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Taunton Marathon 2004

Taunton Marathon 2004

Image Title : Taunton Marathon 2004
Date Taken : 04 April 2004
Part of the Taunton Marathon 2004 photo gallery.

Photo Captions

tik sekost :
"remember geri,a moment on the lips,a lifetime on the hips!"

Rm :
"Gerry puts her recent injury down to overtraining - right!!! What about over eating"

PQ :
"'Lets time ourselves and see how fast we can scoff this chocolate cake' challenged Kathleen, 'Huh, I'm well on my way throught my first slice' boasted Geraldine!!!"

Geri :
"Very funny PQ, don't forget I know who you are!!"

Geri :
"If i'm not mistaken, isn't that hand to the bottom right of this picture your hand PQ? Not much cake left!!"

PQ :
"Think about it Geri, I have but two hands!!"

martin :
"omg you fat bit** you have eaten all the cake!"

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