Saturday 20 January 2018


Posted : 10:26
Club Person of the Year. Voting will end Tuesday 24th January. Email votes are acceptable if it helps.


Posted : 10:21
Hoodies does anybody want a Club HOODIE I have 3 LARGE in stock but I can order other sizes. Also in stock are CAPs (Red or Blue), Iron Badges and Jackets I need to order Sport Bags embroidered with your initials. The Marathon Tees will be available from Tuesday so remember to bring money or pay direct into Weston AC Bank A/C at HSBC No 6110432 Sort Code 40-46-18 markings as M/Tees. Cheers DAVE.

Monday 15 January 2018


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Tomorrow night is reps on the seafront. Meet 6.50pm for 7pm at the shelter just north of the Trop. The current forecast is heavy rain and 40+mph wind coming in off the sea, so you may need a coat!

Sunday 14 January 2018


Posted : 23:21
Thank you to however sorted diary glitch.

Friday 12 January 2018

Jim [WAC]

Posted : 21:29
Hi Phil,
Riverbank, Slaughterford, Dursley and Grizzly are full already. 2 Bays and Big Cheese are open. Sodbury will fill as soon as it opens (within 2 hours last year). Charmouth should be OK but may change as it has moved to Sat morning. Seaview 17 was full in April last year.

Jim [WAC]

Posted : 21:17
Hi Vanessa,
Dave Jones will be back next Tuesday and Thursday to take entries for the Club Person.

Phil Tomlinson [Weston AC] E-mail Phil Tomlinson

Posted : 12:14
Hi - For those that have not done the off road events before on the club championship page, would it be possible to put together a list of the races that generally sell out fast. Thanks Phil

Vanessa Jennings [Weston-super-Mare] E-mail Vanessa Jennings

Posted : 11:14
Is it still possible to vote for club person of the year? I missed the voting slips the other week and can't see a way to vote on the website. Thanks

Monday 08 January 2018

Stuart E-mail Stuart

Posted : 14:47

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TACH races are open for registration. Only 2 this summer - Purdown & a new Rowberrow course


Posted : 09:57
Thank you.


Posted : 09:57
Hi Tech Team, would it be possible for someone to pull the last Diary entry in December onto the January announcements/news page with the techy bit that places it on the right hand diary bit.

Sunday 07 January 2018

Simon Andrews E-mail Simon Andrews

Posted : 14:31

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The WAC awards night is just over a month away, so it's time to start thinking about your "Triathlete of the Year".
If you would like to nominate someone for "Triathlete of the Year", please email your nomination and the reason why to
The last day for nominations will be Sunday 14 January.
Voting will open in the week following that and will close on Wednesday 07 February.
*Only WAC members who have taken part in a triathlon/multisport event in the 2017 season are eligible to nominate or vote.*

Friday 05 January 2018

Jim [WAC]

Posted : 21:17
2018 Championship
Now that we are in 2018 you will be starting to plan your races for the first half of the year. I have now finalised the list and checked the dates of the races for the first 7 months but at present can only confirm the first 4 months as some dates are still to be firmed up. We will try to get these onto the site asap but if anybody wishes to make plans the races for Jan to April will be as per 2017 (dates may have changed by a few weeks) plus we have added the Wimbourne 20 on the 4th March and the new Weston Super half on the 18th March.

Wednesday 03 January 2018


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No need to weep into your Horlicks as you lament the passing of the festive season and the dreaded return to work. The social event of the year is coming next month!

Get the date in your diary for our annual club awards night.

* Friday 9 February
* Winter Gardens
* 7pm arrival for dinner at 7.30pm
* £15 per person for three course meal (total cost subsidised by club)
* Partners welcome

We are back at the Winter Gardens ballroom this year following its extensive refurbishment last year, and this promises to be a night to remember with awards aplenty and special guest Jim Plunkett Cole.

It doesn't matter if you've only just joined the club, or have been a member for years. All members are welcome at this special night of celebration.

