Monday 19 March 2018


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Dave: I have now paid, will aim to pick up Top tues or thurs, if you are at the prom. Thanks

baz [wac] E-mail baz

Posted : 09:42
well done to kate rossiter for running her first grizzly yesterday in extreme blizzard conditions, well earned points

Saturday 17 March 2018


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Please note: Forest of Dean Spring trails 1/2M cancelled tomorrow - Sunday 18th March.

Thursday 15 March 2018

dean bridges E-mail dean bridges

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Hi there, was just wondering if anyone doing Gloucester 20 as i'm looking for a lift and willing to pay petrol.

Dave Jones E-mail Dave Jones

Posted : 14:48
MARATHON TEES would the following PLEASE pay and Collect their order. Dawn Chapel-- Lynne Parsonage -- Charlotte Mathews-- Julia Withers-- Adrian Marshall-- Ben Groom-- Sam Crockett-- and Mike Vowles, AT LEAST PAY for them as our Treasurer is wanting to finalise the Accounts for this year prior to the the AGM. Payment can be paid direct-Weston AC, HSBC, A/c No 61100432, Sort Code 40-46-18. YOUR COOPERATION WOULD BE APPRECIATED.

Wednesday 14 March 2018

Rob Osment E-mail Rob Osment

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My Big Cheese result isn't showing on the Club Championship points, can I be added please?

Jim [WAC]

Posted : 21:05
Hi All,

Most of you may know that after the cold weather last week the restaurant on the 1st floor at Hutton Moor suffered from burst pipes and quite some damage. I have been told that it will take about 6 weeks to fix this. As an interim measure the meeting room on the ground floor has now been turned into a temporary restaurant. Unfortunately the layout of the stock in the meeting room means that there is no adequate space for us to be able to meet inside HM.

Unless it is raining heavily tomorrow night can you please congregate outside HM by the bike store/tennis court area. Please can you try to get there by 7:00pm so that we can quickly get sorted into our groups and get our run underway. The route tomorrow night is the Morrisons route in view of the number of people running Weston half, Forest of Dean half and the Grizzly on Sunday. The route is just 7 miles but can be easily shortened to 5 by coming back over the bridge by Farm Foods.

Good luck to everyone racing.

Next Thursday 22/3 is the March Prom run so I will need help as usual if you are not running please.


Tuesday 13 March 2018


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Monday 19/3/18
• Session name - ‘I’m King of the Castle’
• Session type - Hill loop repeats
• Session duration - 60 minutes
• Meeting Point - Uphill Boatyard entrance
• Parking - Anywhere you can near by
• Meeting time - 6:50pm and leaving for 7pm.
(Worry not if you’re late head for the castle)

• Things to bring -
Head torch, Trail shoes, Warm Top, Drink, Return awards.


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Monday 19/3/18
• Session name - ‘I’m King of the Castle’
• Session type - Hill loop repeats
• Session duration - 60 minutes
• Meeting Point - Uphill Boatyard entrance
• Parking - Anywhere you can near by
• Meeting time - 6:50pm and leaving for 7pm.
(Worry not if you’re late head for the castle)

• Things to bring -
Head torch, Trail shoes, Warm Top, Drink, Return awards.

Saturday 10 March 2018

Jim [WAC]

Posted : 21:17
March handicap results now posted on site

Helen Diamond E-mail Helen Diamond

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Berkeley 20

Ian Connock = 2:07:35 6th overall
Josh Harris = 2:23:17
Stuart Diamond = 2:24:17
Andy Chadburn = 2:28:27
Helen Diamond = 2:57:36

The puddles were so deep Guy would have drowned! ;-)

Friday 09 March 2018


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Monday TWAC 12/3/18
• Session name - S3270
• Session type - Twac Fell Running Championship Race 🏁
• Distance - 5k or 10k
• Meeting Point - Brean Down (overflow) car park
• Meeting time - 6:50pm

Things to bring;
1. 🏆Return of awards🏆
4. 🍹Drink 🍹
5. ❄️ Appropriate clothing ❄️
6. 💷 Money to buy Woots a drink 💷

The first set of points goes to everyone who runs the 10k, then follows down to the 5k race and ONLY age category winners will be chosen from the 10k race.
Soon as you are finished you can sign out and go if you need to rush off otherwise it's to the pub!!!!

