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Bristol Half Marathon 2003

Bristol Half Marathon 2003

Image Title : Bristol Half Marathon 2003
Date Taken : 07 September 2003
Part of the Bristol Half Marathon 2003 photo gallery.

Photo Captions

Fellow member :
"At the start of the race, the girls were all smiles. But only one would be smiling at the finish!! Which one? Two were unable to go the distance (injury prevailing). One had a slow and unenjoyable half marathon debut. One had a PW of over 20mins. One had a PB of 11/2mins. Which one do you think had the best day? Answers on a postcard to ..."

WAC Member :
"I think it was the vodka drinker who had the best day!"

AA :
"Dont know the answer to above but the one on the left of the picture still looks pissed from the night before."

billy liar :
"breath in girls.....hold it.."

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