To book your place you need to pick your menu options and send £15 per place booked in to the club. You can pay Paul Snelling, Ian Carpenter, Julie Shergold or Carol O'Leary at club sessions (put payment in an envelope with your name(s) and menu choices) OR you can provide guest names and menu choices below and pay online into the Barclays Weston AC 'Social Account' sort code 20-94-74 a/c number 13255603. If you pay online you MUST give your name as a reference so we know it's from you.

Places will be on large round tables, so please let Paul know if you have a preference for who you sit with.

- Pressed ham hock terrine with piccalilli and toast
- Caramelised onion and goats cheese tarte au tain with dressed leaves
- Trio of melon with mint granita

- Oven roasted chicken breast with pesto cream, truffle mash and market vegetables
- Pan-fried salmon with new potatoes and seasonal vegetables
- Slow-roasted tomato and tarragon risotto with crispy rocket

- Dark chocolate torte with fruits of the forest compote
- Blueberry crumble cheesecake with black cherry coulis
- Fresh fruit salad.

Tuesday 02 January 2018


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Just to say thanks to all the marshals and helpers who made the Hangover a success and helped make my first time as race director such a straight-forward task.

Monday 01 January 2018


Posted : 13:52
Hi Sara, It comes round so quickly. Could you sort Diary techy bits for me. Hope all well in the Weaver Household x.

Saturday 30 December 2017


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Thanks Jim,will take a look.

Jim [WAC] E-mail Jim

Posted : 22:03
Hi Janet, (and others)
Assuming that you do facebook if you go on to the WAC fb page and go back to a message 25/10 (it will take a while to get back there) you will see that Vanessa repeated the detail and photos of the kit that can be bought together with cost. Orders to be made from Dave Jones (our President) and payment to be made before we order. Dave can be contacted via the link on the contact page of the website and Dave will advise how payment can be made. Transfer to WAC account (detail to be given) is probably easier if you are happy with that method.

Janet Riddiford E-mail Janet Riddiford

Posted : 18:39

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How do I go about ordering a WAC hoodie please? Would like to know what else is available and prices, Thank you


Posted : 18:17
Thanks Martin, see you at 9 :)

Martin E-mail Martin

Posted : 10:14

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Thanks to those of you who have offered to help at the Hangover on Monday. Could all marshals meet at 9am in Kew Stoke Village Hall (race HQ) where you will be assigned your marshalling positions? As ever, the more marshals we have, the safer the race will be, so if you haven't yet come forward and are able to help, please drop me a line.

Friday 29 December 2017


Posted : 11:42

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Jamie: I meant to ask this morning if you had received the email I forwarded about the prom teams?
And thank you for your efforts in the wind this morning!!

Martin E-mail Martin

Posted : 10:51

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Hi Jamie
I've emailed you about the Hangover. It looks like we have a lead vehicle, but I could do with you as back-up on the day if you are still free. Can you be there at 9?

Thursday 28 December 2017

Martin Hurcombe E-mail Martin Hurcombe

Posted : 15:15

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On-line entries for the Hangover 10k close tomorrow. Entries will be available on the day, but beat the queue by signing up today. I could also do with a few more marshals, so please drop me a line if you'd like to help out.

Sunday 24 December 2017

John E-mail John

Posted : 13:17

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Friday 22 December 2017


Posted : 13:53
Happy to do a bit of cycling for you Martin.

Tuesday 19 December 2017

Jim [WAC] E-mail Jim

Posted : 18:04
Hi all,
The draw for the 2 London marathon places will take place this Thursday (21/12) during the festive run.

So far I have 34 names they are :

Run Before: Jim Wotton, Julia Withers, John Hinchliffe, Tobias Hinchliffe, Shaleen Summers, Bryan Morley, Paul Cousins, Jo Coveney, Rob Furlong, Gareth Weaver, Maddie Cook, Lesley Bowskill, Chris Datchler, Mark Hill

Not run Before: Paul Baker, Sarah Harris, Nicky Baker, Vanessa Andrews, Lorraine Smith, Stuart Diamond, Stef Merrifield, Rob Stokes, Helen Diamond, Lisa Acton, Maria Davidson, Vanessa Jennings, Paul Hudson, Gary Bowden, Mark Bowskill, Julie Bailiss, Sheryl Selway, Kelly Harris, Rachel Vincent and James Wotton.