Thursday 08 March 2018

Dave Jones

Posted : 16:22
Up date on Marathon Tees unfortunately it seems no supplier has any SHORT SLEEVE MEDIUM TEES, so at present I'm without your order. Although I do have the large which some are waiting on.
Cheers DAVE.

Wednesday 07 March 2018


Posted : 14:04
NON PAYMENT------ NON COLLECTION ------- MARATHON TEES still a lot of unpaid or not collected Kit. I will be at Hutton Moor this Thursday evening, I appreciate I owe several of you Tees but I'm awaiting supplies still, and let you know when ready. thanks for your patience.

Monday 05 March 2018


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Well done John!!


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London Big Half completed this weekend
If you want to do a Big Half this is as good as any
Run a lot of the full marathon route but in reverse
Flattish with cobbles in parts
1.54 not great age seems to be catching up on me

Thursday 01 March 2018

Sian [Weston A.C.] E-mail Sian

Posted : 17:23
Entries for the Seaview 17 (29th July 2018) are now open via the Minehead Running Club website. Limited places available - book now if you want a lift in the bus to the start.

Jim [WAC]

Posted : 15:25
Due to the current weather and the strong likelihood that it’s going to get worse before it gets better, there will be no club runs organised this evening from Hutton Moor. 😟
It’s not often we have to stay off the streets but tonight is one of those nights.
Please contact your mates in case they haven’t seen this.

Wednesday 28 February 2018


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In view of the weather forecast in the Bristol area over the next few days we have taken the reluctant decision to call off the planned Gwent League fixture at Blaise Castle - we are deeply sorry.

Please use all your lines of communication to inform all potential participants etc.

Although some of the course is ‘useable with care’ it is likely to be dangerous in parts.

We have a duty of care to everyone involved - athletes, officials, spectators and anyone travelling. We have not taken this decision lightly.

Awards All individual and team awards will be made on the basis of the first four fixtures. Please look for details on the website.

on behalf of the Gwent Cross Country Committee


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Burnham 5k postponed til next week because of the snow expected tomorrow.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the weather tomorrow and will make a decision late afternoon about whether to go ahead with our usual Thursday night group runs from Hutton Moor so please check back here before you venture out tomorrow evening.



Posted : 18:01
WESTON AC KIT----------I have in stock at the moment.

HOODIES at £15.00 2 Med and 2 Large.
Blue TRAINING TOPS at £ 6.50 (Long Sleeve) Ladies 1 Med, 1 Small, 5 Large, 1 X-Large, ---Men 1 X-Smalll, 2 Small, 1 Med, 6 Large. Also Mens (Short sleeve) at £5.50 4 Small and 1 Med.
CAPS at £5.00, 2 Red and 3 Blue.
JACKETS at £28.50, 2 Red/Black Med, 1 Blue/Black Small and 1 Black Small.

Not forgetting a load of MARATHON TEES that are ordered but not paid for.
Weather permitting I intend to be at HM Thursday evening.

Any more runners for the Gwent League X-Country at Blaise this Saturday ?

Tuesday 27 February 2018

John E-mail John

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Hi if any one is doing Forest of Dean
and could give me a lift it would be appreciated
Email me
Thanks John H


Posted : 15:06
Monday 5th March
(abridged version, full version available on the TWAC Facebook page)
If you are doing the Big 🧀 race you need this session in your life, or if you’re not doing it you still need this epic session in your life!!!!
This isn’t a session you’ve done before, we’ve got a new route up to the peak and then the short fully marked course has a bit of everything. There will be no hanging around getting cold, soon as you get to the course, dropped your drink off you are on your way to do as many or few loops as you choose.
Session details;
• Session name - ‘Peak Condition’
• Session type - Hill loop circuit ~ 60 mins
• Date - Monday 5th March
• Meeting time - 6:50pm (leaving car park at 7pm sharp)
• Meeting Point - Webbington Rd off road car park (will post more on this)
Please read next bit carefully 😉
• Things to bring -
⚠️Fully charged HEAD TORCH or spare batteries
⚠️Cider tokens
⚠️🛷 sledge 🛷 (optional)

