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READ ME FIRST: What is England Athletics Registration? Do I need it?

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You are very welcome to run with us for two or three weeks before making a commitment to join. We sincerely hope that you will like us enough to want to become a member of the finest athletic club in the South West (probably). Runners are welcome at any of our training nights. Most sessions are structured to cater for a wide range of standards and ability. New members are encouraged to come along to our Tuesday night session in the first instance as this will give you an opportunity to meet the coaching team, find out more about the club and what we have to offer. Please check our events calendar for details of our current activities. Visiting runners are always very welcome.

Weston Athletic Club do not currently take junior members. For juniors who are interested in athletics please refer to these clubs for more information.
Clevedon Athletic Club or North Somerset Athletics Club

Weston AC is affiliated to the Association of Running Clubs (ARC) and therefore covered for Legal Liability Insurance. Please refer to the Insurance section of the ARC website for details.

By electing to join Weston AC you will agree to the Club's Code of Conduct. Please click here to view the Code of Conduct.

What level of running ability do i need?

We try to structure training to meet the needs of all runners but we expect everyone to be at a basic level of running ability. Ideally you should be able to run a distance of 6 miles or more at something like 10-11 min mile pace. Tuesday night training however is structured in such a way that anyone can participate without feeling awkward or out of place so why not come along and give it a try. Contact Jim Wotton on 01934 814208 to let us know if you would like to come along and find out more about the club and what we do.


Adult membership - 20.00
England Athletics Individual Registration (optional) - 15.00
Social membership - for family and friends of the club who enjoy volunteering and club social events - 10
Junior members - only available when parents are members of the club - free
All members receive a free club racing vest and hi viz bib.

READ ME FIRST: What is England Athletics Registration? Do I need it?

New members please CLICK HERE to apply

Existing members please CLICK HERE to login and renew

Our Training Sessions

Monday Night

(The Recovery Run)
7:00pm Hutton Moor Leisure Centre
A fairly easy paced road run of around 7 miles. Everyone runs as a group on Mondays, at a pace determined by the coach. Faster runners will double back at various checkpoints. New runners are encouraged to come along to Tuesday training in order to find out more about the club before joining the Monday night group.

Tuesday Night

(Efforts Session)
In the winter months meet on the prom (in the square shelter halfway between the Trop and the Royal Sands end of the seafront)
In the summer months meet on the sports field behind Hutton Moor Leisure Centre
We start with a short warm up and then run a session of repetitions over various distances or times, with recovery intervals between them. If you are really looking to improve your times, this session will do it for you. The training is structured so that whatever your standard you will not be left behind. Work as hard as you like or take it easy - it's up to you.

Thursday Night

(The Road Run)
7:00pm Hutton Moor Leisure Centre
We use a variety of different circuits to provide a steady road run of between 4 and 8.5 miles. We usually split into 5 or 6 different groups according to standard, which allows everyone to do the course at a suitable pace. All of the routes have points where the course may be shortened if you do not feel like completing the whole distance. Our regular circuits include Fartleking, Five Hills Puff, Four Bridges Grunt, Old Slog, Morrisons Run and Graveyard Run

Saturday Morning Cycling

(On Yer Bike)
The club cyclists are usually out on Saturday mornings for a road ride of around 50 or 60 miles. Normal start time is 8:15am (but later in deep Winter due to it being dark at 8.45am), with a mid-route 'Big Breakfast' stop. The meeting place is normally by the school gates opposite the Sainsburys store in Worle. If you are thinking about a triathlon or just want a bit of cross training, these sessions will help. They're also not bad if you just like a good breakfast.

(Saturday Efforts) 8:00am meeting at various locations as advertised weekly on the Weston AC home page. Sessions generally include hill repeats at Uphill or Worlebury Woods or interval / lactic threshold training on the Prom.

The Long Sunday Run

(Over the Hills and Far Away)
If you have a marathon in mind (or even a half), this is the one that you must not miss. The long, slow run provides the platform for all of your training. On most Sunday mornings, there are one or two groups of runners out, with options of between 12 and 21 miles. Most of the runs are off-road and are taken at an easy pace. (With the hills we find to run up there is really only one pace available). Start times are normally between 8am and 9am.