I still need to check that all criteria are met re membership length and EA membership.

If you think that you meet criteria and wish to be entered please mail me by midnight Wednesday - no entries for the draw after that.


Liz E-mail Liz

Posted : 10:17

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I have a few items picked up from the college after Sunday's race. If you think you might have forgotten something, please email me and I'll check what I have (not very much at all, this year).

Monday 18 December 2017

Clash City Rocker [WAC] E-mail Clash City Rocker

Posted : 09:18
And I forgot to say. If you have no idea what its all about get in touch you are welcome to have a go. Also if you want out let me know.

Clash City Rocker [WAC] E-mail Clash City Rocker

Posted : 08:55
OI OI. This is how the draw went for our2018 competition. 1 Julie M 2 Glyn the Palace. 3 Lightening. 4 Dave Groves 5Maria Davidson* 6 Debbie Brooks* 7 Ness Wilce* 8 2 Coats 9 Stuart Diamond* 10 Jon Williams 11 Julia W 12 Billy Green 13 Sue White 14 Ness A 15 Helen Diamond* 16 Nicky Baker* 17 Howellzy 18 Ruth White 19 Maddie* 20 Racel Andrews* 21 Howellzy 22 Silver Fox 13 Antony Askins 24 Carps 25 Sheryl Selway* 26 Helicopter Paul* 27 Moonraker 28 Rachel* 29 Howellzy 30 Kate Rossiter* 31 Lesley Bowskill* 32 Shane C 33 Selfie Lynne* 34 Edel 35 Jim White 36 Belinda 37 Linzi smith 38 Bomber* 39 The Dentist 40 Rachel Stacey 41 Gareth Weaver* 42 Maddie* 43 Shane C 44 Shaleen 45 Kim Huxtable 46 Stuart Feltham 47 Simon Andrews 48 Karen Potter* 49 Carol Oleary* 50 Mark Skinner 51 Rob Furlong 52 Nikki Askins 53 Mark Bowskill 54 Nick Cook 55 Julie Shergold 56 Sam Buzza* 57 Biker 58 Lisa Acton* 59 Helicopter Paul* 60 Richard Brent 61 Howellzy 62 Rob Osmant* 63 Howellzy 64 Midge Meakin* 65 Pete Stacey* 66 Rachel Hedges 67 Niki Fulstow 68 Wendy Beardsall 69 Shane C 70 Winscombe Will* 71 Sarah Harris* People with * next to their name still to pay their £2. Please e-mail me for more details. And if youve got a low number hurry up with your suggestion! I'll come to thursdays run/draw if you want to see me then. Sorry this mesage has dragged on..almost as tedious as that nonsense about Snowdonia doing the rounds on saturday!

Sunday 17 December 2017

Malcolm [Weston]

Posted : 15:12
Congratulations to all the runners in today's Christmas Cracker races. Your continued support for these races has allowed us once again to donate £5000 to Weston Hospicecare who do an amazing and important job. A massive thank you to all those brave marshals who had to contend with the wind and cold and all those who helped out in Race HQ. No matter how big or small a job you did without your help these races simply would not happen. A special mention to all the members of the race committee who have worked hard all year preparing for the event. A great job well done. Now start thinking about the 9th December 2018..... A very Merry Christmas to everyone.

Friday 15 December 2017

Martin E-mail Martin

Posted : 09:05

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Looking for a race over the Christmas period? There are still plenty of places for the Hangover 10k on New Year's Day. I'm also on the look out for marshals, so please drop me a line if you are free.

Thursday 14 December 2017

Malcolm & Jim [Weston AC]

Posted : 22:21
Congratulations to all the runners who competed in our two races this evening. We hope all the 5 mile runners found the 3 lap course a pleasant change to the normal route. Thanks as always to all those members who helped out on the course and in race HQ.

