remember to email me with your size or see me at a training night.

Friday 26 October 2018

Malcolm & Jim [Weston AC] E-mail Malcolm & Jim

Posted : 10:12
Well done to all the athletes who competed in our 1 and 5 mile race last night. A windy but mild night on our alternative race route.

Thanks as always to all those marshals and helpers who come and make sure we can have a safe and enjoyable race.

Thursday 25 October 2018


Posted : 22:18

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Thank you so much Kira, a long way off the sub 30 club but who knows maybe one day 😉

Wednesday 24 October 2018


Posted : 21:00
Well done Susan on yet another PB - you are flying ..... Will you be joining the SUB 30 Club tomorrow night!

Monday 22 October 2018


Posted : 19:19

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Thank you so much JT. It really wouldn’t be possible without your help & support so a huge ‘thank you’ 😁

Sunday 21 October 2018


Posted : 22:33
Just like the proverbial London bus, you wait years for one and then loads turn up a once. Today it was the turn of the 10 mile female club record to fall. Actually it was smashed to pieces, a minute and forty-eight seconds to be precise. Well done to Susan Duncan (Dolly Duncs as fondly referred to by Guy) who went sub 65 at the Great South today.

Thursday 18 October 2018


Posted : 13:35
Date: Monday22nd October
Name: The Goblin Gallivant
Time: 18:50 for 19:00
Location: Goblin Combe Car Park, (OSGB: ST45926539)
Session Type: Social
You will need: Trail Shoes, Fully Charged head torch, an
enthusiastic expression, Billy Kit
Pub: The Star is the nearest (I think (not sure what its like though))

Saturday 13 October 2018


Posted : 16:32

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Monday nights session we will meet at the entrance of uphill boat yard 6.50pm for 7pm start . Hill repeats
. You will need a head torch
. Off road shoes
. A drink
. Cider tokens for the pub after ( the dolphin )

John E-mail John

Posted : 00:29

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Hi if any one out there could help me
with lift to the Stagger I would very much appreciate it
John H

Sunday 07 October 2018

Rodney [WAC]

Posted : 18:05
Please accept my thanks for all the messages of support, both before and after my opportunity to represent England MV40's at the Chester Marathon today. I consider myself very lucky to have joined this club, and am indebted to so many at WAC , and of course my long-suffering family, who have supported me over the years - to me this means more than today's England chance.
I won't bore you with the race details, it went ok but not brilliantly, but feel free to ask for further details when I see you.
It was great to finish and find out about so many great results, across different levels of the club today, both at championship races and further afield - you are all inspiring, not just to me, but to new and non-runners - keep u the great work, cheers Rodney


Posted : 17:53
Farah wins in Chicago but more importantly how did you get on Kieron?

Saturday 06 October 2018


Posted : 17:49
Well done Susan on yet another fast one.. It's exciting to follow your progress and see just how fast you can go! Your Power of 10 is looking impressive!

Bomber Harris [Mendip Massive ]

Posted : 09:39
He's one of our own! Tomorrow Kieron 'Kiprodney' Summers dons the England vest for the 2018 England Age Group Masters Marathon at Chester. Good luck Rodders! You will no doubt do your club and country proud.

Friday 05 October 2018


Posted : 07:40
Well done to all those who turned out for Burnham last night. The first one is always a bit of a shock to the system. None the less there were still some pbs to be found. Also, another club record fell last night. It really does seem that every second counts at 5k. Susan Duncan became the fastest Weston AC female over the distance in a time of 19.09. Well done Susan.

Wednesday 03 October 2018

Marathon Talk Geek

Posted : 20:52
Lets Run website

Friday 28 September 2018


Posted : 19:50
Monday 1/10/18
Another social run , from The ebdon arms , lilacway BS22 9WE ebdon road out past the crematorium
6:50pm for 7pm start don’t be late !!!

Things to bring
: head torch no torch no run
: off road shoes
: billy kit
: and some money

Tuesday 25 September 2018

Julia E-mail Julia

Posted : 21:01

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As a club we have purchased a number of places for the Weston Super Half which is due to take place on Sunday 24th March 2019, weather permitting ❄️. This means the entry fee for EA affiliated members is £28. If you wish to enter in this manner, please email me in order to arrange to pay the entry fee and I will send you the link to enter.

Monday 24 September 2018


Posted : 14:56
Yes I remember training on the dunes as a teenager but unfortunately due to coastal erosion and dense gorse it is no longer possible. Attempts at Saturday Sessions on the beach have never been that popular. Tuesday efforts were always on the beach until unpopularity and Health and Safety stepped in. We can now only dream of 'Chariots of Fire' training days.

Sunday 23 September 2018


Posted : 14:44

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Thank you to all the Weston AC supporters at Bristol Half this morning. You were awesome! Really appreciate you all coming out in that rain.

Thursday 20 September 2018

Weston Beach Runner

Posted : 16:36
“Saturdays are for beach training, something I’m very lucky to be able to do living down here in Cornwall. I tend to mix it up on the beach, but it usually involves repetitions of an 800m loop with some sand dune efforts. "
Grace Brook - 17 years old and 1st lady at Worcester 10K in 34:24. Any WAC members train on the beach -
A great asset for injury prevention training.

Sunday 16 September 2018


Posted : 17:40

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Monday - meet 6.55pm at entrance to Worlebury Woods
: To work on our down hill speed
: Things to bring HEAD TORCH billy kit , a drink , off-road shoes cider tokens
: We will running up and down K D H its not a race just do as many reps as you can in 40 minutes so who’s in

Saturday 15 September 2018

Marathon Talk Geek

Posted : 20:55
The 2018 BMW Berlin Marathon is tomorrow, Defending champion Eliud Kipchoge headlines the men’s field, where he will try to break Dennis Kimetto‘s world record of 2:02:57!!!!!

Tuesday 11 September 2018

Marc M [Weston AC] E-mail Marc M

Posted : 09:08
It’s triathlon club tonight lovely people.

5-6 for juniors
6-7 for Adults

At Worle Sports Centre on Old Bristol Road.
Everyone welcome, ability unimportant, smiling and getting stuck in super important.

Coffee and cake to follow

Thursday 06 September 2018


Posted : 20:51

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TWAC Monday 10th September
Fell Championship is back at Brean Down.and promises to be a brilliant session

Session details;
• Session Name - "Don't Blame Me, it's not my fort!!"
• Session type - TWAC Fell Championship Race
• Distance - 10k ish, depending on how well we place the markers 😉
• Meeting Point - Brean Down Car Park, next to the cafe
• Parking - TBC, but we are usually able to use the car park - otherwise could have a long warm up
• Meeting time - 6:50pm
• Bring - Trail shoes, drink, Billy Kit and cider tokens
HEAD TORCHES - just to be on the safe side as it is getting dark early, especially when cloudy

Saturday 01 September 2018

Nia E-mail Nia

Posted : 11:43
Hi. I have a place going for Oldbury 10 mile race next Sunday. If anyone would like it leave a message and I can get back to you. Transfers allowed until Tuesday.

Tuesday 28 August 2018


Posted : 20:38

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TWAC Monday 3rd Sept
Time: 19:00
Meeting Point: The Boat Yard Entrance, Uphill.
Pub: The one up the road (whatever it's called)

The Aim of the session is to help increase our race speed and or aid recover whilst running. It will be a 40 min session broken down into walk (recovery) and running at 90% Effort.

Monday 27 August 2018


Posted : 19:59

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Thank you so much JT & Kira.