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Strawberry Line Run 2004

Strawberry Line Run 2004

Image Title : Strawberry Line Run 2004
Date Taken : 15 July 2004
Part of the Strawberry Line Run photo gallery.

Photo Captions

monday night club :
"what have eric the penguin and winnie the poo got in common?,i dont know can i phone a thats ruths pint,just to prove were not sat on out own!."

Rhymes with pear :
"Thing is mate, when they all voted we was putting rubbish on the notice board I was gutted but couldnt put my hand up....yep know what you mean mate"

yea right :
"seen anyone you fancy steve?no,me neither,time to go then."

PQ :
"The Monday Night Club AGM"

PQ :
"Look Steve, I know you really want to phone them, but I don't think either Phil or Bob will want to join the Monday Night Club!"

"two old buffers,sat by two old puffers."

h :
"the bloke on the right is a soulmate and a brillant friend."

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