Tuesday 12 December 2017

John E-mail John

Posted : 17:06

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Thank you for your input
I will give Mo a head start
I have got good for age time so that's why I am in
No lift this time I will be staying with Tobias HA HA
It's nice to no Mr Chadburn wit lives on

Monday 11 December 2017

Kieron [WAC]

Posted : 16:10
I believe Mo Farah and Callum Hawkins are going...

junkie [weston ac] E-mail junkie

Posted : 15:09
Are you after a lift to London?

Saturday 09 December 2017

John E-mail John

Posted : 00:16

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Is any one else doing the London Big Half ?

Wednesday 06 December 2017


Posted : 16:38
The mini cracker is full i see is there a waiting list? cheers

Tuesday 05 December 2017

Jim [WAC]

Posted : 13:12
Handicap start times for tonight now posted

Monday 04 December 2017

Julia W

Posted : 21:50

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Florence marathon times sorted!! John H found them.
Thanks John :)

Jim [WAC]

Posted : 17:43
Hi Julia - can you add Amanda Kirikmaa to the marathon page as well please. Amanda did Florence in 5:27. Well done on a very wet day.

Julia Withers E-mail Julia Withers

Posted : 14:22

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Hi Michelle, if you let me have your Florence marathon time I will add it to the marathon results for this year. Julia

Sunday 03 December 2017

Michelle Lynam E-mail Michelle Lynam

Posted : 20:08

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Am I allowed to add my own Florence marathon result? I looked on the My Results page but the Florence marathon isn't listed. Completed the marathon on 26th November 17

Tuesday 28 November 2017


Posted : 23:09

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Martin Cook organiser for FULL MONTY
Says there are Two more places going if any one else wants a place
Get in touch

Monday 27 November 2017

Sian Roberts [Weston AC] E-mail Sian Roberts

Posted : 21:09
If anyone wants my place for the Monty Cute on Sunday 3rd December please contact me to arrange a transfer.
Sian Roberts M07876 472754

Jim [WAC] E-mail Jim

Posted : 15:34
If you want to be included in this year's draw for the club's two places in the 2018 London Marathon, read on.
Unfortunately due to the success in larger numbers or runners gaining GFA places EA have decided to change the criteria for place allocation. To receive the 3 places that we have had before we needed to have 251 EA affiliated runners. Out of our 390 members we only have 240 so we only get 2 places this year.
The draw will take place on the night of the Xmas festive run 21/12/17. Please send me a email if you wish to be included in the draw. To be included in the draw you must:
- have been a member of the club for over a year (have paid one renewal)
- have current membership of England Athletics (i.e. paid the extra £14 when you renewed your club membership)
- have been rejected from the VMLM 2018 ballot in October, and have proof of that rejection (your email, or the letter that came with your magazine).
Please can you also confirm if you have run London before as the first draw for the first place will be for those people who have not run London before.

Michelle Fryer E-mail Michelle Fryer

Posted : 12:19
Please would someone be able to give me a lift to montycute race on Sunday 3rd as my car is broken. I will pay some money for fuel.
My number is 07837466125
Thank you in advance
Michelle 😊

Thursday 23 November 2017

Malcolm & Jim [Weston AC]

Posted : 22:23
Well done to all the runners who braved tonight's prom races. Cold, windy and damp conditions gave you all a tough race. Special thanks to all those marshals who stood out in the conditions to help make the race safe. Your support is very much appreciated. Well done to you all.

Wednesday 22 November 2017

Malcolm & Jim [Weston AC]

Posted : 13:46
Hi everyone, With the new skating rink (Icescape) now up and running in the Tropicana we face additional marshaling challenges at this and next months prom races. We will need extra marshals based around the entrance to the rink so if you are not running and can help please come down and lend us a hand on Thursday night. A free tea or coffee will be waiting for you!

Monday 20 November 2017

Stuart E-mail Stuart

Posted : 09:57

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Jim, Is it still the plan to organise a club entry for Weston Half?