Monday 26 February 2018


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Shaleen my apologies you are now in 🙃


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John, you seem to have missed me with the tough ten points, I definitely did it (and didn't get lost!) can I please have some points! Thanks

Sunday 25 February 2018


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Last Monday of the month must mean it's time for the fabulous TWAC Social.
I can't tell you the route, because the leaders make it up on the night and some make it up more than others 😉 #makeyourownpath
What we can promise is up to 2 hours of pure Mendip Magic with hills, mud, stars, stunning views of the surrounding city lights, and some wildlife if you're lucky...... Oh, and probably wet feet 😂

Session Details;

• Session name - Club Circuit ~ TWAC Edition
• Session type - Distance Run
• Date - Monday 26th February
• Session duration - Up to 2 hours, Leaders will have a deadline of 9pm to be back at Car Park.
• Meeting Point - The Swan Car Park
• Meeting Time - 6:50pm leaving car park once we are organised and ready.
• Things to bring - Trail shoes & head torch (a must), 🚨Billy Kit 🚨Wet feet guaranteed, appropriate clothing for the temperature on the night, drink if you choose to carry?, running vest if you choose to and most importantly cider tokens.
Groups will be based on the same as a WAC Thursday night session, so you will easily know which group to go with. If you are not sure we will guide you in the correct group.

Saturday 24 February 2018


Posted : 17:20
Thanks Jim

Malcolm & Jim [Weston AC]

Posted : 06:36
Congratulations to all the runners who competed in our prom races this month. Well done and thanks to all the marshals and helpers who braved the cold to help make it a successful evening.

Friday 23 February 2018


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Hi John,

Same message applies for Paul & Mary Oaten

Thank you

Thursday 22 February 2018


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Message for John Hinchliffe , Please note Paul Baker (89th 34.08) is not showing as Weston a.c. on results, can you include him in the points allocation. I have asked split level timing to amend it on their system. Thank you

marc whiting [weston] E-mail marc whiting

Posted : 21:04
I wonder if anyone picked up my number for the tough ten as I left it in the café in the Tropicana?


Posted : 09:03
If fit, can all Prom team members try and race tonight if available. Even if not quite where you would like to be. Thank you.

Tuesday 20 February 2018

Jim [WAC]

Posted : 22:44
WAC Awards Night - 9/2/2018 - For 2017

Most improved lady runner Shaleen Summers
Most improved male runner Robert Osment
Barry Hotlegs John Hinchliffe
Ginnie Hotlegs Helen Diamond
Ladies Road Championship Nia Davies
Mens Road Championship Kieron Summers
Ladies Off Road Helen Diamond
Mens Off Road Chris McMillan
WAC Best Female All-rounder Helen Diamond
WAC Best Male All-rounder Chris McMillan
Mens Head Coach Performance award Ian Connock
Ladies Head Coach Performance award Carol O’Leary
Marathon Cup Kieron Summers
Fastest Female Marathon Phil Richards
Fastest Male Marathon Kieron Summers
Presidents Tri Bowl Phil Tomlinson
Ladies Tri Cup Genevieve Drinkwater
Triathlete of the year Chris Edwards
5K Handicap trophy Hannah Keating
Achievement award Susan Bushnell
Club Person of the year James Wotton
Chairmans award Gerry Hope

Life membership presented to:
Gerry Hope : Paul Snelling : Jim Wotton

Monday 19 February 2018


Posted : 18:25
For those who did not attend the Awards Night can those who won awards be listed on the homepage please?


Posted : 18:25
For those who did not attend the Awards Night can those who won awards be listed on the homepage please?

Matt W E-mail Matt W

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That's great Dave; count me in. I'll bring £4 to training/prom.

Sunday 18 February 2018

Rachae Vincent E-mail  Rachae Vincent

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I have a Huub Womens Axena 3:5 wetsuit (small size) for sale. It has been used on a handful of occasions, very good condition.
Please ask if you want more info.

Dave Jones E-mail Dave Jones

Posted : 17:48
Matt, More than HAPPY to have a TEAM for the Blaise X-Country on 3 March 18 , more the merrier--------- names please and whether Vet 40, 50 etc it's £4.00 race fee. i supply times later. Sorry not to reply via face book, don't know how to.

Vanessa Jennings [Weston-super-Mare] E-mail Vanessa Jennings

Posted : 16:45
Gutted, just went online to enter tough ten and it's closed already! Do you think there's any chance of getting a place Jim wotton if I contact the organisers? Really wanted to do this one but left it late this time to make sure I'd be fit and injury free

Friday 16 February 2018


Posted : 12:37
For those wishing to do Cams Adventure this Sunday, we will be meeting at the Summerhouse/lidl car park at 07:00. If you have not said you are attending via the hideous facebook, please let us know via message board. (we need to insure we have enough leaders)

Thursday 15 February 2018


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Thanks Ian for putting the details of next Monday's TWAC session on here. So much easier for those of us luddites who don't do facebook (and don't wish to have to start), could it become a regular thing as it would also save having to pester friends each week to find out what and where the next session is?

Julia [WAC]

Posted : 12:33
Or a link.

Julia [WAC] E-mail Julia

Posted : 12:32
Bristol 10k - We now have places for the Bristol 10k at a discounted rate of £25.50 for members who are EA affiliated. If you would like to enter via this method please contact me to arrange to pay the £25.50 and I will send you a like to enter.

Matt W [Weston AC] E-mail Matt W

Posted : 12:31
Will WAC be taking a team to the XC Event at Blaise Castle on 03 March 2018? Do we need to organise this in advance or do we just turn up and enter on the day?

Wednesday 14 February 2018

Ian E-mail Ian

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TWAC Monday 19th Feb

Boatyard Bonanza!

This isn’t any ordinary social run, this is a TWAC special! We are keeping it local this week, Uphill to be precise! A short 3.5 mile flat course that starts on the beach and follows the river Axe up round past the boat yard, then further on up and back down and up the Hill to the Tower!
Yes, I lied, it’s not flat!
“What's special about that?” I hear you say! Well, this is TWAC with a Twist! Everyone who finishes the course before the last person gets to do hill repeats just before the Tower, until the everyone is back for a special finish!
“YAY!” I hear you say! (Or was that tumble weed and a distant church bell ringing!) This means King and queen of the hill awards are available! So, do you rush the course and hope you can do the most reps to win? Or do you take it easy, have a nice social run and make the fast TWAC’s suffer on the Hill!
The choice is yours!
This is for all abilities, and would make an awesome first session for any potential TWACs you might know!

- Date: Monday 19th Feb
- Session: social/fast/hill reps
- Meeting point: Uphill boat yard entrance
- Meeting Time: 6.50 for 7pm start
- Things needed: Head torch, warm top, trail shoes, hats gloves etc.. (as needed)
- Post run Pub: Dolphin Inn

The weather conditions are likely to be similar to this week, but as it is not quite as exposed and you are much closer to your car, so should defrost before the morning!
So, Who’s In?

Sunday 11 February 2018

Bryan Morley [Weston AC]

Posted : 22:23
Grizzly place now taken.

Phil Tomlinson [Weston AC] E-mail Phil Tomlinson

Posted : 16:35
Hi John / Jim - my name has been missed from the full on sports results page. Ive contacted them and they've advised they'll put it on tomorrow.
I came in just after Josh, in a time of approx 1hr, 31min, 40sec. Thanks Phil

John E-mail John

Posted : 16:35

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Any one I have missed today
Just email me as above
Phil ?

Bryan Morley [Weston AC]

Posted : 16:05
Grizzly Place Available
Injury forces me to withdraw from the Grizzly on 18th March. Would anyone like my space in return for the £28 entry fee?

If so, call me on 07980 138920.

Saturday 10 February 2018

Victor [Wac] E-mail Victor

Posted : 19:22
John will pick you up 9.30 tomorrow.